MTN YouTube Plan Cheat Code 2023 | UNLIMITED FREE Videos

Unlock this MTN YouTube Plan Cheat Code to start enjoying UNLIMITED FREE STREAMING on your phone. Yes, at your convenience.

I recently posted the most recent MTN data cheat code on this site, and since then, many people have complained that the post did not include the MTN YouTube plan cheat.

Of course, MTN offers free YouTube. But it was my fault; I forgot to include it in the previous data cheat.

But believe me, there’s a reason it wasn’t included.

That’s because I wanted to post this post separately to show you all of the MTN YouTube plan cheat codes and how to activate them on an MTN SIM.

So, if you’ve been looking for the MTN free YouTube cheat code or a way to watch YouTube videos for free using your MTN line, keep reading because you’ve come to the right place.

You can find the free YouTube cheat code for MTN at any time of day or night on this page.

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Let’s get started right away!

Regarding MTN YouTube Plan Cheat

The MTN YouTube cheat code is a collection of codes that can be used to obtain free data that can be used to watch YouTube videos using your MTN line.

The free data obtained through the MTN YouTube plan cheat can only be used on the YouTube app and is not available when visiting YouTube through their website.

MTN free YouTube cheat codes can be activated in two ways. That means there are two ways to get free MTN YouTube data.

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One is available both during the day and at night, while the other is only available at midnight.

While they differ and have different activation codes, both MTN YouTube cheats can be used on any device that has the YouTube app installed.

Let us now look at how to activate the MTN YouTube plan cheat codes, beginning with the one that works both day and night.

Cheat Code for MTN YouTube Plan

The first YouTube cheat we’ll go over is the MTN YouTube unlimited plan, which costs N50 per month and allows you to watch YouTube videos in any way you want.

Although this cheat is fantastic, it is not available to all customers due to certain conditions and eligibility requirements.

That will be explained further down, but first, let’s look at the MTN YouTube cheat code for unlimited YouTube data.

  • *567*59# in your phone dialer app
  • If you are eligible for the package, a pop-up will appear asking you to choose option 1 to continue or option 2 to cancel.
  • Simply reply with 1 to proceed, then subscribe to the MTN YouTube unlimited data cheat plan and begin enjoying free YouTube for 1 hour.
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Please keep in mind that this YouTube cheats only works for an hour. That means you have 60 minutes to watch as many videos as you want. However, your connection will be terminated after 1 hour.

Keep scrolling down gently to see the 100% MTN Free YouTube for all MTN customers and all MTN SIMs if this code didn’t work for you.

How To Be Eligible For This Cheat

  • Make sure you have at least N50 in airtime to qualify.
  • Your MTN line cannot be more than three months old.
  • Within a month, you must recharge your MTN line with a minimum of N200.
  • You must connect your MTN line to a legitimate National Identification Number, or NIN.

Free YouTube Cheat Code for MTN

If the MTN YouTube hack mentioned above didn’t work for you, here’s another one that, as long as it’s still available on the MTN network, has a 99.9% success rate of working.

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However, this MTN YouTube hack costs a little bit more to activate than the night and day one does.

This is how it goes:

On the MTN network, the N500 subscription typically grants you 750MB, correct? You will receive an additional 750MB to use exclusively for YouTube when you activate this plan using the MTN Free YouTube code, though you can still browse using the regular 750MB you were actually surprised to receive.

Hope you understand.

What I mean is this

Get a 100% free bonus to use on YouTube by buying a data plan.

Now, I think it’s more obvious. Now that we know how to activate the MTN YouTube plan cheat code, let’s move on.

How to Make Free YouTube Available on MTN

Activating the MTN YouTube plan cheat code is as simple as following the directions below.

  • Go to your phone’s dialer app and enter *131#.
  • Choose “FREE YouTube” as your option.
  • Choose your preferred package now using the free YouTube app.
  • Finally, subscribe now to receive a 100% free MTN data bonus that can only be used on YouTube.
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Note that only at night does this YouTube trick work. This means that you can only use it from 11 at night to 6 at dawn.

Furthermore, there are numerous Free YouTube plans available, so how much free YouTube data you receive from MTN depends on how much you subscribe.

FAQs for the MTN Free YouTube Cheat Code

How do I activate my free, unlimited MTN YouTube data?

Once your MTN line is more than three months old, you can activate the MTN YouTube unlimited data for free by simply dialing *567*59#.

How do I access YouTube for free on MTN?

By simply dialing *131#, choosing the FREE YOUTUBE option, and joining a plan that includes an additional free 100% YouTube bonus, you can get free YouTube on MTN.

Which MTN plan includes free data for YouTube?

Once the correct MTN Free YouTube code is entered to activate the plan (*131#, then choose FREE YOUTUBE), all MTN tariff plans offer free YouTube.

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What’s The Result?

I think you now understand how to get free YouTube data on MTN after reading this short guide about the MTN YouTube plan cheat code.

If you still have questions about this topic, feel free to use the comment section.

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