Polaris Bank USSD Code For Transfer, Airtime, Check Balance

Get the Polaris Bank USSD Code to transfer money to other banks, check your account balance, buy airtime and data bundle, check your account number, and more…

For all banking transactions, you need the Polaris Bank USSD code. If not all, knowing a few key USSD codes is necessary when conducting banking with the Polaris Bank of Nigeria.

Many new and even seasoned Polaris bank clients are unaccustomed to using USSD for mobile banking, which leads to them asking questions like, “What is the Polaris USSD code for transfer?” “What code can I use to purchase Polaris airtime?” “What is the Polaris USSD code for checking balance?” and other similar inquiries.

Continue reading if you’re one of those people looking for answers to these or other related questions about Polaris mobile banking, as I’ll not only give you the Polaris USSD code but also demonstrate how to register, activate, and use the Polaris USSD code for any account transactions.

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Let’s get started right away without wasting any time.

About The Polaris USSD Code

Polaris bank created a unique short code and/or set of shortcodes to provide its customers with a seamless banking experience.

You can carry out various banking operations directly from your smartphone using the Polaris USSD code, eliminating the need to physically visit a Polaris branch.

The ability to conduct virtually any banking transaction using the Polaris code is one amazing feature of Polaris mobile banking via USSD. In order to make mobile banking even quicker and simpler, the Polaris Bank designed some to carry out some specific transactions.

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Use of Polaris USSD Code

The Polaris USSD code can assist you with the following.

  • Creating a new Bank account
  • Transfer of money to different Polaris accounts and banks
  • Purchasing airtime and data
  • Check the balance in your bank account
  • Payment of bills
  • Blocking ATM cards and many other things.

Polaris USSD Code Benefits

There are many advantages to the Polaris Bank USSD Code. Why would something be created if it isn’t useful?

Here are some reasons why customers should use the Polaris bank code.

  • Quick and simple transactions
  • Almost all forms of financial transactions are included.
  • Customers don’t have to worry about going to the bank to complete simple tasks like transfers and bill payments.
  • Works with all mobile phone types.
  • To conduct transactions, you don’t need an internet connection.

While there are still many advantages, let’s look at the Polaris USSD code and how to activate and use it.

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Polaris USSD Code

The Polaris USSD code, *833#, can be used to perform numerous banking operations on your Polaris bank account from your phone, including fund transfers, airtime and data purchases, checking account balances, opening new accounts, blocking ATM cards, and more.

After dialling the code, a menu containing all the features listed above and others will appear on your screen. You can then use any of these features by following the on-screen instructions.

The Polaris Bank USSD codes and instructions for each type of transaction are listed in the table below.

List of Polaris USSD Code

TransactionsUSSD Codes
Check Balance*833*6#
Fund Transfer to Polaris/others*833*Amount*Account Number#
Airtime Recharge for Yourself*833*AMOUNT#
Airtime Recharge for Others*833*AMOUNT*PHONE NUMBER#
Account Opening*833*1#
Pay Bills*833*2#
Retrieve BVN*565*0#
Hotlist ATM Card*833*4#

How to Register Or Activate Polaris USSD Code

You now have the Polaris USSD codes for particular transactions, but in order to use them, you must first register and activate the Polaris bank USSD code.

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A step-by-step tutorial for activating the Polaris USSD code is provided below.

  • From your registered Polaris Bank phone, dial *833#.
  • Enter your account number by adhering to the instructions.
  • To use it as a PIN, enter any 4-digit number. The balance will be shown.
  • You have successfully signed up for *833# Smart Banking.

You can now conduct any transactions using the general code or shortcode after registering and activating the Polaris code.

Polaris USSD Transfer Code

  • To transfer money from one Polaris account to another or from Polaris to another bank, you can simply dial the Polaris USSD code *833*Amount*Account Number#.
  • For example, to transfer N5,000 from one Polaris account to another (0987654321, you just need to dial *833*5000*0987654321#, choose the bank, and enter your PIN.

USSD Code for Balance Checking

By simply dialing *833*6#, choosing “Check Balance,” and then following the on-screen instructions, you can check the balance of your Polaris account. The amount of money remaining in your account will be shown on your screen.

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Polaris Airtime Purchase USSD Code

The Polaris USSD code is *833*AMOUNT# to purchase airtime for your own SIM (which is connected to your Polaris account), and *833*AMOUNT*PHONE NUMBER# to purchase airtime for other numbers.

For instance, dial *833*500# to purchase 500 units of airtime for oneself. Dial *833*500*09012345678# to purchase 500 units of airtime for additional lines.

USSD Code for Account Opening

Accept the mobile banking terms, enter the USSD code *833*1# to open a Polaris account, and then proceed by following the on-screen instructions.

Polaris Bill Payment USSD Code

Dial *833*2#, choose the account for payment, then choose the biller, and follow the on-screen instructions to pay a bill on a Polaris device.

BVN Polaris USSD Code

Simply dial *565*0# to get your Polaris USSD code using the Polaris USSD code.

Polaris USSD Code Not Working? How to Fix it Now

Below are some causes and solutions for the Polaris USSD code not working, regardless of whether you have a Polaris account already or not.

  • Bad Network Connection: If you dial the Polaris code to complete any transactions and there is no or poor network coverage, either on your end (from mobile network providers) or from the bank’s network, you may receive an error message. You’ll have to wait a while before attempting again to fix this.
  • You Haven’t Registered Yet or Activated the USSD Code: If you haven’t registered and activated the Polaris bank USSD code with the phone number you used to register your account, it might not function. Make sure to turn on the Polaris bank code on your line to fix this.
  • You’re dialing the wrong or unrelated phone number when dialing the USSD code: It might not work if the SIM you used to register your account number is not used to dial the code. Make sure you’re using the right line to correct this.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Polaris USSD Code

How do I obtain the Polaris USSD code?

  • *833# is the USSD code for Polaris mobile banking.

How do I set up mobile banking on Polaris?

By simply dialing *833# with the phone number or sim associated with your Polaris account, choosing your preferred debit card, and following the on-screen instructions, you can set up your Polaris USSD mobile banking.

How do I access my Polaris information?

By simply dialing *833*6# and choosing Check Balance, you can check your Polaris Bank information, including your account balance and account statement, which will appear on your screen and be sent to your phone.


Customers from all over the country can now access quick and simple mobile banking without having to go to a physical bank branch thanks to the Polaris mobile banking service via USSD.

I’m confident that after reading this thorough post about the Polaris USSD code, you now understand how to activate the code and how to use it for a variety of transactions.

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