How To Check MTN Data Balance The Easiest Way

This article shows you how to check mtn data balance easily.

While surfing the internet, you will have to check your data plan balance to make sure you aren’t consuming too much already.

It is no longer new that data plans are expensive these days, especially from the top Network service providers in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, purchasing data plans shouldn’t be a problem for you navigating this site.

See the list of cheapest data plans to subscribe to anytime you are short on data.

For now, let me show you the easiest ways to check your data plan balance on MTN.

How To Check MTN Data Balance

How To Check MTN Data Balance Easily In Several Ways

The following are simple codes to check MTN data balance:

Check Data Balance on MTN Using USSD Code

  • Simply dial *131*4#. how to check mtn data balance ussd code

It’s that simple. In a few seconds, your daily, weekly, and monthly data plan balance will be shown to you in a pop-up message.

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Check MTN Data Balance Via SMS

  • Kindly send 2 to 131

The above code is related to the first one. After sending 2 to 131, you will get an SMS instantly with your data balance and bonus data.

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How To Check MTN Data Bonus Balance

  • Simply dial *559# Or
  • Dial *556# Or
  • Dial *131*4# Recommended.

It all depends on the data plan subscription you made. Dialing the above codes shows you the data bonus on your active plan.

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Bonus data are given to both active users and users who haven’t subscribed in a while.

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How To Check MTN SME Data Balance

  1. As a Sponsor, dial *461*2*3*1#.
  2. As a Beneficiary, dial *461*2*3*2#.

MTN SME is a prepaid service designed for new businesses, it gives business owners the ability to buy MTN data bundles and share them with their employees and staff.

MTN SME data benefits can be enjoyed by both the buyer (sponsor) and the consumer (beneficiary).

The above code shows you how to check your available balance as a sponsor or beneficiary.

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How To Check MTN Tariff Plan Balance

The following list of MTN tariff plans, and how to check their bonus balance:

MTN Pulse

Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you to enjoy cheap call rates at 11 kobos per second (11k/sec) to call all local networks in Nigeria.

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You also get cheap data plans on iPulse Tariff.

Now to check MTN pulse data balance,

  • Simply dial *131*4#

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MTN BetaTalk

Beta-Talk is a tariff plan that gives you a 150% bonus airtime on recharge below N100 and 250% on recharge from N100 and above.

You also get 30MB data for just N50 on BetaTalk.

To check BetaTalk Balance,

  • Simply dial *559*43# Or
  • Dial *556#

MTN mPulse

mPulse is a student-based plan that empowers pre-teens and teens between the age of 9 and 15 to reach their potentials.

mPulse provides educational content for students to prepare for the future.

To check mPulse data balance,

  • Simply dial *344*2# or
  • Dial *344*2*2#

MTN XtraValue

XtraValue gives you a huge airtime bundle for voice calls and data for browsing the internet.

The plan is divided into two (2): XtraTalk which is for more airtime and XtraData which is for more data.

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To check XtraValue data balance,

  • Simply dial *556# or
  • Dial*559*61#

MTN YafunYafun

YafunYafun is a special tariff plan for new MTN customers, giving you the privilege to enjoy a 700% airtime bonus on every recharge.

To check mtn YafunYafun Balance,

  • Simply dial *559*43#.

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How To Check MTN GoodyBag Data Balance

MTN GoodyBag is a cheap data plan launched for social media only. It is a social bundle plan that gives mtn users on iPulse the opportunity to browse and chat on their favorite social media platforms with little to no cost.

To check GoodyBag data balance,

  • Simply dial *559*25#. how to check mtn goodybag data balance

And your GoodyBag data balance will come up depending on your current plan whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

There is no quick code to check your available balance on this plan.
As you already know, ts the NightLife Bundle launched by MTN Nigeria to customers who have migrated to the Pulse Tariff Plan.

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This plan is most beneficial to the midnight surfers. You are allowed to browse at midnight without interruption on high internet speed mode.

You can get up to 500MB on this plan and to check your available balance, kindly read the full guide to check mtn night plan data balance easily.

How To Check Data Balance Using The MyMTNApp

You can also check your available data balance using MyMTNApp.

  1. Simply download the MyMTNApp here.
  2. Register your Name and Number on the app (in case you haven’t)
  3. Open the app and on the home screen, you will see all your data balance.

However, if you’re offline (I.e your data connection is OFF), the MyMTNApp will show you the code to check your data balance easily.

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MTN Data Bundle Balance Enquiry: How Do I Find Out How Much Data I Have Left On MTN?

  • Simply dial *131*4# to get your balance details.
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You can also monitor your data by going through the data tracking app on your device.

On Android

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Locate and tap on the Data Usage option.
  3. Now see how much data you’ve used so far.

You can always play around with the data usage option to reduce data usage and also, set a data limit to get informed any time the limit is exceeded.


Checking data balance is not a difficult task l. Most times, you may forget the code to check your MTN data balance.

Of course, you are human and It’s normal for it to skip your mind.

This guide is all you need to check all data balance and bonuses on MTN.

So I urge you to bookmark this page for future use.

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