Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card Or ATM 2024

You’re about to find out the Zenith bank transfer code without a debit card or ATM.

Everything is now made easy.

With the Zenith Bank Transfer Code, you can now do transactions easily with your mobile phone without a debit card or ATM.  

I believe you need the shortcode to proceed with your next transfer. This post shows you the Zenith bank transfer code without a debit card.  

Follow the guidelines below.

About Zenith Bank USSD Code

The ZBUC makes it easy for you to do little to mighty transactions fast.  

Instead of going to the bank or visiting the nearest Point Of Sale (POS) service to do transfers without stress.  

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Imagine you, standing in a queue for a long time just to withdraw or transfer N5,000. Just small cash.  

This new system puts an end to that. Yes, with the USSD code, you can now bank with your mobile phone from the comfort of your home.  

zenith bank transfer code without debit card or atm

Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card or ATM

It’s very possible to transfer money, airtime, or data with your phone but before this will work, you must do something.  

What is it? You will have to register your mobile number to activate the Zenith Bank USSD code transfer on your phone.  

Now, follow the steps.  

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How To Register & Activate Your Transfer Code.

  • Turn On Your Phone. No matter the device you make use of (Android or iPhone).
  • Dial the shortcode (*966*00#). Open your phone dialer, and dial *966*00# with the phone number you opened an account with. zenith bank transfer code activation
  • Type in 4-digit code. On your ATM card, you will see the 16digit on it. Enter the last 4digits.
  • Create a Transfer PIN. After submitting the last four numbers on your debit card, you will be asked to enter a new PIN.
  • Now the essence of this is to make sure your account and transactions are secured.
  • Re-enter the PIN. This is where you need to confirm the PIN you created earlier. Kindly type in your 4-digit PIN again.
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You have successfully registered and activated your number for Zenith EazyBanking.

  • Confirm Activation. At this point, you should receive an SMS  from your bank including your account balance information.

This is a sign that you’ve done well.  

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Zenith Bank Transfer Code To Other Bank

If you want to transfer money from your account to another bank user, it’s very simple.  

Yes, now that you’ve successfully linked your account with your phone, it’s time to begin transactions.

  • Dial *966*Amount*Account Number#. For example, dial *966*1000*5268300010# to transfer N1000 to 5268300010. zenith bank transfer code to other banks
  • Select The Bank.
  • Confirm The Recipient Name.
  • Enter Your PIN.

It’s that simple.  

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Zenith Bank Transfer Limit

There are terms and conditions on what you can do with the Zenith EazyBanking code. One thing is the transaction limit, that’s the highest amount of money you can transfer to someone daily.

  • For Airtime Transfer, you are allowed a maximum of N3,000 daily.
  • For Money Transfer, you are permitted to send at most N100,000 daily.
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Back in the day, anything that has to do with banking can be very discouraging.  

But today, everything has changed. You can now do a lot of BIG transactions with a few taps on your phone screen.  

There you have it. The Zenith bank transfer code without a debit card or ATM.  

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Peace and blessings.  

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31 thoughts on “Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card Or ATM 2024”

  1. According to Zenith Bank Terms and Conditions, you must configure your mobile USSD transactions with the directed numbers on your ATM card.

    Also, you'll be prompt to enter a new PIN in the process and you must enter your PIN to transfer money to another account.

    Ask more questions where you don't understand…

  2. Hmm… This is deep Adeyemi. I feel your pain.

    Please contact the Zenith bank customer care through the following means:

    Call: +234-1-278-7000
    Email: zenithdirect@ zenithbank.com

    Hope the issue is resolved ?

  3. It's unfortunate that any time I withdraw with pos from my zenith bank account the used to charge me extra and they won't send me the alert of that charges. I would just notice that there is a gap between my last withdrawal and my current balance.

  4. Hello, I understand that you forgot you pin and you can't make use of the Zenith bank transfer code with a pin…

    Now, easy way t go about this is to visit the nearest Zenith bank office in your area…

    Meet the Customer Care representative and they will solve this problem for you.

  5. Good morning, please I don’t want an ATM card for this account because it’s my savings account
    But I wish to make a transfer,how can I do that without a debit card

  6. In this case, you will need to dial the Zenith bank transfer code given above to try it out.

    Then, if you're unable to do the transfer, you'll have to contact the Zenith Customer care by calling 01 278 7000 or visit the nearest branch in your area.

    Hope it helps you?

  7. I registerd for for the mobile app and it was successful and i was direct to log in it now directed me to register for device usin 6 digit token number which i dont have and i do not understand help me pls. i dont need card for the account


  9. I want to make a transfer from my mobile app, I tried my password but it was opening only for my app to be locked and ask to reset password which I couldn’t do because I was ask to inut the last six digit and my ATM card has expired. Please what should I do?

  10. I want to make a transfer from my mobile app, I tried my password but it wasn’t opening only for my app to be locked and I was asked to reset password which I couldn’t do because I was ask to input the last six digit and my ATM card has expired. Please what should I do?


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