MTN WhatsApp Plan Code 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Subscription

If you need the MTN WhatsApp plan code, then you’ve opened the right post.

There are tons of cheap data plans on the MTN networks and here on NetworkPalava, one of our goals is to serve you the best internet bundles to help you browse the internet at a low cost.

Today, you’ll get the WhatsApp bundle subscription code on MTN. And once you apply it correctly, you can start chatting on WhatsApp for as long as you bargained with MTN.

About The MTN WhatsApp Bundle

The WhatsApp plan is included in the social media packages on MTN called the GoodyBag Social bundle.

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It grants you access to your favorite social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Eskimi, WeChat, 2GO, Vskit, Ayoba, and the rest depending on the package you choose.

But this post is about the MTN WhatsApp data plan, so that’s our focus for today. You’ll get all the vital information you need to subscribe to the WhatsApp bundle on MTN.

It’s known as an event-based data plan which means it doesn’t last forever. The MTN WhatsApp plan gives an expiry date when you subscribe to the daily plan which costs N25, the weekly bundle costs N50, and the monthly costs N150.

The amount you spend on the MTN Good Bag WhatsApp bundle is dependent on your pocket size and it also impacts the validity period you’re given.

mtn whatsapp plan code

MTN WhatsApp Plan Code

From the table below, you can see the price, activation code plus the validity of WhatsApp bundle:

PriceSMS to 131Validity

MTN WhatsApp Daily

You can either activate the WhatsApp daily plan through SMS or by dialing the short USSD code. To subscribe, just open your phone messaging app and compose a new message.

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Now, type in “WAD” and send it to 131. You’ll receive a confirmation message from MTN plus your available balance and expiry date.

To subscribe through USSD;

  • Simply dial *131# on your phone dialer
  • Type in ‘3‘ to select Social Bundles
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select WhatsApp bundle
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select Daily plan.
  • Now, select 1 to auto-renew or select 2 to turn off auto-renew.

MTN WhatsApp Weekly

The process to subscribe for the WhatsApp weekly data bundle is similar to the daily plan. Yes, all you need is the shortcode for SMS or the ussd method. This plan is valid for one week which is approximately 7days.

To subscribe by SMS, first, open your Messaging App on your phone, then compose a new message. After that, type in WAW in the message space and send it to 131 (as the recipient).

Alternatively, you can buy the MTN WhatsApp plan using the USSD Method.

  • Simply dial *131# on your phone dialer
  • Type in ‘3‘ to select Social Bundles
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select WhatsApp bundle
  • Reply ‘2‘ to select Weekly plan.
  • Now, select 1 to auto-renew or reply 2 select One-Off purchase.
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After this process, you’ll get a message from MTN with the important information you need. In that message, you’ll find the expiry date of the WhatsApp plan you just bought.

MTN WhatsApp Monthly

It’s funny how most people think that the process to buy the WhatsApp Monthly plan is different from the other bundles on the MTN list.

The difference is not much. You’re required to apply a few inputs to subscribe. So, get the MTN WhatsApp plan subscription code and dial follows the prompt.

Open your phone Default Messaging App, compose a new message, type in ‘WAM’ in the message field and send it to ‘131’. In summary, SMS WAM to 131 to activate the MTN WhatsApp monthly data plan.

To subscribe via USSD code;

  • Simply dial *131# on your phone dialer
  • Type in ‘3’ to select Social Bundles
  • Reply ‘1’ to select WhatsApp bundle
  • Reply ‘3’ to select the Monthly plan.
  • Now, select 1 to auto-renew or select 2 to turn off auto-renew.
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You’ll get a confirmation message from MTN after this action.

MTN Whatsapp And Facebook Plan

There’s a package that is designed for WhatsApp and Facebook together. MTN also added this bundle separately to make it possible for all customers to browse on two big social media platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Note: Only MTN Beta Talk subscribers are eligible for this plan.

PriceSMS to 131Validity

To subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp and Facebook Plan;

  • Open your smartphone Messaging App
  • Compose a new message.
  • Type in WFD for daily or WFW for Weekly or WFM for Monthly plan.
  • Send to 131.

You can refer to the table above if you’re confused.

MTN All Social Bundle

You can also subscribe to all social media bundles on MTN. This plan gives you access to browse the known social media platforms worldwide.

Instead of purchasing a data plan for one particular platform like WhatsApp, you can buy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Eskimi, Vskit, etc… in one bundle.

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PriceSMS to 131Validity
NGN200 (Social Mega Bundle)SMD3days

How To Stop Auto Renew Of MTN WhatsApp Data Plans

Below is the code to stop auto-renew of the MTN WhatsApp daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles:

PriceSMS to 131Validity

How To Check MTN WhatsApp Bundle Balance

One major challenge this day is to check your current data balance. On a WhatsApp bundle like this, you’re supposed to monitor your consumption to make sure you’re chatting at the right rate.

Learn how to check WhatsApp data balance on mtn by following the guidelines below;

You can also check your MTN WhatsApp plan data balance by;

  • Opening your phone dialer app.
  • Type in *131# and send it.
  • Reply ‘4’ to check your available balance.
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These two methods are the same as it brings up your MTN WhatsApp bundle balance.


  • Glo WhatsApp plan
  • Airtel whatsapp plan

Who Is Eligible

All MTN Customers are qualified to subscribe to any MTN GoodyBag Social bundle of their choice. However, only prepaid customers can purchase Social Mega Bundles available at the moment.


How do I subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp plan?

Open your phone dialer app and dial *131#, enter 3 and send it to select Social Bundles, reply 1 to select WhatsApp bundle, and from here, you can buy the daily, weekly, or monthly plan.

How much is the MTN WhatsApp bundle?

The daily MTN WhatsApp plan is N25, the weekly plan costs N50 and the monthly data plan is N150 only.

Is MTN WhatsApp free?

No. It’s not free.

Have You Subscribed?

With the subscription codes above, I believe you can buy your desired MTN WhatsApp data plan. Feel free to buy the daily, weekly, and monthly bundle depending on your pocket size.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below.

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