Best Airtel Tariff Plans For Data and Calls 2023

Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and Calls: This post shows you the list of tariff plans that comes with data and calls benefits in Nigeria.

So, if you’ve been looking for the best tariff plan fro data and calls, then this post is for you.

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About Tariff Plans With Data & Calls Benefits

There are several affordable tariff plans available, some of which may be used for both data and calls. We use it every time you are introduced to a certain tariff till you are introduced to another.

We no longer live in the 40k/sec period, therefore Airtel Call rate plans vary depending on their features and your choices.

Calls are far more affordable than they used to be; you can now call for as little as N6.00 for one minute.

You can also be sure to get the best and most affordable call bundle for calling your friends, family, and loved ones using my list of Airtel call rate options.

Keeping in mind rival businesses and rules is what these charges are described as. Depending on the language used in the various billing systems, there are essentially two sorts of tariffs, often known as rates or price plans.

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Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and Calls

In this section, you’ll find all the best airtel tariff plans that give data and call benefits. Scroll slowly to select your favorite tariff plans:


Airtel 6X Recharge

The Airtel 6x Bundle is a bonus-on-recharge package that gives you six (6) times as much internet, SMS, and call minutes to ALL NETWORKS as the value of your recharge. All prepaid customers of Airtel are eligible for 6x bundles.

This tariff plan provides a 600% bonus on every recharge for calls, SMS, and internet to all prepaid Airtel users, both old and new.

This indicates that when you use the 6X recharge code to add N100 to your Airtel line, you would automatically receive N600.


How To Migrate | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

When you recharge using the code *555*PIN# and choose the Airtel 6x bundle, you will receive six (6) times the value of your recharge. By dialing *123#, you can check your 6x bonus balance.

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Data Bonus & Benefits

You can browse using the additional credit from the 6x recharge for 30.72 Naira per Megabyte (N30.72/MB).

See a little breakdown of the data benefits attached to the Airtel 6X Recharge tariff plan:

  • N100, N200 & N300 Bundles – 3k/KB
    N500, N1000 – 1k/KB


Call Benefits

You’ll receive N40 for 60 seconds of calls to any network at a rate of N0.667 per second.

Customers who subscribe to the Airtel 6x bundle plan will be able to make 15 minutes of calls for a recharge of N100 (40 x 15 minutes = 600).

On Airtel 6x, the following prices are applied:

Local Voice:

  • On-net Calls – N40/min (N0.667/sec)
    Off-net Calls – N40/min (N0.667/sec)

Local SMS:

  • On net SMS – N8/SMS
    Off net SMS – N8/SMS



Airtel Smart TRYBE | Best Airtel Tariff Plan For Data & Calls

With the Airtel SmartTrybe prepaid tariff plan, you can call all networks at a speed of 11 kbps and receive 30% more data on bundles of N500 and above purchased on any campus.

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You can also get 1 GB of data for N500 and N25 for 500 MB. You can always stay updated on what’s happening with your Trybe thanks to SmartTRYBE!

With the lowest rates on data and calls to all networks, night browsing for your preferred shows, movies, and music, and special college data discounts, you never miss a thing.

You even get more data when you purchase data plans on campus.


How To Migrate

  • Simply dial *312# to switch to SmartTRYBE.

Your call rates decrease to 11k/sec once you have used up 50 total seconds within the same day.

Simply purchase your chosen bundle to take use of the CAMPUS DATA BONUS features listed. Dial *141# to purchase any of the packages available for you.


Data Bonus | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

  • Get 1.5GB For N500 and 7 days to consume it.
  • 250MB for N25. Valid from 12 a.m. until 5 a.m.
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Yes, you can sign up for the Night plan with the Airtel SmartTrybe for data, which offers Airtel N25 for 500mb and Airtel N200 for 1.5GB, both of which are active from 12 am until 5 am.

Keep in mind that even if you have a daily data plan, you can still use the Airtel night data plan.



Call Benefits

  • 12.95 kbps calls to all networks

Additionally, if you purchase bundles of N500 or more in any Nigerian campus, you will receive 30% more bandwidth on calls.

Get 11 kbps calls to all networks. As a result, you can call domestically and internationally at reasonable prices.

  • Local calls: the first 50 seconds go by at 20 kps;
  • The next 51 seconds go by at 11 kps.
  • 20 kbps international calls to the UK, US, China, India, and Canada.


