MTN N500 Data Plan For 4GB, 3.75GB, 2.5GB, 5GB (Update 2023)

Looking for the MTN 500 Naira Data Plan Code In Nigeria? This article is for you.

Go ahead and enjoy the new cheap internet packages for little money spent on airtime.

Abi, is five hundred Naira big?? Let’s dive right in.

About MTN Data Bundles For 500 Naira

MTN has good network service and is marked among the top telecommunication companies in Nigeria for this reason.  

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Now, when it comes to their data plan packages, you must know that it’s placed at a good rate for a better browsing experience.  

I have created the complete list of MTN data plans in my previous guide. You can check it out in case you want cheaper plans or data bundles above N500.  

In that guide, I gave a brief explanation of the 4G/LTE services migration. And MTN has promised to give you up to 10GB for upgrading your SIM card to enjoy the new generation browsing speed.  

Alright, let’s move to the main purpose of this post.  

mtn 500 naira data plan codes

MTN 500 Naira Data Plan Codes

Pick one.   Yes, I have given the complete list of data plans you can purchase for only N500.  

 Price Data Volume Activate Code Validity
 N500 4GB *131*1*1*5# 2days
 N500 1.2GB *131*103# 14days
 N500 1GB *131*142# 7days
 N500 1.5GB Plan Code Here Loading…
 N500 2GB *131*1*1*5# 2days
 N500 1GB Cheapest Plan 30days
 N500 3.75GB  Loading…
 N500 2.5GB *131*1*1# 2days

Learn How To Browse With Airtime On MTN Now!

1. MTN 4GB for N500

  • Simply dial *131*1*1*5# to activate this plan. mtn 500 naira data plan code 4gb
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On a normal note, you are supposed to get 2GB for you the said amount but by making use of the working code to subscribe, you’re getting X2.  

Now, the mtn double data bonus is attached to new MTN users. But some old customers can take partake in this offer by checking eligibility.  

To know if you’re eligible for this 100% free bonus, kindly follow the guide below:  

  • Make sure you have a 0.00kb account balance.
  • Now, open your Phone Dialer. This is the caller app on your phone.
  • Enter *131*1*1*5# and send it.

Now, you should receive a message like; “You have insufficient balance to perform this operation, kindly recharge bla bla bla”.  

If you get such a message, go ahead, recharge your line, and subscribe to the plan.  

But if you get a pop-up message like; “You are not eligible for this offer”

Then it won’t work for you. Take note of this.  

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Validity: 2 days. Do you think two days Ok? Let me know in the comment section.

This one is related to the MTN unlimited data plans code.  

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2. MTN 1.2GB for N500 (Update 750MB)

  • Simply dial *131*103# on your phone dialer. mtn 500 naira data plan for 1.2gb

You should receive a confirmation message instantly. Make sure you have at least 500 Naira airtime on your account balance before sending the code.  

This data plan accepts and works on all kind of devices that has a data connection on them. Be it Java, Symbian, Android, PC, iPhone, or any data-enabled mobile device.  

You can mark this plan as one of the weekly plans on MTN.  

  • It’s valid for 14 days (2 weeks).

Update: This is one of the MTN default MB subscriptions. They updated the plan recently and the new changes affected the plan negatively. It’s Now 750 megabytes.  

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To Check The MTN 1.2GB Data Balance

  • Simply dial *559*4#. how to check mtn 500 naira data plan 1.2gb

You will get your balance details on a popup displayed on your device screen.   If you notice, the code to check the available balance on this plan is different.  

That’s cool. And in fact, it’s the reason why you can’t find it on the list of default data plans.

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3. MTN 1GB For N500

  • Simply dial *131*142# to subscribe. mtn 500 naira data plan for 1gb

This plan is amongst the mtn weekly data plans. Yes, you don’t need to worry about a low-price subscription anymore.  

Once you have a quick task to complete online and you know it won’t take much time or consume a huge amount of data, this is an “OK” package to go for.  

The good this is that it’s not a DO or DIE affair. That is, you don’t need to force the data to finish in a day or two like some other plan with a short exhaustion period.  

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This data plan is valid for 7days which is equal to 1 week.  

You can easily confuse it for the mtn 600 for 1GB code.    

Alternatively, you can buy this data bundle the manual way:

  • Turn ON your phone.
  • Open Messaging. This is the app used to send and receive messages on your mobile phone.
  • Set-up Recipient. Enter “131” as the number you are sending the message to.
  • Type Your Message. Type in “142” in the message box.
  • Tap Send Icon. after composing your message, kindly hit the send button to activate the 1GB plan.

  You will receive a successful message after this action.  

