MTN Free Data Cheat Codes & Airtime Promo (March 2024)

If you are amongst those asking for the MTN free data cheat code right now? This post is for you.

There is a good list of MTN data plans in Nigeria, some are expensive, some are average, while a reasonable amount is cheap just as we have given the list of MTN cheap data cheats for all networks (Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, MTN) in our previous guide.

I have provided the complete list of MTN free browsing cheats here. You check that out as well to help reduce many expenses on airtime and data plans.

Below is how to get free data on MTN and start browsing the internet.

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MTN Free Data Cheat Codes In Nigeria Right Now.

In this section, you will learn how to receive free MB from MTN.

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mtn free data cheat codes nigeria

1. MTN Free 500MB Data Cheat

It’s about the New MTN application that offers MTN users free 500 megabytes after downloading the app and registering their phone numbers on the app.

It’s called MyMTNApp.

Yes, you can also get the free data to your account balance. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

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How To Get Free MB On The MyMTNApp Today.

  • Sms “MyMTNApp to 5018”. You just have to turn ON your Android device, activate MTN as your mobile network, locate and open the messaging app.

Now, type in MyMTN on the message space, type in 5018 on the recipient box and tap the send icon.

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mymtnapp free data bonus

Once your message is delivered, you will receive a message from MTN like the below:

“Hi, checkout MyMTN on your phone. Download it today from ⇛ this page (Free 500MB attached).”

Follow the link sent to you by MTN to download the app on your phone.

Alternatively, you may choose to download the app from Playstore or Appstore or MTN Official Website or Other Sources.

Download was successful right?

Next Thing…

  • Open the app you just downloaded.
  • Now, choose your country   and enter your phone number in the space provided.  
  • After this action, you will receive an OTP code from MTN.
  • Enter the code in the space provided.  
  •  Now, claim your free data on the app.
  • And immediately after that, you will get a Notification message from MTN that you’ve been rewarded with free 500megabytes.
  • Now, I recommend that you dial *131*4# or *559*4# to confirm data balance.
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What did you see, 500MB right?

It’s for real. Go, browse your favorite stuff online.

The data is valid for 3days.

Quick Tip: Download the MyMTNApp  here. Register your phone number on the app, get free 500MB instantly.

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2. UNLIMITED Free Data Cheat On MTN Using Chipper Cash App.

Chipper cash is a mobile application that enables you to transfer money across five (5) African countries namely: Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

It’s really simple to get the free data from this app, just like the MTN free data promo on the MyMTNApp.

In this case, you just need to follow a few steps to receive free airtime, withdraw to your MTN line, and then use the cheat code for the MTN data bundle to buy your favorite plan.

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How To Get Free Data On Chipper Cash App.

As I said earlier, you’ll be rewarded with free airtime, then you can use that to buy a data plan.

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I hope that’s clear.  Follow the steps below to get free airtime:

  • Download The Chipper App. Download the Chipper cash app, follow the link.
  • Register Your Phone Number or Email Address On The App. After downloading the app with the link above, you will have to open it and enter your phone number   or email address on the space provided.  
  • Confirm the Verification Code. After that, you will receive a code from the app, copy and paste it in the space provided on Chipper Cash App.
  • Select Your Country. You will see the list of countries that are accepted by chipper cash. Select one from the list.  
  • Create A New PIN. After selecting your country, you will be asked to create a 4digit PIN, enter it twice as required.      
  • Congratulations. You’ve successfully signed up for the chipper cash app. This means that you’re ready to earn and enjoy the awesome benefits. All this enables these MTN data cheat codes to work for you.
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Refer & Earn.

It’s time to refer friends and family to the app to earn N250 per referral.

  • Withdraw Money. Once you are ready to withdraw the amount you’ve raced via referring others, go to your profile and tap on “Cash Out” to withdraw to your bank account or tap “Buy Airtime” to recharge your line.
  • Buy a Data Bundle. Since you need MTN-free data codes, recharge your line with your Chipper Cash balance and buy a data plan on MTN.

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  • Confirm Your Identity. Once you verify your account with the sms code, you must confirm that you are human to start earning free airtime.     You will see some benefits of verifying your Identify in this section. See the benefits after tapping the “Get Verified” button.  

To do this, go to your profile, scroll down to the Verification section, then tap on it. Take a picture of your A government-issued ID (Voter’s ID card, International Passport, National ID Card) or take a photo of you to verify BVN.

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3. MTN Free Data Cheat Using Dent App

Dent is a mobile application designed to help send mobile data, buy airtime, and top-up your line if you are using a supported network.

You can also earn free data and free airtime on the Dent app. You just have to follow the recommendations below to activate the cheat for MTN data.

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How To Earn Free Data On The App

Like the other apps, you only need to sign up with your personal information (your name, email address, or phone number), and BOOM, you can start getting free data and airtime benefits.

  • Download Dent App. To download the app follow this link.
  • Register On The App. After downloading the Dent App, open it on your phone. Now, sign-up using your Email address, Facebook profile, or Google profile.
  • Receive 1GB (175 Dents). You will receive 175 Dents Which is equal to 1gigabytes on your line, no matter the network you use.
  • Get More Data. You don’t want to stop there, right? You need more data to spend more time on the internet browsing, streaming, and downloading your favorite stuff.
  • Click on the “Invite Now” link or button to get your referral link.
  • Once you get it, start sharing the link with family and friends to download.
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Anyone who downloads with your link gets their first 175 Dents (150MB) and you get 30 Dents (150MB) per referral.

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4. Get Free Airtime For Data On PalmPay App – Earn Up To N3000 Daily

Plampay is a new payment mobile application that gives you free airtime for sending money and receiving payment. That’s not the deal still.

I know you want free airtime for data or even free data to browse the internet right away.

Palmpay will give you free N300 for registration and for referring others to use the app for transactions.

(Note: Referring to others is not necessary at first, you will earn a reward for registering)  

How To Get Free Credit On PalmPay

First, open the Palmpay Sign Up Page here. Fill in the form correctly like the below screenshot.

  • Select your country.
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter captcha correctly (Note: If you didn’t see it, tap the  icon to get a new captcha)
  • Tap Send Code. You will receive a code from PalmPay as a message.
  • Enter the code in the “verification code” space.
  • Now, enter your first name
  • Enter your last name.
  • Type in a new 4digit password.
  • Repeat the password you wrote above.
  • Leave the Invitation code as “NN1UK4”.
  • Tap the “Sign Up” button. Yes, after filling the form correctly, scroll down and tap the sign-up link to proceed further.
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  And Boom, you will get your registration bonus.  

Watch the short video I recorded for you. It will guide you through the process and make it easy for you to start earning immediately.  

5. MTN Free Browsing Cheat At The Moment

While others are spending more on expensive data plans, you can take advantage of the working freebrowsing cheats on MTN.

Also, the are available cheap data plans that give you BIG DATA with Less PAY. Consider buying one today.

Yes, you will get 1GB for N500 and more MTN data plan cheat codes.
Get your hands on the list below:

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Who no like Better Thing?

Like seriously, if you’ve been giving free data every single day, will you border spending money on data?

That’s the MTN free data cheat codes for Android and iOs users.

I hope it helps you.

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