How to Migrate to MTN TruTalk 2023

How to Migrate to MTN TruTalk 2022: This post on NetworkPalava shows you how to migrate from any tariff plan in Nigeria to MTN TruTalk package. So, if you’re looking for the code to switch your current plan to TruTalk, this post is for you.

On MTN TruTalk, you will be charged 11kobo per second to phone any of the numbers listed for your 11 specially chosen persons. Just get the code to migrate to True Talk tariff plan to get started today.

You will, however, be charged 20kobo per second if you want to contact any MTN numbers that are not on your First 11 list. Got it?

I can go forward but let’s focus on the main purpose of this post. Yes, to migrate to this tariff plans successfully.

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Migrating to MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

The MTN TruTalk tariff plan gives customers a call rate of 11.26 kobo/sec for all local calls made in Nigeria for a daily access cost of N7.17. So, once you learn when you learn how to migrate to MTN TruTalk tariff plan you get to enjoy the benefits.

This means that after paying the N7.17 fee, you can call anyone in Nigeria on any network at 11 k/s for the rest of the day.

To put it simply, migrating to MTN TruTalk would allow you to contact all networks in Nigeria at a rate of about 11 kobo per second after paying an access fee of 7.17 Naira per day, which will be charged at the beginning of the day’s first call.

How to Migrate to MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

You can migrate to MTN TruTalk via the following channels:

Migrate To MTN TruTalk Via SMS

To migrate to MTN TruTalk by text message, follow these steps:

  • Open the messaging application on your smartphone.
  • To start a new message and send ‘TT‘ to 131.
  • MTN will send you a confirmation message.
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Congratulations! You have switched over to MTN True Talk successfully.

How To Migrate To MTN TruTalk Using MyMTN App:

Follow the steps below to migrate to the MTN True Talk Tariff Plan via the MyMTNApp:

  • Search for MyMTNApp in the Play Store app on your smartphone.
  • Install the app on your smartphone after downloading it.
  • To sign up, launch the app and enter your MTN phone number.
  • On the portal, click “Other plans.”
  • Click True Talk.
  • Click migrate.

Congratulations! You have switched over to MTN True Talk successfully.

Migrate To TruTalk via MyMTN Web:

  • Visit and log in.
  • Now, type in your phone number.
  • Enter the OTP and choose “Proceed.”
  • Click your name in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Choose My Plan.
  • Choose Other Plans.
  • The MTN TruTalk option.

Congratulations! You have effectively switched to MTN True Talk.

Code To Migrate To MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

The following steps to migrate to the MTN True Talk Tariff Plan:

  • Access the phone dialer application on your smartphone.
  • Use your MTN SIM card to enter the USSD code *123*2*6# or *400#.
  • Select “migrate”
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Congratulations! Your migration to MTN True Talk was successful.

TruTalk Plus + Migration Code

Below is how to migrate to mtn TruTalk plus:

  • Simply dial *123*20# on your Caller app. Now, wait for the confirmation message from MTN Nigeria.

This message shows the result of the activation code you dialed earlier.

Alternatively, open your Messaging app, create a New Message, and sms ‘TP‘ to 131 to Migrate To MTN TruTalk +. Yes, that is how to start enjoying the benefits.


After Migrating To MTN TruTalk, what more?

MTN TruTalk Call Rate

With MTN TruTalk, a prepaid plan, you may make calls in Nigeria for a FLAT cost of 11.26 kobo/sec after paying an access fee of 7.17 Naira each day.

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Are You Eligible to Migrate to MTN TruTalk

All MTN customers are eligible to migrate to the MTN TruTalk tariff plan. Just get the migration code, apply on your phone and you’re good to go.

Use one of the methods listed above to migrate to the MTN True Talk Tariff Plan. Remember that switching to MTN True Talk is free and that all MTN prepaid customers are qualified to use this pricing plan.

You must pay a service fee of N100 for the migration if you switched to another tariff plan within the previous 30 days.

Other Benefits Of Migrating

  • After paying a daily access fee of 7.17 Naira, calls in Nigeria are charged at a flat rate of 11.26 Kobo/sec across ALL local networks.
  • NO COST migration once you switch to MTN TruTalk.
  • Access to all MTN services and products.
  • On the first call or recharge of the month, receive a free 10MB monthly data bonus.
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MTN True Talk vs Beta Talk: Which is better?

Since you’ve learned how to migrate to mtn TruTalk, you may be wondering if there difference between TrueTalk and BetaTalk tariff plans.

Well, you can do the comparison below:

MTN TruTalkMTN BetaTalk
A daily access cost of 7.17 Naira is required to use the MTN network’s TruTalk prepaid tariff plan.When users recharge their MTN lines using BetaTalk, a prepaid tariff plan on the MTN network, they receive 3X the value of their airtime.
TruTalk offers consumers a FLAT call rate of 11.26 kobo/sec ACROSS ALL local networks in Nigeria.When customers recharge their airtime for N100 or more, they receive 20MB and more in addition to the 300% airtime bonus.

How To Migrate From MTN Trutalk To Beta Talk

To migrate from MTN TruTalk to Beta talk via SMS:

  • Simply dial *123*2*1# or SMS ‘BT‘ to 131.

After that, wait for the response to automatically switch from MTN TruTalk tariff plan.

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FAQs – How to Migrate to MTN TruTalk

What is the best MTN plan to migrate to?

There’s no best tariff plan to migrate to, on MTN. You just have to select a package that serves you well.

For callers, go for tariff plans with good airtime bonuses and call rates. For Data benefits, you can go for a tariff plan with more data bonuses.

However, you select one from, the list of MTN tariff plans in Nigeria:

  • BetaTalk.
  • TruTalk. 
  • Pulse.
  • XtraValue Carte.
  • mPulse.
  • XtraSpecial Prepaid/Postpaid.
  • and more…

How can I change my MTN tariff plan to TruTalk?

To change your MTN tariff plan to TruTalk, try one of the following methods on your MTN line:

  1. Type in ‘TT‘ on your Messaging app and send it to 131.
  2. Simply dial *400# or dial *123*2*6#.
  3. MyMTN App: Login to myMTN App, choose ‘Other Plans‘ and pick ‘TruTalk’. from the list of tariff plans.
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How can I migrate to MTN TruTalk plus?

  • Simply dial *123*20# or send ‘TP‘ to 131 to Migrate To MTN TruTalk + and start enjoying the benefits.

However, MTN regrettably decided to scrap this tariff plan

However, MTN Pulse still offers the same advantages and more, and there are no daily fees.

What is the cheapest MTN tariff?

Check the cheapest mtn tariff plans here…

Have You Migrated?

One of the most well-known telecom companies in Nigeria is MTN. I think we can all agree that MTN Nigeria is now a household name in Nigeria. This post shows you the process of how to migrate to MTN Trutalk tariff plan successfully.

Yes, MTN has made a name for itself as one of the greatest ISPs in the nation in the telecom industry. Leave a comment below, if you have any challenges.

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