  • Now, dial *131*4# to check your available data balance. how to check mtn 500 naira data plan 1gb

Still, want more? There’s more to cheap data subscriptions to read…    

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4. MTN N500 For1.5GB Code

  • Simply dial (the activate code) on your dialer phone dialer.
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If you are following me on this blog, you must have come across this plan.  

This is the MTN Night Plan which is also called the Pulse Nightlife Bundle that offers you BIG DATA VOLUME for the little amount spent on airtime.  

Yes, this package allows you to browse at low cost at midnight with 3G, 4G, and all.  

That’s your most free time, right? Maybe. Night Owls will value this plan the most.  

See how to subscribe to the MTN 1.5GB Data Plan fast.  

Meanwhile, if you don’t like staying up at midnight, consider other cheap data on the MTN network.  

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5. MTN 2GB Data Plan for 500 Naira

This plan is very much related to the 4GB data plans that I mentioned earlier.  

As I said, this package was designed to give you 2 gigabytes for paying 500 Naira.  

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However, MTN had to spice it up a little to attract new customers. See what they did.  

They attached a 100% bonus. That is, you’ll be rewarded with DOUBLE DATA as a new customer who subscribes to the activation code.  

  • Simply dial *131*1*1# and reply 5. mtn 500 naira data plan 2gb

You will receive 2Gigabytes as an Old customer on the network.  

New customers get X2 for dialing the same subscription code. That’s it.

Validity: 2 days.

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6. MTN 500 For 1GB For One Month (Now N450)

This is the cheapest data plan on MTN. Compared to other plans, I discovered that this one is different.  

Do you know why? See the reason below.  

I notice that anytime the price of any data plan goes down, the validity period is reduced.  

  • For example, if you are given 1GB for N500, the exhaustion time will be within 2 days or a week.
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Oh! no. That’s not cool at all. I call that “Pressure plans” cos it’s not something to enjoy.  

Now it may be cool for Gamers or video streamers who spend a HUGE amount of gigabytes downloading games and videos on the internet. But it’s not the same for everyone.  

For me, I like to take it slow. At the same time, do what I want without the fear of losing my data in 24 hours, 2 days, or 7 days (like other plans).  

Introducing the New Bonus Data Plan Package (from me) to you.  

With this data plan, you will get 1GB for as low as 450 Naira and use it for a very long time with no fear of exhaustion.  

Now, to buy this data bundle;

  • Send me a  message on WhatsApp. You will receive data in less than 3 minutes.
  • Or see other cheap packages here.

Valid For 1 month (30 days).

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7. MTN 3.75GB for 500 Naira

This is the MTN WOW Weekend plan that enables you to browse the internet after the five (5) tight working days.  

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Yes, you are allowed to do your favorite online from Friday evening to Sunday evening.  

Breaking it down:

  • You start browsing from Friday 11:59 PM, Saturday 12:00 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM.

The good about the plan is that you are not limited to using just one or two apps on your phone.  

You are given free access to every data-consuming app installed on your device. And this is cool.   To  subscribe to the N500 For 3.75GB plan:(The activation code has been moved)

Activate The MTN 1GB Night Plan For Almost Free Midnight Browsing!

8. MTN 2.5GB for 500 naira

This is the new daily bundle launched to help you spend less in this quarantine season.  

MTN Nigeria wants you to close the doors of complaints and excuses in these trying times.  

Since everyone is keeping “Physical Distancing”, and not “Social Distancing” you can socialize and connect with friends on social media.  

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Now, this package is available on the MyMTNApp, the Website, the USSD format, and other possible options.  

Buy With USSD Format:

  • Simply dial *131#. mtn 500 naira data plan 2.5gb
  • Reply “1” for Data plans
  • Next, Reply “1” for Daily plans
  • Reply “5” for the 2.5GB plan
  • Reply “1” to auto-renew data when it’s exhausted
  • or Reply “2” to cancel auto-renew (One-Off purchase).

Boom! You are good.   Don’t Miss The Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans in Nigeria.

To Purchase this data plan on the MyMTN:

Recharge N500 credit on your line.

  • Open the app.
  • Go to the Bundle tab.
  • Select Bundles.
  • Go to the “Hot Deals” or “Daily” tab.
  • Now, select the “2.5GB 2-Day Plan” from the list.
  • Proceed to purchase the plan with “Airtime”.

See The MTN Recharge Code To Load Credit On Your Line Faster.


At times, you may choose to subscribe to a smaller data bundle to proceed with a quick project.

Buying one of the N500 data plans is a good one in this case.

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Go select one of the MTN 500 Naira data plan codes above and subscribe to your preferred package.  

The Browsing speed to great.  

I hope it helps you. Leave a comment below.  

Peace and blessings.

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