MTN Pulse Cheat Code 2023 | 3.75GB FREE Data

Are you looking for the latest MTN Pulse Cheat Code? This post is for you. You’ll get to know the ussd codes to activate your favorite package.

If you are not using the MTN Pulse tariff plan, then you might not be aware of the MTN data cheat that comes with it.

If you were aware, then you would have taken advantage of the cheat code and started enjoying unlimited free data.

It’s essential to know how to migrate to the MTN Pulse plan and the cheat codes that come with it so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of the tariff plan.

MTN Pulse Summary

The Pulse tariff plan offers free data plans on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, but not everyone knows about it.

If you want to start enjoying unlimited free data on MTN using the MTN pulse cheat, then you should continue reading this article.

You will learn about the codes you need to get free data on MTN pulse, including the MTN pulse data cheat code that gives you up to 3.75GB of free data bonus every weekend. Let’s proceed…

Activating MTN Pulse Cheat

MTN Pulse cheat refers to a series of techniques, codes, and methods that can be used to obtain more data at a lower cost or for free on the Pulse tariff plan.

These cheat codes allow you to access incredibly cheap data bundles for data purchases, as well as affordable and complimentary weekend data bundles for your use.

It is crucial to note that to benefit from these cheat codes, you must first be on the Pulse tariff plan, as the name implies.

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Once you’re on MTN Pulse, you can access the cheats, which include a 100% data bonus on Campus Deal Zone, 3.75GB of free weekend data, and a complimentary monthly data bonus.

MTN Pulse Cheat Code | 500MB, 3.75GB & More…

One of the MTN Pulse data plan cheat codes that I will be revealing to you is the WowWeekend offer that gives you 500MB to 3.75GB of free data to use on weekends. To activate this cheat, you will need to purchase some small data plans.

It is important to note that this cheat is not entirely free. However, it is a great way to get more data at an affordable price.

The WowWeekend offer is available in two packages, which are:

  • MTN Pulse 500MB data
  • MTN Pulse 3.75GB data
  • and more…

MTN Pulse Cheat Code for 500MB Free Data

If you want to enjoy the MTN Pulse cheat for 500MB data, you need to purchase a N200 data plan. This plan gives you 100MB to use at any time during the week, as well as an additional 500MB free bonus to use only on weekends.

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To activate this cheat, you need to dial the MTN pulse cheat code *131*113#. However, note that you must have migrated to the MTN Pulse tariff plan and have a minimum airtime balance of N200 to activate the cheat.

MTN Pulse Cheat Code for 3.75GB Free Data

To enjoy 3.75GB of free data on weekends using the MTN Pulse cheat, you need to purchase a N500 data plan which gives you 750MB to use during the week and an extra 3.75GB bonus to use on weekends only.

To activate this cheat, dial *131*103# on your phone to get 750MB for N500 plus 3.75GB free data bonus.

It is important to note that you must have migrated to the MTN Pulse tariff plan and have at least N200 airtime balance to activate this cheat.

MTN Pulse Campus Deal Zone | Free Data Cheat

If you’re a student and want to enjoy the MTN Pulse cheat, then you should try the MTN Campus Deal Zone.

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This offer gives you free data bonuses of either 100MB, 150MB, or 200MB when you use the same amount of data from your paid data bundle while on the specific campus location of your higher institution.

  • For example, if the data allowance for your campus is 100MB, you’ll have to use 100MB of data from your paid data bundle to get 100MB of data bonus for free. It’s like a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

How To Activate this Cheat on MTN Pulse

To activate this cheat, you’ll receive a welcome message on your phone once you enter an eligible campus location.

  • The message will ask you to “Use 100MB to get free 100MB data on your line.” Simply use the required amount of data from your Access and XtraValue bundles within the campus location to access the offer.

After exhausting the required amount of data, you’ll receive the free data bonus to continue browsing.

Note: You can use your campus zone bonus data when you’re outside the campus location, but you won’t receive any bonus data for the data you use until you return to the campus location.

MTN Pulse Monthly Free Data

The last cheat on the list for MTN Pulse data is the free monthly data cheat. This cheat gives you free data on the first call of every month. As long as you are on the Pulse tariff plan, you’ll get 10MB of data for free every month. You don’t need an activation code as this cheat is available by default to all Pulse subscribers.

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Have You Activated The Cheat?

Although the Pulse tariff plan comes with lots of benefits, both data and airtime, using the MTN Pulse cheat codes is an added advantage if you know how to.

With this easy-to-understand guide, I believe you can now discover the cheat codes for MTN Pulse and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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