MTN Always-On Plan 2024: 45GB, 15GB Monthly Bundle

Are you searching for the MTN Always-ON plan for 45GB, 15GB, and the monthly bundles? This post is for you.

You’ll get exposed to the necessary information you need to get started with the MTN Always ON data bundles.

While I was scrolling on Nairaland a few minutes ago, I saw a question. Yes, the question was from a guy requesting the working code to subscribe to or activate the Always-ON plan right away.

And still, he didn’t get any response.

Now, because of the love I have for our members on NetworkPalava, I decided to share the mtn always-on plan code in this post.

Read on to take advantage of the codes…

About MTN Always On plan

The Always-ON data bundles were launched by MTN Nigeria some time ago. And the major aim is to provide all MTN users with sweet data deals that last long.

Yes, you’ll find a couple of affordable data plans once you dial the given code.

The MTN Always-On Data bundles are reasonably priced data plans that include a day and night internet package.

These plans provide a great internet experience and high-speed browsing at midnight.

Now, here’s what you must know about the AlwaysON plans:

The daily and weekly bundles can be used at any time of the day. But you can’t use the night plan in the daytime. You are allowed to browse at midnight (11 pm to 6 am) whenever you’re subscribed to the night bundles on MTN Always-ON.

On that note, you should also know that the MTN Monthly Always-ON plan will be added to your balance by midnight. Yes, on daily basis for One Month (which is probably 30 days).

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Hopefully, this post answers many questions including that of the guy on Nairaland.

How To Activate MTN Always On Plan (Manually)

To buy the mtn Always-ON bundles, below is what you’re expected to do:

  • Open your phone dialer app
  • Type in and dial *131*1#.
  • Reply ‘5’ to select Always-ON plans.

Now, select your favorite data plan from the list of Alway-ON bundles.

You may decide to buy data via SMS, that’s fine too. You just open your phone Messaging App and text ‘MTN Data Plan Code‘ to 131 to activate your desired plan. (e.g 45GB plan code is 163)

Then you can wait for the confirmation message from MTN Nigeria.

In most cases, the data plan will be activated right away. Otherwise, you may get notified of an insufficient account balance.

The SMS and USSD codes are not the only ways to activate the MTN Always-ON plan. Yes, you can also buy an internet bundle using the myMTN App, myMTN Web at, MTN Bot called Zigi, or the MTN Top-it (VTU).

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MTN Always-On Plan

MTN Always-ON Plan Code

Get your favorite from the list of packages on MTN currently:

Data PlanPriceValidity
200MB (1day & Night)N601 day & Night
450MB (7 days & Night)N1207 days & Night
15GB N3,00030days

To summarize what you see in the table above, read carefully below:

  • 200MB Always ON plan: Costs 60 naira, you can use 50Megabytes during the day and 150megabytes at night. It’s valid for 24 hours.
  • 450MB Always ON plan: Costs 120 naira, you can use 120MB during the day and 300MB at night. It’s valid for 1 week.
  • 15GB Always ON plan: Costs 3000 naira, you can use 500Megabytes daily (but at any time you prefer). It’s valid for 1 month.
  • 45GB Always ON plan: Costs 6000 naira, you can use 1.5Gigabytes daily (but at any time you choose). It’s valid for 1 month.

If any plan shortcodes don’t work for you, kindly stop the MTN Always-ON Data bundles and subscribe to other data bundles using *131*1#.

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MTN Monthly Always-ON Plan

Since you requested the monthly packages on the ALways-ON plan, that’s exactly what you’ll get shortly.

Yes, this section uncovers the available Alway-ON plans that are valid for just one month. And you can always renew them after exhaustion.

MTN 15GB Monthly Always-ON Plan

To activate this 15GB monthly always-on plan on mtn, follow the procedures below:

  • Make sure you recharge your MTN line with a minimum of 3000 Niara. After that, you can proceed.
  • Open your phone dialer app and Dial *131#. Wait for the pop-up menu to show up.
  • Reply ‘1’ to select ‘Data Plans
  • Next, reply ‘5’ and select the ‘Always-ON data plan’.
  • Reply 3 to select 15GB for N3000. Valid for 30 days

You’ll receive a confirmation message from MTN Nigeria right away. Check your data balance to see the new data volume you have.

MTN 45GB Always-ON Plan

With N6000 airtime recharged on your MTN line, you can get a 45GB data volume.

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You can use this data volume to browse the internet at the given time. Yes, learn how to activate the 45GB data bundle below:

MTN 45GB For 6,000 Code

  • Open you phone dialer app
  • Simply dial *131*1# and wait for the response.
  • You should see a popup menu by now.
  • Replay 1 to select Data Plan
  • Nex replay 5 to select ‘Always-On Plan’
  • Reply 4 to select 45GB for N6000. Valid for 30 days.

Once you do that, you’ll get an instant response. Yes, it tells you the result of your last operation. If the activation was successful, you’ll be notified instantly.


  • You can just dial*131*163# or dial *131*1*5# and select your desired Always-ON plan on MTN.

That’s not all though, you can use the SMS method to buy a plan as shown below:

  • Open your Phone Message App
  • Compose a New Message
  • Then, type in and send the code ‘163’ to 131.

That’s how to activate the Always-ON plan.

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How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Alway-ON Plans

Now, if you want to opt-out of Auto-Renewal, here is what to do:

  • Open your Messaging App
  • Create a New Message
  • Now, SMS ‘R163‘ to 131 to cancel Auto-renewal.

To Opt Out of Always-ON data plan:

  • SMS NO163 to 131.

MTN Data4Me Plans

If you’re interested in buying any of the mtn data4me plans, you can check them out below:

Well, that’s not all. Every SIM has a unique list of data plans on them. So, what you see above may not be exactly what you’re going to see on your MTN Data4Me bundles.

Put this in mind before moving further.

Does MTN Always-ON Plan Rollover

  • Yes. But there’s a little policy attached to it.

If you purchase another Always-On data plan from the same category as the current bundle during the given time. That’s when you’ll be able to roll over both your unused daytime and nighttime data plans.

Important Note: Be advised that only the daily and weekly always-on data bundles are eligible for the 11 pm to 6 am time limit. You will each be given 150MB and 330MB of nighttime data to browse the internet between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Is MTN always on plan good?

In my view, the MTN Always-On plan is good for daylight and midnight internet surfers.

What is the meaning of always-on data?

Simply put, Alway ON means a nonstop data bundle.

Which MTN plan gives 1GB for 200?

The mtn plan that gives 1GB for 200 is listed amongst the Data4Me packages. You can learn more about it here…

What are always on plans?

MTN Always-ON plans involve 45GB for N6000, 15GB for N3000, 450MB for N120, and 200MB for N60.

How do I opt-out of MTN always on plan?

Open your phone Messaging app and sms NO163 to 131.

Have You Subscribed?

This plan is designed for all MTN customer who has registered their line properly and does the needful.

But there’s no strange law to it though. You must try out the MTN Always-ON plan activation code to enjoy the benefits.

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Do you need any help? Contact mtn customer care (180) for help.

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