Activate Heritage Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks 2023

Get the Heritage Bank Transfer Code to easily send money to other banks. Yes, you can also send money to another Heritage Bank user. Learn how to register or activate this transfer code fast.

This article only gives you information about how you can use the Heritage Bank Transfer Code.

What Is Heritage Bank Transfer Code?

The heritage bank transfer code or USSD code is *745# and it can be used to perform transactions right from the comfort of your mobile phone. You can use it to send money, buy airtime, and bank anytime and anywhere.

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It is instant and easy to use 24/7 without any hassles. The *745# USSD code gives you complete control of your Heritage Bank account without the need for an internet connection.

All you need is a mobile phone that can call (with a registered SIM card linked to a heritage bank account). It doesn’t require an internet connection or airtime charges. It works on all mobile network providers like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE.

Uses Of The Heritage Bank Code?

The Heritage Bank code, which is *745#, you can:

  • Transfer funds to any bank account in Nigeria
  • Buy airtime for any phone number.
  • Pay utility bills
  • Check account balance
  • Change or Reset PIN.

But before you can start using your Heritage Bank Transfer code, you need to activate it on your mobile phone number.

Activating The Heritage Bank Code

To activate the Heritage Bank USSD code in Nigeria, you need a Heritage Bank account number, debit card or MasterCard number, and a mobile phone with a valid SIM card. To activate the code:

  • Dial * 745* account number* Last six digits of your debit card#.
  • Reply with one on the next screen to continue the activation.
  • Choose your card type.
  • Enter the expiry date of your card. You can see it on the back of your card.
  • Choose the account number you want to use for all transactions.
  • Set up a four-digit PIN.
  • Confirm your account number and PIN.
  • Now click on send to complete the activation process.
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After doing all these above, you have successfully activated the Heritage bank code on your phone.

How To Send Funds Using The Heritage Bank Code

You can use the heritage bank transfer code to send funds to any bank easily. You can transfer to a Heritage Bank account or other banks in Nigeria.

To Transfer money to a Heritage Bank account using the Transfer Code, dial *745*1*Amount* Account Number# and follow the on-screen command such as your PIN and account confirmation to complete the transaction.

To Transfer money to another bank account, dial *745*2* Amount* Account number# and follow the on-screen command to complete the transaction.

For example, you are supposed to dial *745*1*2000*1234567890# if you want to transfer N2000 naira to another Heritage bank user and dial *745*2*2000*1234567890# to transfer N2000 naira to other bank account users.

How To Buy Or Recharge Airtime Using The Heritage Bank Code.

You can also use the Heritage Bank transfer code to recharge airtime for yourself as well as others. It is instant and faster than buying from retailers.

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To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial *745*amount#. For example, if you want to recharge airtime of N1500 naira, you will simply dial *745*1500#. Please note that you are buying airtime for the phone number that is activated with the Heritage Bank code.

To buy airtime for others, simply dial *745* amount* mobile phone number#. For example, suppose you want to buy airtime of N2000 naira for a friend whose phone number is “08012345678#, you will dial *745* 2000* 08012345678#.

How To Check Your Account Balance Using Your Heritage Bank Transfer Code.

Checking your account balance has been made quite easy. Instead of going to the bank and waiting in long queues, you can easily dial *745*0# on the phone number linked to your Heritage Bank account.

How To Reset Your PIN Using The Heritage Bank Code

There might be cases where you forget your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or it has been tampered with. With the Heritage Bank transfer code, you can easily change and reset your PIN.

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To change your Personal Identification Number, simply *745*00# and follow the on-screen prompts.

Other Things That Can Be Done Using The Heritage Bank Code.

Bet9ja Top-up *745*222* Bet9jaUserID*Amount#
Pay with USSD*745*000* RefCode#
LCC Payment *745*000* 522+ etagNo+ 100#
Block account from any phone *745*11#


The Heritage Bank code is *745# and as explained above you can bank easily with it. It saves time and it is very secure. You can send money to my bank account in Nigeria, buy airtime for yourself and others, and manage your account.

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