Airtel CUG Plan 2023 – Migration Code for 500, 700

If you’re looking for the working code to migrate to the Airtel CUG plan, then this post is for you. We’ve covered the new methods you subscribe to the CUG packages, the migration codes, benefits, POLCOM CUG, the process to opt out, and other information you’ll find very soon.

Many people keep asking for the code to buy the Airtel CUG 500, 700, 750, and 1000 plan so that they won’t be left behind on the hot offers this package brings to the table.

And without further stories, let’s get to the main point of this post.

About Airtel CUG Code

For your information, CUG means Close User Group. Airtel CUG is a plan created by this network provider to help workers or employees in a company make calls at a very low rate.

This Airtel CUG package can be referred to as an ‘Almost FREE’ offer. Once you apply the Airtel CUG plan code correctly, then you’re on your way to cheap calls on your line.

Airtel Networks Limited is a significant telecommunications services company based in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center. Now, we have the Airtel CUG plan migration codes and benefits to enjoy.

With a client base of more than 50 million as of December 2019, the telecom is among the top three mobile service providers in terms of customers. Yes, the deeper life Airtel CUG improvement is impressive to date.

Airtel voice solutions make it easy for corporate/SME enterprises to interact by offering a virtual private network with free calls between employees. The Airtel Polcom CUG plan is also available but it’s meant for Police offers to connect.

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Airtel CUG Plan Migration Code 2022

The monthly subscription fee for CUG is N700. This implies that the Airtel Closed User Group plan which is only valid for 30 days, costs 700 naira to gain access.

Now, to migrate to the Airtel CUG plan, there’s a short code to dial. This code will be revealed to you short but that’s not the only way to opt into the Closed User Group package though. It’s one of them.

  • To migrate to the Airtel CUG monthly bundle, simply dial *276*200#. Remember, it costs N700 only.

You’ll receive a message from airtel telling you about the migration attempt you just made. The results will either be positive or negative.

However, if the USSD code method doesn’t work, just follow the alternative method below.

Airtel CUG Plan migration code

How To Activate Airtel CUG Plan

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to activate the Airtel CUG pack, which include; the USSD code, Airtel shops, and other means yet to be discovered

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Follow the guidelines on how to activate the Airtel CUG sim below:

  • Get your phone ready and go to the Airtel Office or shops in your area.

Then, ask for a New SIM Registration. But make sure that the Airtel CUG plan is set as default. You can tell the registrar in advance. This way, you migrate to any other plan outside the CUG package.

  • Simply dial *121*2*5# after receiving your SIM to make sure you’re on the CUG plan.
  • After that, you can recharge as low as N100 on your line and start receiving endless bonuses on new recharges.


Benefits Of Airtel CUG Plan

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy after migrating to the CUG package on the Airtel network:

  • CUG is flexible and also a customized service that ensures all users’ pleasure.
  • Controlling, predicting, and reducing operational costs.
  • When necessary, the Airtel CUG package guaranteed network upgrades at your business center, office, or home location.
  • It’s highly responsive. So, you don’t have much to worry about using the CUG plan on airtel.
  • Airtel customer care representatives are always active. Yes, support is accessible 24/7/365 to address all of your organization’s issues.
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Airtel CUG Balance Code – How To Check

With the guideline in the post above, you can see that the CUG plan is made for New Airtel subscribers. That said, it may be difficult to migrate to CUG on an old Airtel SIM card.

To check your Airtel CUG balance;

  • Simply dial *221*1# or dial *123# on your phone dialer app.

After dialing the code, you should see a pop-up message that displays the current balance you have on the Airtel CUG package.

How To Renew Airtel CUG

When you enjoy the Airtel CUG benefits for the first time, it becomes hard to leave it. Yes, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge.

Now, you renew the Airtel CUG package;

  • Open your phone dialer app, dial *276*200#, and follow the same process as shown in this post. And that’s not all, you can also dial *126*Recharge PIN# to load credit and get amazing bonuses on the Airtel RCCG plan.
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You can also dial *234*amount# after recharging to get free bonuses.

Whichever you tried, you’ll get a quick response from Airtel to confirm that your request was received. If not, you’ll have to try again.

Some Packages From Airtel CUG

In this section, you’ll find the list of available plans on Airtel CUG. Scroll slowly to find out.

Airtel CUG 500 Code

At the time of creating this post, the Airtel 500 plan is not yet available. But, who knows? There may be better offers coming around soon.

For now, keep enjoying the airtel CUG plan code that gives you unending benefits and value for money spent on airtime.

Airtel CUG 700 Code

Support is accessible 24 hours a day on Airtel CUG, and there are 365 days a year to answer any of your organization’s questions. Now, if you want to subscribe to the airtel CUG 700 naira plan, the activation code is as follows;

  • Simply dial *276*200# on your phone dialer and wait for the response from Airtel. It usually takes a few seconds.
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Now, you’ll receive a confirmation message that shows that the Airtel CUG 700 pack activation was successful. This plan is valid for 30 days.

Airtel CUG code for 1000

Airtel CUG is now accessible for businesses and large organizations, with monthly charges as low as N700/N750 per line. So, there’s no 1000 plan for now. Yes, this post will be updated as we get new information about the airtel cug plan.


Does Airtel have CUG plan?

Yes, Airtel has a CUG plan. Make sure you follow the required processes to activate the CUG plan if that’s what you need.

What is CUG number in Airtel?

The CUG number is *276*200#. This number enables you to activate the CUG package on the airtel sim.

Is Airtel 499 Family plan?

If you’re looking for a family plan on Airtel, the postpaid plans can be useful.

How can I opt out of Airtel CUG plan?

To opt-out of CUG, kindly contact your network service provider and inform them of the change you want to make. Give it 24 hours or more and you’ll be migrated to another plan.

Have You Migrated To CUG on Airtel?

The CUG which means Close Users Group on Airtel is a package that guarantees employees make calls and connect at a very low rate.

Now, the essence of this post is to get you the working Airtel CUG Plan migration code, benefits, and other necessary things you need to know about this package.

Hope you activated Airtel CUG successfully? Let us know in the comment section below.

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