Airtel Freedom Plan

One of the options that enables you to take advantage of low call rates is Airtel Freedom. There are additional unlimited benefit pricing choices on Airtel, this is not a joke. For your information, Airtel has offered voice plans before.

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How does the Freedom tariff plan function? is a common question most Airtel user ask.

This tariff plan was created with callers in mind. Those are the people who like making calls.

The Smart Trybe tariff package, though, is a smart choice if you’re an internet nerd like me.


How To Migrate | best tariff plan on airtel for calls and data

  • *121# is the code to migrate to the Airtel Freedom Plan.
  • Now, select 3 (Freedom Plan) under ‘Billing & Tariff‘ option 5,
  • Finally, click “Ok” to proceed.

If you haven’t switched to another tariff plan in the previous 30 days, you can migrate to the Airtel Freedom Plan for free.

However, if it hasn’t been 30 days since you migrated to your current Airtel tariff plan, switching to the Airtel Freedom Plan or any other plan would cost you about N100.


Data & Call Benefits

  • 12k/sec flat tariff for calls on all Nigerian networks
  • N4 SMS rate for all Nigerian networks
  • There is no additional daily fee
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Yes! The Airtel freedom plan doesn’t have any additional hidden fees. The Airtel Freedom Plan charges only 12k/sec from the start of your calls till the end, in contrast to other tariff plans.

Is it not wonderful that there is no extra fee for the first few seconds or anything; you only pay 12kobo for each second of your call?


Airtel Smart CONNECT | best airtel tariff plan for data and calls

The default bonus plan for Airtel’s prepaid subscribers, SmartCONNECT, offers 8 times extra on each recharge.

When a new Airtel SIM card is ordered, the Smart “CONNECT” tariff plan for prepaid customers automatically activates and delivers an initial 100% bonus on every data plan in addition to an 8-fold incentive on every top-up that includes both data and voice calls.

You can benefit from a 100% data bonus at the end of the month based on the sum of your top-ups for the first three months that you use this plan. With each top-up, the smart connect tariff plan also provides bonuses on the voice call and bonus data. One of the best Airtel tariff plans for data and calls available is this one.

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How To Migrate

  • Simply purchase a brand-new Airtel SIM card and register it at any Airtel KYC registration location.
  • Now, put the SIM card into your phone.
  • Finally, to start receiving SmartCONNECT benefits, just recharge your line with a minimum of N100.

To migrate to airtel smart connect on an old sim

Have you got an outdated AIRTEL SIM? Okay, let’s guide you through the process of switching to Airtel smart “CONNECT”.

You can switch to Airtel Smart “CONNECT” while still using your previous Airtime SIM by using a USSD code that Airtel has provided.

  • Simply dial *311# and choose Option 1 (which is Airtel Smart Connect tariff plan)
  • OR you can dial *121#.
  • Then choose option 5 (Billing & Tariff).
  • Reply with 1 to select Smart Connect.
  • That’s how to opt-in to smart connect on old sim cards.


Data Bonus | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

  • N10MB On Bonus for Data
  • Bonus for Social Data: N10/MB
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You’ll receivea  portion of the 8x bonus as a data bonus to use for internet browsing, social media scrolling, streaming videos online, and other activities.

For example, for an N100 recharge, you’ll receive N400 just like that. From N500 and higher, you’ll receive a 100% bonus data bundle purchase.


Call Benefits

  • When you choose to call Airtel to All Local Networks, the following is taken from the bonus: 6 kobo/sec
  • When you call family and friends: 40 kobo/sec
  • Calls from your Airtel to Nigeria’s Top 5 International Destinations as well as All Local Networks: Only 50 kobo/sec will be charged to you.
  • SMS to all Local Networks (SMS within Nigeria) will be charged to your account: N4/SMS
  • Should you choose to SMS a global number: N15/SMS
  • Data will be charged to you: 5 kb/sec

Here are the top 5 international locations with the cheapest call rates: US, Canada, UK, China, and India Fixed. There will just be a 50 kobo per second fee.

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Airtel SmartValue | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

This innovative package called SmartVALUE gives a flat pricing of 15k/sec to call all networks from the very first second (no first-minute access fee).

