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Are you also looking for the best VPN for free browsing cheats to download or probably the latest virtual private network that gives unlimited access to the internet for free?

No worries, this post is for you.

After the latest free browsing cheat posted on, many keep asking for more VPNs that give free data to browse and download stuff online.

Keep reading to get the free internet VPN trick for Android, iPhone, iOs, Laptop, and more…

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About VPN Free Internet Cheats

The use of VPN for free internet didn’t start today. It has always existed but was known to a few geeks online after the introduction of the Internet itself.

If you follow trends well, you should be familiar with IMEI tweak for free browsing years back, lol. Do you remember the Android hacks to change your IMEI to another for a new cheat to work for you? ? (Comment below)

Some free browsing cheats back then required that your root your phone before it’ll work (no VPN cheat). Yes, this enables that the USSD code you dial brings up positive results.

Today, it’s all about VPN apps that give free internet. Yes, you want to know how to get free internet and these VPN apps are the best solutions to that problem.

Let’s go…

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vpn for free browsing cheat

Best VPN for free browsing & Unlimited Internet Codes Download 2023

Below is the list of VPN that gives free data in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, the United States, Switzerland, and other countries:

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Download Psiphon VPN

Psiphon introduced different versions of the VPN which are Psiphon Handler, Shield, Lite, Pro, and more… Still on that, the actual name didn’t change. They upgraded the portable app a couple of times to serve users better.

download psiphon vpn for free browsing

Now, there’s an active MTN cheat on this VPN. You can apply the settings below if you’re interested.

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Psiphon VPN Free Browsing Settings For MTN

First, make sure the default MTN APN settings are all set correctly. After that, apply the settings below to make the mtn VPN cheat work properly:

  • Tick ✔ “Remove port” box
  • Proxy type: Dual Real host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: set as “Default
  • Leave “Real proxy server” empty
  • Real proxy port: 80

SAVE the settings right away and proceed to the next part of this below…

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Slide to “OPTIONS” tab, then;

  • Select Country Region: USA (United States).

After that, open MORE OPTIONS” and apply the following settings;

  • Tick ✔ “Connect Through An HTTP” box
  • Tick ✔ “Use The Following Settings” box.
  • Host address:
  • Port: set as 8080

Go back to the home screen and connect the VPN. In a few seconds, the VPN will be connected and you can start enjoying unlimited 0.00k free browsing on your phone.

See the TLS Tunnel VPN Config Files Download Link.

Download 24Clan VPN For Free Browsing

24Clan VPN is just another app that makes free browsing possible when you have insufficient data balance.

The thing is, VPN like this one works at its best speed when the tweak applied is new and works very well. Now, how do you know if a tweak work or not?

The simple answer is; When you try it out.

24Clan VPN For Free Browsing

MTN Users are lucky again. Follow the guidelines below to configure 24Clan for free browsing.

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How To Configure 24clan VPN App For MTN Cheat

  • First, Download 24clan VPN here…
  • Install and launch the VPN.
  • Now, select “MTN 0.0kb Free server” in the Tweak section.
  • Finally, tap on the “CONNECT” button.
  • The 24Clan VPN will be connected in 15seconds or less. Once you confirm the connection, go back, open your favorite browser and start browsing like a KING.

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Download Stark VPN For Free Browsing

The Stark VPN Reloaded version just landed and many people are gradually changing their focus to avoid stories that touch.

No one wants to be left out on the latest free browsing cheat using Stark VPN reloaded. But, the truth is, not everyone will end up flexing the free internet trick.

There’s a working setting for Airtel users right now though. You can apply it right after downloading the VPN for free browsing below;

Stark VPN For Free Browsing

Yes, you can mark this one as the airtel free internet VPN even though it works for other networks too.

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Stark VPN Settings For Airtel Free Browsing

  • First, Download the VPN with the button above. (make sure you have a little data before you proceed)
  • Then Install Stark VPN and open the app right after that.
  • Now, tap on the “3dash Menu” at the top-left corner of your screen
  • Select “Update Tweak“. You must have at least 9MB or more on your data balance to perform this task.
  • On the home screen, Tap on the “Triple Gear Icon” to bring updated tweaks to life.
  • Now, select “NG-Airtel 500MB Daily” from the list.
  • Finally, tap on the “RED” button.
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The VPN will be connected almost immediately. It may take a few seconds though.

I hope this quenches your taste for working Airtel VPN cheat 2023.

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Download XP Psiphon VPN for Free Internet

This one is another active VPN For Free Browsing on Android and other accepted portable devices.

XP Psiphon helps you break the burdens placed on certain websites online. It helps keep your identity private while you access restricted web pages.

XP Psiphon

If you’re a Glo Network user, there is a working free browsing cheat setting for you. Kindly, read the simple procedure below to activate this Glo VPN cheat 2023.

Configure Your Phone APN Setting as;

  • Name: NetworkPalava Glo
  • APN (Access Point Name):
  • Proxy:
  • Port:
  • Username: jioq
  • Password: jioq
  • Server:
  • Authentication type: PAP
  • APN Protocol: IPv4

Now, proceed with the below guidelines to activate XP Psiphon Free internet.

  • Download XP Psiphon using the link above.
  • Also, download the Glo Configuration file for XP Psiphon Here.

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Import Glo Config On XP Psiphon VPN

  • Open the VPN.
  • Tap the “plus (+) icon” on the Home Screen.
  • After that, tap “Import Config“.
  • Locate config file on your File Manager app and import it to XP Psiphon.
  • Now, Leave Country/Region as Best Performance.
  • Finally, tap CONNECT button.
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The VPN will be connected in a few seconds. Usually 15 – 20seconds of applying the steps. 3G/4G LTE is highly recommended for the is trick to work.

