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Are you looking for a possible way to reach out to Airtel Customer Service for any reason?

Maybe you want to make enquires consigning newly added services on Airtel or you want to lay a complaint.

Whatever the case may be, this article will show you how to contact Airtel customer care easily through their phone number, email address, WhatsApp number, and other possible mediums.

Stay tuned as you discover more.

1. Airtel Customer Care Number To Speak With An Agent Or Representative

With the Airtel Nigeria customer care helpline, you can easily call them and probably ask for help or make an inquiry.
  • Simply call 111 or 112 from your Airtel line.
  • Or call 0802 150 0111
You will have to listen and follow instructions correctly, then you will be asked to wait for a few seconds to talk with an Airtel representative on the line.

2. Airtel Customer Care Number From Other Networks

I know you are asking how possible it would be to connect with Airtel customer care using another network to call.

Well, Yes. It's very possible.
  • Simply Call +234 802 150 0111  or +234 802 150 0121 and you are connected.
You will talk to an agent consigning the problem you are having with any of their products or services.

Meanwhile, you can always contact airtel customer care through other means. Kindly scroll down and read more.

3. Airtel Customer Care Email Address

Send Emails to Airtel with Email Address below:
 After that, you may get a response from an Airtel agent or representative giving you the solution to your problem.

4. Airtel Customer Care Center

The following are various Airtel service centers you may go to for assistance or more information on Airtel products and services.
  • Visit Plot L2 Banana Island, Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.
You can always go to the nearest Airtel call or message center by asking people around your locality (area).

5. Airtel Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Feel free to get in touch with the Airtel care service on WhatsApp with the below numbers:
  • 07010000116
  • 07010000117
  • 07010000118
  • 07010000119
  • 0701263111
It really good improvement from Airtel Nigeria, making it possible to chat with a specified representative to tackle issues you may have.

Yeah, I personally love ❤️ this medium of communication. At least I can always get to talk to an agent consigning their prepaid and postpaid plan or maybe, lay complains consigning my recharge, check balance details, Network signals, and coverage.

6. Airtel Customer Care Near You

To get the customer care service around you, kindly run a fast Google Map Search.
  1. Type Airtel Customer Care Near Me on Google
  2. Make sure you turn on your device location
  3. Google will show you the nearest Airtel customer care shop in your area and their closing time.
  • Ask people around for free or cheap Airtel service center near you.
It is also cool to meet a representative one on one. It makes everything clear to you.

7. Airtel Customer Care Live Chat

Get to chat with airtel customer care live with the below web address ( or URL):
  • Airtel Live Chat
Dawn! Airtel no longer offers customer support through live chat.

However, you may use other means I have highlighted in this article to contact them easily.


No one knows when wrong things are about to happen, you may need to contact the Airtel Customer Care in Nigeria to help resolve all unusual issues.

And the above guide is all you need to reach Airtel. You can send them emails, call them, chat with a representative one on one, write a letter to them, visit their office and many more as outlined above.

I hope it helps you?

Are there other ways of contact I didn't add? Please mention them in the comment section.

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