One of the few call tariff plans that doesn’t deduct airtime after the first minute of calling is the Airtel SmartVALUE pricing. The Smart Value plan on Airtel is one of the most affordable call tariff plans available on the Airtel network.


How To Migrate | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

  • By dialing *314#, subscribers can switch to smartVALUE.

You must be a prepaid user to be eligible for migration into Airtel SmartValue tariff plan.
Customers can switch to a prepaid plan using either the SMS or USSD option.

  • Alternatively, to migrate to Airtel SmartValue, sms YES to 314 and wait for the response from Airtel Nigeria.


Data & Call Benefits

  • There is no daily access fee when calling all networks in Nigeria at 15 kobo per second (starting at the first second).
  • Call landlines in the United States, Canada, China, India, and the UK at a rate of 20 kilobytes per second.
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Therefore, with this plan, you may make inexpensive international calls to countries like the USA, Canada, China, India, and the UK Landline in addition to making cheap local calls. Isn’t that incredible?

Enjoy unrestricted, inexpensive calling rates. On Airtel SmartValue, customers can make calls without incurring any access fees.


Airtel Smart RECHARGE

When you recharge your line with the unique recharge code from Airtel Smart RECHARGE packages, you receive at least 10 times the value of your airtime.

You can receive excellent value for calls and data with smart RECHARGE in one simple, handy recharge. On recharges for N500 and N1,000, smart RECHARGE also provides you with EXTRA DATA VALUE in addition to your 10 times value!


How To Migrate | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

  • By recharging your Airtel line using the code *220*Recharge PIN#, you just sign up for the Airtel SmartRecharge bonus plan and start receiving bonuses right away. Simple and easy to do!
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One fantastic feature of this is that both new and returning clients have 24/7 access to it, and the more you load, the more extra minutes and data you receive.

With *123#, you can check the balance of your Airtel Smart Recharge. Please be aware that you will not receive the airtel smart recharge bonus if you recharge using *126*PIN#. It has to be done using the special recharge code.


Data & Call Benefits

  • The Airtel SmartRecharge bonus plan is fantastic, as loading N100 provides you N500 for calls and N500 for broadband.
  • N200 entitles you to N1000 in calls and N1000 in data.
  • Another option is N500, which offers you N2000 for calls, N3000 for data, and an additional N3000 for data. When you recharge N1000, you will receive N2500 for calls, N7500 for data, and an additional N7500 for data!



Airtel Talk More | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

With its instant 200% bonus available upon migration, Airtel Talk More tariff plan gives you more value on all your recharges.

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Airtel Talk More is a new advancement on the Airtel Network that provides incredible bonuses on internet, SMS, and calls to all networks in Nigeria.

One of the best tariff plans for data and calls offered by Airtel is called TalkMore. You will always receive 5x (500%) on all of your recharges when you purchase the TalkMore package.


How To Migrate

To activate Airtel Talk More packages, dial the code *234#. Yes, to choose your desired Talk More plan, open your phone Dialer app and dial *234#.

Additionally, you can use a direct USSD code to purchase a bundle using the funds in your Airtel account.

Just dial *234*Amount#. For instance, dial *234*500# on your phone to get the 500 Naira Airtel Talk More package. Airtel Nigeria will send a confirmation SMS right away.


Data Bonus | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

  • You can browse using the 5x bonus included with the Airtel Smart Talk bundle.
  • Each Megabyte of surfing data costs 51.2 Naira (N51.2/MB).
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Call Benefits

With the Airtel Talk More Bundle, a 13-minute call costs N468, yet we still have N32 available for calls, SMS, and even internet browsing. You can get an Airtel Talkmore Bundle or over 13 minutes of call time with just a N100 recharge.

  • Dial *123*5# if you’re a subscriber or just want to know how much credit you have left on your Airtel TalkMore Bundle.

The TalkMore Packages are fantastic value bundles that provide 500% more airtime value for unlimited texting and calling to all Nigerian networks. The internet can also be accessed with this tariff package.

You can use the TalkMore bundle to call individuals in the US, Canada, China, the UK’s landlines, India, and other countries in addition to Nigeria.


Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

Jr. SmartTRYBE Trybe, a ground-breaking innovation from Airtel, helps kids learn while keeping them in touch with their friends and family. All prepaid users can activate this plan.

