GTA Vice City Obb File (Update 2024)

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GTA Vice City Obb File

GTA Vice City is a game that has caught the interest and attention of many game players all over the world. This game is one of the most popular in the world today, and you can now play it on your Android device.

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The Game Overview

This game is set during a handful of years with the most significant fashion trends. Olden days attires were the most popular fashion trends at the time. GTA Vice City OBB focuses on the life of a man during that period.

The main character in this game is trying to be the criminals’ leader. The games are played in Vice City, a diverse metropolis with something for everyone.


This is a sandbox game in which you can start exploring an open world while concerning a character-driven narrative. When you show up in Vice City, your adventure begins. Everything would be in front of you, and you’ll have the choice of becoming anything you want.

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GTA Vice City Obb File

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GTA Vice City Obb File

The Plot: GTA Vice City OBB File Download 200MB Android

In this game, you take on the role of Tommy Vercetti. Mr. Tommy has just left prison. The first task assigned to him after he emerges is to enter Vice City. By obtaining power, the player will begin the quest to rule the city.

You will put in a lot of effort to build your criminal empire. To ensure your success, you will steal cars from ordinary citizens.

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You will also make drug deals to obtain as much drug money as possible. You will take good care of business people to ensure that you do not have a competitor. However, to win the game, you must kill a large number of people.

The plot of the game is flawless. To create the best atmosphere, all of the story elements are linked.

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The voice performers in GTA Vice City have done an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained.

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The Upgrades: GTA Vice City Apk + OBB Download For Android Free

When compared to the previous version, this game has a lot more details. The changes may not be visible in your first session, but you will notice them.

Although the earlier version included an effective system for laundering money and real estate purchasing, there are many new features in this version to increase the fun.

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A slew of new weapons has been made compatible. New cars and motorbikes have been added, and helicopters can now take a flight high in the sky.

Playing the game for a quite longer moment will surely enable you to use the money you earned to buy a home. You can also simply spend money to upgrade your hideouts and ammunition.

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GTA Vice City Obb File

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Challenges Of The Missions

There are numerous missions in this game that you can complete if you remain focused. However, there are many components in this sandbox game that are overlooked when following the missions.

There are several cars on the road that it can be difficult to resist the urge to crash for fun. Driving the tanks is another enjoyable activity that should not be overlooked.

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There are so many amusing statements and debate that you can’t help but laugh. This game makes sure that you are most engaged in the fun play. However, bear in mind that this game is not intended for children.

There are many visual and sexual moments in GTA Vice City Android Apk that you must keep a safe distance from your younger siblings or children.

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The Screen: GTA Vice City 100 MB Download For Android

This game’s screen is enjoyable because you can move any display button or screen element wherever you want. This makes it easy to customize your experience with the game.

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You can even modify the function keys on your screen to make your gaming more comfortable. You can easily make the buttons larger than the normal usage size.

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Smooth Control On The Screen

GTA Vice City continues to provide players with an exciting and epic gameplay. Players can comfortably enjoy it all on their Android devices with no adjustment issues.

With its gentle and active screen control and cool qualities, it offers players something much more new and very much enjoyable.

As previously mentioned, the controls are smooth across the screen, and with a fast and easy touch device, you can even modify the interface with a single tap on the screen. You can even shoot more precisely without exerting too much effort.

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Choose Your Prefered Language

The best aspect of this game is the ability to play in an unlimited number of languages. Yes, GTA Vice City allows users to play in the language of their choice. Languages include English, Spanish, French, Korean, Russia, Japanese, among others. Choose the one you want and enjoy your game with comfort and excitement.

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GTA Vice City Obb File

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Sounds and Graphics: GTA Vice City Free Download + OBB File

GTA Vice City introduced some new visuals, which are now at the top of the list. With its beautiful scenery in the background, the game appears to be played in a realistic world. A beautiful car environment adds something special to it.

And when it comes to the GTA vice city file game’s sound and music, it will never let you down. As the design sound with each motion step is really exciting and interesting.

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GTA Vice City Main Features

  • To get the best content out of the gameplay, take advantage of the updated graphics.
  • Have more fun by having a good time with character model types.
  • The lighting outcomes in this game improve the overall gaming experience.
  • Choose to shoot your bullets effectively than ever with the exact firing options and target specific mechanics.
  • You can personalize your game access control and also the layout.
  • There are no specific objectives; instead, play the game your own way to discover how you personally enjoy it the most!
  • Connect your device to game controllers and get the most out of your gaming experience.
  • This game’s tactile effect methods blend in seamlessly with the gameplay funtions.
  • Modify the graphics settings to suit your preferences and customize your gaming performance.

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How to Download Gta Vice City Obb File

To begin downloading GTA Vice City OBB, click the download. Wait for the loading screen to appear before beginning the download. Once you’ve pressed the button and complete the download, you’re good to go.

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Download GTA Vice City Obb File

App NameGrand Theft Auto Vice City
RequirementAndroid Version 2.3 and up
Developed byRockstar Games,
Google Playstore LinkTap to see…
Appstore LinkClick here…

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How to install GTA Vice City Obb File

  1. Locate the GTA Vice City obb files that you downloaded to your device.
  2. Start the installation by clicking on the GTA Vice City for Android file and keeping your internet turned off.
  3. Allow the installation to complete.
  4. To begin the game, open it from your mobile launcher and start having fun.

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Preview Of GTA Vice City Obb File (Video)

What the short video below to see how the game works in real-time:

Storage Requirements

  • Android version: 2.3 and higher versions of OS.
  • RAM: To enjoy the game better, make sure you have asmartphone with 2G Random Access Memory or larger capacity.
  • Internal Storage: You’re advised to spare at least 2GB free internal storage to avoid errors later.
  • Screen Size: It works on any android phone that meets the above requirements. Your screen size doesn’t matter.

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Reviews & Feedback

I think it’s necessary to see what others have to say about the GTA Vice City Obb File Below are some of the top reviews from users:

Anonymous said;

Grand Best Auto
I personally think that this is the best GTA game in the franchise. This game has free roam, 80's nostalgia, and a great storyline. This game has what a lot of other games lacked back in the early 2000's. 

I really hope that games today will have a great impact on the upcoming games to be released, like this game did with games today. 

My only complaint about this games is the control style. I know that a lot of other people would say that the graphics are outdated, but I don't think that a game should be based on its graphics, it's based on it's impact it has on the player. 

I really hope that Rockstar Games will keep trying to improve the gaming industry. Overall I give this game 9/10. It is a great game and if you have never played and you're an open minded person I strongly suggest to give this game a try.

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Collin Calhoon said;

Classic GTA story with enjoyable activities. People are giving the mobile version too much hate, mainly because of the driving mechanics. But, it's something you have to get used to. Keep in mind that this game is supposed to be played on the controller.

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Shell2990 johnson said;

Such a waste of money only played a couple of days and then it stop working what a rip off could have saved myself some money need to create a better version for users and it should be free I waste my time and hard earn money on such a low version of grand theft auto that's costly I do better playing on a play station please do better on this game people are wasting money on poor quality work just sad I'm deleting this app asap got my hopes up I wanted to play so badly please do better thanks ok

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Have You Downloaded it?

Users enjoy the Android version of the GTA Vice City OBB File. There aren’t many games in the world that will keep you awake at night, and this is undeniably one of them.

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This game’s sandbox world will keep gamers interested at all times. The game controls are simple to grasp, and the game performs excellently on even older models. The game’s quests are entertaining.

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