How To Use YouTube Night Bonus On MTN (during the day) 2023

This post shows you how to use the YouTube night bonus on MTN to browse and download movies at your convenience.

People pay more attention to video content these days. I think the telecommunication companies in Nigeria (especially MTN and Airtel) are trying to make things easier for their customers by introducing the YouTube night bonus plan.

Stay calm as you learn how to use the MTN YouTube data bonus during the day and at night.

About The MTN YouTube Night Data Bonus

MTN keeps surprising their customers by introducing ending cheap data plans. The YouTube night data bonus on MTN started some months ago and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

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This plan is called the MTN YouTube Streaming Pack which explains the purpose. Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to use the YouTube night bonus on MTN in a few seconds.

There are two (2) categories of the MTN YouTube package though; the hourly plan and the data plus free data for streaming videos.

One of these data plans is limited to the time given and the other expires by the validity period of a data bundle you purchased from MTN. Since you’re looking for a way to use the MTN YouTube night bonus, that’ll be the focus of this post.

You can buy the YouTube night plans on mtn using the USSD code or SMS method and also renew when your data is exhausted.

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How to use YouTube night bonus on MTN

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How To Use YouTube Night Bonus On MTN

Follow the instructions given to you by MTN Nigeria. If you’re permitted to use the MTN YouTube night plan during the day or at night, then that’s what it is.

You can’t bypass or exceed the time you were given. If you buy the 3hours MTN YouTube bundle, you’ll be disconnected after 3hours.

On the other hand, to use the FREE youtube night bonus on mtn, you're expected to stay awake from 11 pm to 6 am at night.

You can also use the MTN YouTube night data bonus to download YT videos and watch them later at your convenience. This applies to the free data and the YouTube hourly plan you bought.

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Again, to use the MTN YouTube night bonus;

  • Turn on your data connection at 11 pm.
  • Open YouTube Go or the official YouTube on your phone.
  • Start watching videos.
  • You can download it for offline use.
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How To Activate YouTube Night Bonus On MTN

There are two (2) popular methods to activate the MTN YouTube night plan that can be used to stream unlimited videos. These include the USSD and SMS methods to subscribe.

  • When you buy an internet bundle from MTN default data plans, you get extra data for YouTube streaming. The data volume is often the same as the actual package you bought.
  • Now, you may choose to buy the MTN YouTube hourly plan.

To break it down, below are the names of available YouTube streaming plans presented by MTN:

  • YouTube Hourly Plans
  • Data + Free YouTube

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MTN YouTube Hourly

Just as the name appears to you, it’s a cheap data plan that allows you to browse the internet at a given time. For example, 3 hours for N130 only.

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This one is designed for your mobile phone, modem, and other portable devices with an internet connection.

To use this MTN YouTube bonus offer, you must recharge your line with the required amount and buy a plan.

Just as the name sounds, remember cyber cafe (buying time), this one is now on mobile phones and you will be disconnected after the time agreed with mtn Nigeria.

Time + DataPrice (NGN)Activation Code (sms to 131)Validity
7hrs – 2GB (11 pm – 6am)50VP51day
7hrs – 2GB (11 pm – 6 am)200VP77days

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MTN Data + Free YouTube Plan

You get extra data to watch YouTube videos as a bonus from MTN. Yes, maybe they intend to thank you for patronizing them, and to use the MTN Youtube night bonus data, you must check your data balance to confirm first.

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If you’re active in buying internet data bundles on MTN, you should be familiar with this. Select a plan from this list of MTN plans to get free YouTube night bonus data.

750MB750MBN500 10314days
2GB2GBN1000152 7days

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How To Cancel YouTube Night Bonus On MTN

This post was created to show you how to use the MTN YouTube night bonus but…

In case you wondering if it’s possible to cancel the YouTube night bonus on MTN, here’s what you must know.

  • At the time of writing this, there’s no official way to cancel the free bonus you got from MTN. You just have to wait for the expiry date and move on with other things.

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How To Check Bonus On MTN

If you want to check your YouTube Night bonus on MTN, simply dial *131*4# on your phone dialer app.

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Alternatively, you can read this post on how to check MTN data balance fast. Monitoring your existing data balance is very important. Yes, I emphasize this a lot.

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Most Asked Questions – Use YouTube Night Bonus Data

How do I deactivate the MTN YouTube night plan?

For now, there’s no way to deactivate this plan. Wait for the data plan to be exhausted.

MTN YouTube night bonus starts from what time?

It starts from 11 pm to 6 am. That’s the duration.

Mtn YouTube night bonus not working, why?

You must use it at the appropriate time for it to work for you. Yes, if you subscribe to the night plan, browse at night.

However, if you buy an hourly plan that works during the day, then you can start watching videos at that time.

How can I transfer my YouTube night data to another phone MTN?

You can’t transfer the YouTube data to another phone.

Can I download with MTN YouTube Night?

Yes, you can download videos you like and watch them later.

How Do I convert YouTube night data to normal data?

You can’t convert it to normal data. It’s designed for YouTube videos only.

Are You Enjoying The YouTube Night Bonus?

Ever since the YouTube bonus was added as mtn default data plans, it has helped so many users enjoy their favorite movies, shows, and more without touching their actual data bundle.

So, if you ignore high-resolution videos, it’s time to enjoy the best quality (lol). I hope you’ve learned how to use the YouTube night bonus on MTN.

If you experience any challenges, kindly leave a comment for assistance.

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  1. My YouTube night bonus is not working on my New phone. Deduction is been made on my data. What do I do now.

  2. I didn’t subscribe for 3 hours you tube plans but its functioning but my data plan is 1,200. Yet no youtube plan at night

  3. I can no longer access my YouTube night data bundle, each time I recharge #1200 now all I get is 3 hours weekly stuff, and that is not what I want.

  4. This MTN is becoming annoying and i will soon drop them how can these people keep deducting my main data each time i watch video at night on YouTube I’ve called the customers care countless times and they keep talking garbage it’s quite annoying sha

    • True…

      It’s very annoying as you said. Especially when you have other agendas.
      One trick I use is to turn OFF my data connection or turn on Airplane mode once it’s midnight…

      Wait for about 10 minutes and then, turn ON your data again. It works, but make sure you monitor your data as well.

      Calling customer care should help too.


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