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How To Migrate | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

  • Any Airtel office can provide you (as a new customer) with an Airtel Smart Trybe Junior SIM card.
  • If you are currently a happy subscriber, switch to Airtel SmartTrybe Junior by dialing *317#.
  • The first migration is free within 30 days. The following ones within 30 days will be charged N100 for each migration.


Data Bonus

  • 100% data bonus for visiting educational websites (selected for SmartTRYBE Junior).

Some people say smartTRYBE is one of the Airtel tariff plans that gives data bonus on recharge.


Call Benefits

  • Free calls and SMS from the kid’s line to Mom and Dad.
  • 10% extra airtime is added to the children’s line when the parents recharge.
  • On the Airtel SmartTrybe Junior, the first minute of a call costs 40k/sec. The following ones are charged;
  • 20 kbps for Airtel to all networks
  • Top 5 30k/sec for international (fixed line in the US, Canada, UK, India, and China)
  • Rates for local SMS: N2/SMS
  • N15/SMS for international text messages
  • Call charges for parents, family, and friends are 11k/sec.
  • SMS rates for friends, family, and neighbors: N2/SMS
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  • Best airtel tariff plan for data in nigeria
  • Which airtel plan gives bonus for calls and data
  • List of airtel tariff plans and benefits
  • Airtel tariff plans that gives data bonus on recharge


Airtel SmartTalk

With SmartTALK 2.0, an exclusive tariff package from Airtel, you can make calls across ALL local networks for a FLAT cost of 12.95k per second. When you make your first call of the day, N8.25 will be charged. All prepaid subscribers, both new and old, are eligible to switch to this product.


How To Migrate | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

Open your Phone Caller app and dial *315# to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk, and you’ll start getting all the lousy extras that come with this package.

Additionally, you can start contacting everyone in Nigeria for 11k per second, day and night.


Data Bonus

  • Buy 1.5GB for N500 with a special data deal for Smart Talk 2.0, good for 7 days.
  • Just enter *141*505#. Only subscribers to Smart Talk2.0 and SmartTrybe2.0 are eligible for this plan.
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Call Benefits

In Nigeria, dial all networks at 12.95 kbps (from the very 1st second). On your first call of the day, you will be charged N8.25k.

  • Daily Access Fee: 5 Naira (100 – 5 = 95 Naira remaining).
  • N6.6k = N0.11kobo times 60 seconds.
  • Therefore, a N100 recharge card will give you > N95/N6.6. 14 minutes and 39 sec.

For Airtel Smart Talk international calls, the talktime of a N100 recharge at a rate of 12 N/min is 95/12, or 7.92 minutes or 7 minutes and 55 seconds.

  • Local SMS costs 4 Naira, while international SMS costs 15 Naira each message.

On your first call, you will be charged a daily access cost of N5. On days when you don’t make calls, you won’t be charged.

There is a 20k/second call rate for calls to international lines from the United States, Canada, China, India, and the United Kingdom.


Airtel SmartPREMIER

This is one the best airtel tariff plans for data and calls in Nigeria. Unlimited talk, SMS, and data bundles are available from Smart Premier Bundle, along with international calls.

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There are two versions of the Smart Premier Bundle available,which are: Platinum Smart Premier Bundle and Platinum Smart Premier Bundle.


How To Migrate | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

One of the plainest and easy processes one could ever wish for on the Airtel Network is the activation process for the Airtel Smart Premiere Tariff Plan.

Follow the guidelines below to migrate successfully:

  • Open you Phone Caller App
  • Simply dial *318# and wait for the successful result.

Alternatively, to activate, send “YES” to “318” to migrate to Airtel SmartPREMIER tariff plan.


Data & Call Benefits

For the first minute, the Airtel Smart Premiere call rate is 40 kobo/sec.

For the remainder of the day, the Airtel Smart Premiere call rate is 11 kobo/sec.

  • 60 seconds make up a minute.
  • Cost for the first minute: 40 divided by 60 equals 2400 kobo.
  • Changing to Naira: 2400 x 100 = 24 Naira every minute
  • Cost each minute for the rest of the day is equal to 11 divided by 60, or 660.
  • 660 * 100 = 6.6 Naira per minute when converted to Naira.
  • You call at a rate of 24 Naira per minute for the first minute of the day, and at a rate of 6 Naira,6 Kobo each minute for the day’s reset.
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Airtel Value Plan | Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and calls

You don’t have to pay a first-minute access fee while using the Airtel Value plan. You only need to migrate to the Airtel Value Plan to start saving money on calls over the Airtel network.


