MTN Night Plan Not Working? How To Fix Now!

Is your MTN night plan not working? This post uncovers the main problems you may be facing and the best solutions to these problems.

Midnight Bundle Not Browsing

If you’re having trouble with your MTN night plan not working, this post can help you.

Many people have been asking the same question, wondering why their night data bundle on MTN doesn’t work when they turn it on at midnight.

If you’re experiencing this problem, we’ll discuss the reasons why your MTN night data isn’t working and provide solutions to help you make it work. Let’s begin!

Why Your MTN Night Plan is Not Working

Let’s start with the basics. There are various reasons why your MTN night plan may not be working. Some of the reasons include:

  • Subscription failure: You may have failed to subscribe to the MTN night data plan.
  • No active subscription: Your MTN night plan may have expired or not yet been activated.
  • Data connection turned off: You may have forgotten to turn on your data connection.
  • Wrong timing: You may have activated the data plan at the wrong time.
  • Data plan expired: Your night data plan may have expired.
  • Data volume exhausted: You may have used up all the data allocated for the night plan.
  • Network problems: You may be experiencing bad or unstable network coverage.
  • Incorrect APN settings: Your MTN browsing settings may not be configured correctly.
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These are some of the common reasons why your MTN night plan may not be working. In the following section, we will explore possible solutions to these problems.

The Solution MTN Night Plan Not Working

These are the solutions to the problems that could make your MTN night plan not work, which we discussed earlier:

  • Check your MTN night data plan balance to make sure you received the data volume you paid for.
  • If you were using regular data before midnight, turn off your data connection and turn it back on at midnight.
  • Turn on your data connection, and if your preferred network type is 4G, change it to 3G before activating the plan.
  • Ensure that you turn on your data connection at the correct time for the specific MTN night plan you subscribed to.
  • Check your data balance to see if it has expired or been exhausted.
  • If there is a bad network connection or an outage, wait until the connection is restored.
  • Check your configuration settings, and if they are incorrect, follow the steps below:
    • Account Name: MTN WEB
    • Access point name (APN):
    • Username: web
    • Password: web
    • Port: 
  • Contact MTN customer care.
  • Reboot your phone.
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These are the things you can do if your MTN night plan is not working. If you’ve tried all the solutions and the problem is still not resolved, you can visit an MTN office nearby with your MTN line and report the issue.

If you’re one of those wondering why your MTN night plan is not working, I hope this post has given you the answers you need.

Let me know in the comments if any of these solutions have helped you.

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