How to Check Your MTN WhatsApp Data Balance

This post is about how to check your MTN WhatsApp data plan balance.

It’s important to check your balance to make sure you get the data you paid for.

Sometimes, the network may delay or have interruptions, so checking your balance can help you know if you’re experiencing a network issue or not. This post will teach you how to check your balance in a few easy steps.


How to Check Your MTN WhatsApp Data Balance

It’s important to regularly monitor your MTN WhatsApp bundle balance to manage your usage and know how many MB you get with each subscription.

Checking the balance for each plan is similar, but knowing the balance for each plan is different.

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In this post, we’ll show you how to check the data bundle for each MTN WhatsApp plan.


Check Your MTN Daily WhatsApp Bundle Balance

Let’s start with the smallest and cheapest MTN WhatsApp plan, the daily plan, and see how to check its balance.

  • To do this, simply dial *559*25# and your remaining daily WhatsApp data balance will be shown on your screen.

MTN will also send you a message with details about your WhatsApp data plan.


Check MTN Weekly WhatsApp Data Bundle

The second MTN WhatsApp plan is called the weekly plan. It is cheaper than the daily plan and lasts for 7 days.

  • To check your MTN WhatsApp weekly data balance, dial *559*25#, and your balance will be displayed on your phone’s screen. You will also receive a message from MTN containing your WhatsApp data plan details.


Check MTN Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

The most popular and most beneficial WhatsApp plan on MTN is the monthly bundle.

  • To check the balance, simply dial *559*25# and a pop-up will display your monthly WhatsApp bundle balance on your phone screen.
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You’ll also receive a notification message containing your WhatsApp data plan details from MTN.

If you have any questions or need further help, please leave a comment below.


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