Access Bank Loan: How To Apply For PayDay Loan & Personal Loan

Access Bank Loan: Are you interested in obtaining a loan from Access Bank? Learn how to use the Access Bank application codes for payday and personal loans in this post.

Recently, Access Bank introduced a unique USSD code that gives its customers access to quick loans. You can apply for a payday loan or a personal loan from Access bank using this code.

I’ll walk you through the steps needed to apply for a loan from Access bank in this article. To learn more, read the rest of this article.

Whatโ€™s the Access Bank Loan Code?

The fast code for Access bank loans is *901*11#. This is the new tactical tool for the recently introduced Payday Loan product from the bank.

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The PayDay Loan, which was introduced in partnership with Remita, enables users to get loans instantaneously without going to a bank and does not require collateral or a guarantor.

Before getting their paychecks, customers can utilize the product to take care of their immediate financial demands.

PayDay Loan can help in this situation; to obtain a quick loan, simply dial *901*11# or *426*11#. You can also use Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Access Mobile App, or QuickBooks App.

Payday Loan is a short-term loan product available to customers (both salary and non-salary earners). Yes, Payday Loan allows you to borrow money at a low-interest rate with no paperwork or collateral required.

Features of the Access Bank Loan Code

The Access bank loan code has the following qualities:

  1. You don’t need to go to the bank to use this service, which is available around-the-clock. The QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, Mobile App, *901*11#, and *426# are handy ways to complete the application.
  2. No paperwork is necessary.
  3. No security is needed.
  4. A thirty-one (31) day tenor is possible.
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Who is Eligible For the Access Bank Loan

The following conditions must be met in order to qualify for an Access Bank loan:

  1. If you still owe money on any loans to Access Bank or other lenders.
  2. If you submit an application using a phone number that isn’t connected to your BVN.
  3. When you can’t show that you were paid the previous month.
  4. If you’ve ever taken out digital debts that were larger than what you were qualified for.
  5. If the monthly payment on a current loan exceeds your eligibility limit.

How to Request for a PayDay Loan

The steps listed below should be followed to request a payday loan:

  • Go to the call dialer app on your mobile phone
  • Dial the code *901*11#, Or
  • Dial *426*11# for Access diamond customers
  • Now head to the playstore app on your mobile phone and
  • Download QuickBucks App
  • Install the app and launch the app
  • Go to your Access Mobile app and select loans & investment
  • Select loans
  • Enter the amount you wish to get as loan.
  • Click on submit.
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What are Personal Loans?

Employees of numerous businesses can apply for personal loans. Employees may obtain salary loans using this loan.


  1. It is adaptable enough to accommodate different needs.
  2. Up to 75% of your net annual pay may be borrowed (for applicants with terminal benefit)
  3. Up to 50% of your net annual pay may be borrowed (for applicants without terminal benefit)
  4. Get a maximum of 36 months’ tenure
  5. Life insurance on credit


  • A filled-out application
  • Form of Employer’s Confirmation and Employee Status Inquiry, filled out
  • Manifestation of Confirmation (Letter of Confirmation, Last promotion letter, etc.)
  • A copy of your employment ID and some other reliable identification
  • Number for Bank Verification (BVN)
  • Credit inquiries
  • Lien/Set-off letter

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