Showmax Subscription Price, Payment in Nigeria & Abroad 2023

Learn more about the Showmax Subscription price, the payment plans, channels, upgrade, how to cancel, and more in this post.

Showmax is one of Africa’s most popular streaming platforms, provided by MultiChoice all over the continent.

However, due to the global economic situation, the cost of goods is rising. As a result, it is crucial to understand the Showmax subscription deals and their associated prices.

Multichoice is a well-known South African company that operates in Nigeria and is the owner of DStv and GOtv. The most highly regarded cable networks in Nigeria and some other African countries are DStv and GOtv.

About Showmax Subscription Service

When Africans get home from work, one of their favorite activities to do is watch a home movie with their household. Africa is among the four continents, and the majority of Africans earn their living via hard labor.

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So watching films, whether online or on television, is among the factors that help people get through the day. Showmax is one of the greatest in Africa now because the world is transitioning from the age of cable television to internet video streaming.

If you didn’t know it previously, an online TV streaming platform is currently very popular. It allows you to watch or download whatever movie you want as long as you pay their monthly subscription price.

On this service, they have a large range of content ranging from movies to episodes, dramas, live sports, and children’s educational shows. Showmax can be viewed online via their website or their iOS or Android application.

The application is compatible with the majority of popular TVs, including Apple TV, Chromecast, and Web OS.

Showmax Subscription Prices & Payment Plan

Now, similar to the majority of streaming services, each customer requires a free trial period before deciding whether or not to purchase the entire package. That is why Showmax offers a 14-day trial membership during which you can access the entire package.

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When the 14-day free trial period expires, you will have the option to cancel or continue with your membership. If you wish to cancel or proceed, I have provided and explained the Showmax subscription fees for you.

Web Users Showmax Subscription Prices

Showmax has four different packages: Showmax, Showmax Pro, Showmax Mobile, and Showmax Pro Mobile. Please let us know, and we will review all subscription options and their prices.

– Showmax standard

This is the basic subscription package that this streaming service has to offer. If you choose this package, you will get access to a lot of domestic and global series, documentaries, children’s shows, and other content.

This plan is available in Nigeria for NGN 2900 or 99 ZAR, in South Africa for 30,400 UGX, and in Ghana for 22.99 GHC. Purchasing this standard plan also entitles you to stream and download any video.

– Showmax Pro

In South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya, the Showmax Pro subscription costs 449 ZAR, 6300 NGN, 67,200 UGX, 119.99 GHC, and 2100 KES, respectively. This package does not contain a free trial period and costs $17.99 in other African countries.

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You will receive all of the channels found in the basic plan, together with news channels, music shows, and live sports streaming.

Mobile Device Users’ Showmax Showmax Subscription Prices

– Showmax Mobile

The Showmax mobile package is the most basic Showmax plan. However, because it was designed primarily for smartphones, it will not operate with other mobile devices. You can only register a maximum of five mobile devices and watch on two of them at the same time.

In South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya, it costs 39 ZAR, 1200 NGN, 16.99 GHC, 11,499 UGX, and 300 KES, respectively. For the African region, it is only $2.99 and includes a 14-day free trial.

– Showmax Pro for Mobile

The Showmax Pro for Mobile is comparable to the Showmax Pro plan. It contained the same number of channels, including movies, sports, kids’ shows, and more, but it was only available on mobile devices.

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In South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, the Showmax monthly subscription rate is 225 ZAR, 3200 NGN, 59.99 GHC, 1050 KSH, and 33,600 UGX. In the other regions of Africa, it costs $8.99 per month.


Showmax is the ideal streaming platform for African media since it has the largest and most comprehensive library of Nigerian, South African, Ghanaian, Ugandan, and Kenyan content. Anyone in these African countries can enjoy African movies, television shows, and film series.

Their broadcasting is also more culturally sensitive to Africans. If you would like to watch the finest Nollywood movies, Showmax is an excellent option for you.

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