9mobile WhatsApp Plan Code 2023 | Get 500MB, 200MB & 50MB

If you’re searching for the best and cheapest 9mobile WhatsApp plan code, then this post is for you. You’ll learn how to activate the Chat Pak (Socialme Pak) on 9mobile, how to check your WhatsApp balance, and more…

9mobile’s WhatsApp data plans are designed to give you access to the WhatsApp messaging and communication platform using your 9mobile data connection.

These plans allow you to use WhatsApp to send and receive messages, make voice and video calls, and share photos and other media with your contacts, all without using up your regular data allowance.

About 9mobile WhatsApp Plans

9mobile is a telecommunications company that operates in Nigeria. They offer various data plans for customers to use on their mobile devices, including plans specifically for WhatsApp.

To find out more about 9mobile’s data plans for WhatsApp, you can visit the 9mobile website here and learn more about the social Smart Packs.

In the meantime, let me walk you through the most important info you need. Yes, to activate your favorite WhatsApp bundle on 9mobile right?

Let’s proceed…

9mobile WhatsApp Plan Code: How To Activate Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans

9mobile Social Pak gives you access to all of your social packs. This package grants you access to virtually all of your social media applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and BBM).

Here’s what I am going to do. I will break down the WhatsApp bundle into three (3) places, the daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Please, subscribe to your preferred data plan below:

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9mobile WhatsApp Daily Plan

Get Access to WhatsApp and WeChat by following the guidelines below:

  • Simply dial *343*5*5# to get 30MB for just 50 Naira (For chatting on WhatsApp & Wechat only).
  • Dial *343*6*7# to get 50MB for N50 (Socialme Pak).
  • Valid for 1 day

9mobile WhatsApp Weekly Plan

  • Open your phone Caller app and dial *343*5*6# to buy 300MB for 150 Naira (Chat-Only plan).
  • Dial *343*6*8# to get 200MB for 150 Naira (Socialme Pak).
  • Valid for 7days

9mobile WhatsApp Monthly Plan

  • Just dial *343*5*7# to activate 500MB for only 400 Naira (For chatting on WhatsApp & Wechat only).
  • Dial *343*6*9# 500MB for N350 only (Socialme Pak).
  • Valid for 30 days.

Now, bear this in mind: If You Recharge Your 9mobile Line For N100, You Will Get 10 MB Valid For Seven Days. It Can Be Used To Visit Any Website.


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Validity Period

  • The 50 Naira plan is valid for 24 hours (1 day).
  • The 150 Naira bundle lasts for 7 days (1 week).
  • The 400 Naira plan is valid for 30 days (1 Month).

How To Check 9mobile WhatsApp Data Balance

Eligibility: Who Is Eligible For 9mobile WhatsApp Bundle?

All 9 mobile users are eligible for this Whatsapp data plan or Social bundle package. Just make sure you’ve registered and activated your SIM card the right way.

After that, you can dial the ussd code to subscribe.


How can I subscribe to WhatsApp only on Etisalat?

To activate your Etisalat (9mobile) data plan for WhatsApp, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a 9mobile SIM card and that it is properly inserted into your mobile device.
  2. Check that you have sufficient credit on your account to purchase the data plan.
  3. Dial *200# from your 9mobile line to access the main menu.
  4. Select option 4 (Data Services) and then select option 2 (Data Plans).
  5. Select the WhatsApp data plan you want to activate. There may be different options available, such as daily, weekly, or monthly plans.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the activation process.
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What is the code for 9mobile social bundle?

The code for the 9mobile Social bundle is *343*5. So, depending on the data bundle you’ll like to buy apply the following instructions. For the daily WhatsApp bundle dial *343*5*5#, for the Weekly bundle dial *343*5*6#, and for the 9mobile Monthly WhatsApp plan dial *343*5*7#.


The specific details of 9mobile’s WhatsApp data plans may vary, but generally, they offer a set amount of data that you can use specifically for WhatsApp over a specific period of time, such as a day, week, or month.

I hope you are able to activate your favorite 9mobile WhatsApp plan. The data plans may also include additional benefits, such as discounts on other data services or access to other features or services.

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