Airtel Sim Not Working Suddenly | Reset & Fix It Now

Is your Airtel Sim Not Working Suddenly? Learn how to make it work well again. It is so painful to notice that you just woke up one morning and suddenly your sim card stopped functioning.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps to take if your Airtel sim card suddenly stops working.

Why Did My Airtel Sim Stop Working?

Over the years, Airtel has struggled with lots of customer dissatisfaction. Commonly, the complaints are based on issues with their sim card. Some Airtel sim users also have complaints about their inability to use their sim cards and upgrade them.

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These problems occur when the Airtel service experiences a poor network, which often leads to their sims not receiving data, messages, and phone calls. Once customers leave their complaints to the customer service units, they typically ask about the device they are using, whether it is an Android device or an iOS device.

Other details to be asked for include questions regarding your IMEI number, mobile number, date of registration, and so on.

Imagine finding yourself in a situation whereby, instead of going home to rest after a stressful and long day, you find yourself queuing for more than 30 minutes just to activate your sim. As the process starts, you receive a message that you do not have sufficient airtime, knowing fully well that you bought airtime a few days ago.

The situation of not being able to use your SIM card can be very frustrating. The problem here is that you may be experiencing a very poor service connection, which is not your fault, but it can be very upsetting if the issue is not quickly resolved.

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What Should I Do When My Sim Stop Working?

Firstly, you need to contact Airtel’s customer care number on 1800-103-7834 and report your complaint to them. They will look into your complaint and give you positive feedback.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps if the above guidelines do not work for you.

1. Thoroughly check if your sim card is placed in the sim card slot correctly.

There are situations when improper SIM card insertion results in a signal loss or an error message appearing on your device. Turn off your cellphone and take the SIM card out to fix this issue. Re-insert the SIM card manually, being careful to do so correctly.

There’s a slight possibility that the shifting of the SIM card inside the steel clip will cause the connectivity to be disrupted, resulting in a no coverage issue.

Send the cellphone to the phone experts to see if anything can be fixed, whether the phone is still under warranty, and if a change can be made if you discover that the SIM does not really stay firmly in its slot position. The SIM can also be held firmly in place by placing a small piece of sheet on top of it.

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2. Choose Automatic Mobile Network

The mobile phone will immediately select a mobile phone network, which should assist you in fixing the issue. Take these procedures to automatically select the mobile phone network:

  • Open your device’s Settings menu.
  • Find More networks and select it.
  • On the following page, select Mobile Networks.
  • From the following page, tap Network Operators and click Select Automatically.

Once it locates a network, the mobile phone will immediately begin searching for networks and make a connection to them. You should be able to fix the issue using this method.

Airtel Sim Not Working Suddenly; How To Fix Fast

These are some things you can do to fix your Airtel network if it stops working suddenly:

1. Confirm if you have enough airtime balance and data in your account.

2. Check with other networks and make sure your phone is not locked to other networks.

3. Switch off your phone, wait for about 5 minutes then turn it on again.

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4. Put your phone in Aeroplane mode and turn it off immediately.

This is a useful approach that many users have found, and it facilitates a speedy resolution of the issue. Slide down your smartphone’s notifications display and search for the airplane mode symbol to activate the option.

To activate the option, select the icon. To turn the option off, wait 30 seconds and hit the icon once more. Your phone system will attempt to find the mobile networks again as soon as it exits airplane mode.

My Airtel Service is Very Poor, What Should I Do?

Most Airtel users experience a very critical and poor network connection that affects all the activities on their devices, and the blame for this challenge is often attributed to the network provider.

Your environment might be responsible for your poor network connectivity. When you experience this, it’s advisable to change your environment and find an area that has a good signal.

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Airtel Sim Not Working Suddenly – Conclusion

If you use a Jio sim on an Airtel device, your Airtel sim may stop working. Jio offers services that are different from Airtel’s services. It’s advisable to solely use the Airtel phone for the Airtel sim card, not the Jio sim card. It’s a breach of the product for Airtel services.

I hope I was able to help you figure out what to do if your Airtel sim stopped working.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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