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Download HA Tunnel Plus VPN For Free Browsing

Ha Tunnel Plus VPN is one of the trending VPN on the internet right now and when it comes to free browsing cheats, it’s overrated, hehe.

Last week, there were loads of testimonies coming from my friend on Telegram. See one below:

And another:

There’s more to show but this post is not only for this VPN only. You can check out the Latest HA Tunnel Free browsing cheat here or the working config files for HA Tunnel here…

There is more trick to browsing free internet using VPN settings below. Keep reading so you don’t miss anything.

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Download Tweakware VPN

You must be familiar with Tweakware VPN for unlimited internet browsing tricks on any portable device that is selected and suitable.

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The major function of the VPN is to secure your privacy and possibly give you a high-speed internet connection using the default servers or the custom server you selected.

But, the game is twisted here, lol. Instead of just securing your privacy, you can also browse for free with Tweakware VPN.

See the active Tweakware VPN with MTN Free Browsing Cheat that was posted a couple of days ago.

tweakware vpn

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Tweakware can also work on the MTN VPN free data cheat codes like the Goodybag social media data bundle.

Download HTTP Injector

HTTP injector is also an active virtual private network that guarantees free browsing cheats to work on your current network.

With the free VPN, you’ll notice way more speed on your internet connection. You’ll also gain access to unlimited servers for free without future charges.

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Take note of this though, HTTP Injector wasn’t designed for browsing tricks only but with the right settings or ehi config file you’ll gain free access to the internet.

http injector vpn for free internet

Download Combo VPN For Free Internet

The Combo VPN interface is very much related to other popular virtual private networks in the smartphone application market. As a result, the configuration process isn’t rocket science.

That is to say, combo VPN didn’t come with strange configuration settings. You just need to make sure that the tweaks you apply are correct and you’re good to go.

combo vpn for free internet data

It’s in the favor of the MTN users again! Lol, don’t get it twisted though. You can Join Our Private Group Chat here... request the working VPN for free browsing cheat at the moment and you’ll get a response.

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  • First, download the VPN with the button or link above.
  • Then, install and open the app.
  • Tap on “Combo Settings” and apply the settings below:
    • Turn ON the “Stealth Tunnel” switch.
    • Connection protocol: TCP
    • Connection Port: 443
  • Turn ON the “Connect Via Parent Proxy” switch.
    • Parent Proxy:
    • Port: 8080
  • Turn ON the “Custom TCP/http headers” switch.
  • Tap “Edit Custom TCP/http headers“.
    • URL/host:
    • Request method: CONNECT
    • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick ✔ Keep-alive And User-agent
  • Tap “Generate and Validate and Save“.
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Make sure you SAVE ALL the settings then…

  • Tap on the “CONNECT” button to get started.

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Download Netify VPN

Just like other VPNs, NETIFY enables you to appear anonymous on the internet. If there’s anything I like about this app, it’s the simple interface.

You don’t need to go the extra mile to configure the VPN for free browsing. All you need is to install the mobile app, apply the working setting, and get connected after a few clicks.

netify vpn for free browsing and data

No doubt, here’s another VPN-free internet hack designed for you.

Airtel Free Data Cheat Code For All Users!!!

Airtel & 9mobile Cheat Using Netify VPN – Social Pak & Chat Pak

  • Download Netify using the button above.
  • Install and open the VPN.

Now, apply the following settings;

  • Select “Real host” (Etisalat smart pack, not magic IP)
  • You can apply,, or (without IP and port)
  • (with IP and port)
  • Selects HTTP and Port – input 80 as Real Proxy Type
  • Save the settings.
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Here is what to do next;

Tap on the Ninja icon at the top and input the following IP and port

  • IP:
  • Port: 80

To ignore IP usage, don’t select “Connect Through HTTP Proxy”.

To use IP and Port, tick ✔ the box. Also, tick ✔ use the following settings Then input your IP and port.

You can connect to the app and start browsing for free.

  • Enjoy.

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Download Spark VPN For Free Browsing

A lot of people confuse Spark VPN for stark but these are two different VPNs for free browsing cheat. No doubt, the app functions may differ slightly but all the same.

Spark VPN

Spark VPN has a different way to set up the app for free internet. Yes, you can apply the correct settings or download the working config file and import it.

Check out the Napsternetv configuration files for free internet Telkom, MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, Cell C, Digicel, Vodacom & More...

Download KPN Tunnel

KPN Tunnel VPN free browsing cheat was included in NetworkPalava working free browsing cheats here… The VPN speed is super fast compared to some VPNs on Playstore or other download sources.

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KPN Tunnel

All Networks have their space reserved. So depending on the network you use, you must enter the correct settings or probably the latest custom tweak in town to make sure you’re not left behind.

The is also an active free browsing VPN for MTN users with a stable 3G or 4G LTE network coverage.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Browse Free With VPN?

Firstly, you must select your favorite VPN from the trend of bother portable mobile apps on Playstore. Secondly, download and install the VPN. Finally, apply the working settings or import the config file to enjoy free browsing.

How Can I Use Spark VPN To Browse Free On MTN?

To browse with Spark VPN, you need to scroll back up and download the VPN. After that, apply the new configuration settings to start browsing for free on MTN.

Which VPN Are You Using Now?

Out of all the Top VPN for free browsing cheat, which one is your favorite?

Is it HA Tunnel, Stack VPN, TLS Tunnel, EC Tunnel, HTTP Injector, or others?

Have you started surfing the free internet using VPN settings?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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