MTN 1500 for 6GB Code 2024 | Activate Now!

Discover how to get 6GB for 1500 Naira on MTN with the MTN 1500 for 6GB code. Learn about the eligibility requirements, plan duration (weekly/monthly), and how to activate this affordable data plan. Get all the information you need in this guide.

MTN, the largest telecom network provider in Nigeria, now offers a 6GB data bundle for ₦1500. This is similar to the Glo 1000 for 4GB data plan.

It’s great for browsing, social media, downloading, and streaming. Let’s get started with the MTN 1500 for 6GB code!

MTN 6GB Plan & Subscription Code

MTN has recently introduced an exclusive data plan called MTN 6GB for 1500.

With this plan, you can get a whopping 6GB of data by paying just ₦1,500.

It’s available to all MTN customers, both new and old, and it’s not limited to a specific tariff plan like the MTN night plan.

As the largest telecom network in Nigeria, it’s not surprising to see MTN coming up with competitive data plans like this.

The data plan market is getting more competitive, and telecom networks need to upgrade their plans to meet the demand.

If you’re interested in enjoying this huge data bundle, you’ll need to know how to activate the MTN 6GB for 1500 code. Let’s find out how!

MTN 1500 for 6GB Code

Here’s how to activate the MTN 1500 for 6GB code:

  1. Dial *131#.
  2. Select Data Plans (option 1).
  3. Choose Weekly plans (option 2).
  4. Select N1,500 for 6GB (option 5).
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You’ll receive a confirmation message from MTN once it’s done. Now let’s talk about the data bundle duration, eligibility, and balance checking.

Validity Period for MTN 1500 for 6GB 

The MTN data plan for 6GB at ₦1500 is valid for one week, which means it lasts for 7 days.

After the 7th day, you won’t have access to the plan anymore unless you subscribe to it again.

Keep in mind that this plan does not have a rollover feature, so it’s best to use up the data within the 7 days to avoid losing it.

Who is eligible for the MTN 1500 for 6GB subscription?

Any MTN customer with a registered SIM card linked to their NIN can subscribe to the MTN 1500 for 6GB data plan. You don’t need to buy a new SIM card or switch to a different tariff plan to be eligible for this data plan. However, you need to have a minimum airtime balance of ₦1500 before dialing the MTN 1500 for 6GB code.

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How to Check Your MTN 1500 Data Balance

To check your remaining data balance for the MTN 6GB for 1500 data plan, you can either dial *559# or text 403 to 131. MTN will send you a notification message with details of your remaining data volume and the expiration date.

FAQs for MTN Data Plan 1500 for 6GB:

How can I get 6GB for 1500 on MTN?

You can get 6GB for 1500 on MTN by dialing *131# and selecting Data Plans, then Weekly, and finally choosing N1,500 for 6GB.

What is the code for MTN 1500 for 6GB data plan?

The code for MTN 1500 for 6GB is *131#. Reply with the option for data plans, select Weekly, and then choose N1,500 for 6GB.

Is MTN 6GB for 1500 still available?

Yes, MTN 6GB for N1500 is a weekly data plan that can be subscribed to using the MTN weekly plan list by dialing *131#.

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How long does the MTN 6GB for N1500 last?

The MTN 1500 for 6GB plan is a weekly plan that lasts for 7 days.

What is the MTN 1500 for 6GB monthly plan code?

There is no monthly plan for MTN 1500 for 6GB. It is a weekly data plan that can be activated by dialing *131# and selecting the Weekly Plan.


The MTN data plan 1500 for 6GB is one of the most affordable data plans available to all MTN customers.

Activating it is easy using the provided code. If you have further questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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