How To Migrate

  • Simply dial *243# to migrate to the Airtel VALUE tariff plan successfully.

A message introducing the new Airtel value plan with 11k/sec call rates will be delivered to you.

Yes, Airtel frequently sends a notice to users who are eligible for this tariff level.

“Stop unnecessary deductions and start making calls at 11k/sec right away! To switch to the Value Plan of Airtel, dial *243# RIGHT NOW. Offer is only available to you”

Once you receive that message, it means you’re qualified.


Data & Call Benefits

  • 11k/seconds
  • N6.6k = N0.11kobo times 60 seconds.

Therefore, you will receive > N100/N6.6 15 minutes 9 seconds when using a N100 recharge card.

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How To Check Your Current Tariff Plan On Airtel

Here’s how to see, know, view or check your current airtel tariff plan:

  • Just use the Dialer on your phone to dial *121*3*5#.

As an alternative, you can use the manual format listed below to check:

  • Simply dial *121# on your phone.
  • Select “3” from the available options.
  • As well, reply “5” to view your active tariff plan.

You can see the code to check your current tariff plan on airtel here…


Best Airtel Tariff Plan for Data

Based on what we have seen, these are the best tariff plans that offers more data benefits than the rest:

  • SmartCONNECT: Data Bonus on Recharge + 100% Bonus on Data Bundle Purchase  /  *311#
  • SmartTRYBE: 30% Bonus on Data Bundle Purchase + Access to Night Data Plan  /  *312#
  • SmartRECHARGE: 500% Data Bonus on Recharge  /  *220*PIN#
  • SmartPREMIER: 15MB Bonus on Recharge  / *318#
  • SmartTRYBE junior: 100% Bonus on Data Purchase  /  *317#
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Best Airtel Tariff Plan for Calls

These are the top tariff options that provide greater call benefits than the others, based on what we have seen:

  • SmartCONNECT: 60k / sec – *311#
  • SmartTRYBE: 11k/sec / *312#
  • SmartPREMIER: 11k/sec  / *318#
  • TalkMore Bundles: 60k/sec  / *234#
  • SmartRECHARGE: 83k/sec *220*PIN#
  • SmartTALK: 11k/sec *315#
  • SmartVALUE: 15k/sec  / *314#
  • SmartTRYBE: JUNIOR 40k/sec  / *317#
  • Airtel Freedom Plan: 12k/sec  /  *152#
  • Airtel 6X Recharge: 11k/sec  / *555*PIN#



FAQs – Best Airtel Tariff Plans for Data and Calls


Which Airtel plan is best for data and bonus?

Airtel SmartTRYBE and SmartCONNECT have been selected and mostly chosen by people to be the best tariff plan for data and bonus in Nigeria.


Which Airtel plan is the best in Nigeria?

There are many tariff plans in Nigeria, and each of them serves a particular purpose. A plan like Airtel SmartTalk is best for calls. Yes, it’s more like a talk to stupor kind of thing(hehe). But the Airtel SmartTRYBE plan is designed for data mostly.

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What is the best tariff plan on Airtel network?

There’s no best tariff plan on Airtel. You just make your choice depending on what you use it for. If you make calls mostly, go for call tariff. However, if you’re an internet surfer, go for a plan with more data bonus and benefits.


How can I get 1GB of 200 naira on Airtel?

To activate the 1GB Plan for 200 Naira manually, follow the guidelines below:

  • Simply just dial *141#. This code brings up a Menu.
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select My OFFER.
  • Reply ‘2’ to select 1GB 7days plan for N200.
  • Now, proceed by selecting Ok.

You’ve just activated the plan successfully. As long as you saw the My Offer plan on the Menu, you can buy it from there.




One of Nigeria’s largest and most well-known telecommunications providers is Airtel. Now, this post covers the best Airtel tariff plans for Data and Calls. Airtel Nigeria have captured the hearts of millions of Nigerians over the years by offering incredible call and data plans that have kept their customers loyal to them and still looking for ways to give their subscribers the finest value and happiness.

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Hope you now know the best Airtel tariff plans for Data and Calls. Tell US on NetworkPalava your experience in the comment section.

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