How to Activate Call Waiting on Airtel

This is post shows you how to Activate Call Waiting on Airtel. Just follow the instruction you’ll learn shortly. Yes, it applies on Android, iOS and iPhone users.

Airtel is known as one of the best service providers of our time, and they have different features in their services, which include “call waiting.”

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What is Call Waiting?

When we talk about call waiting, it is simply a telephone service where an active subscriber can accept a second incoming call by placing a call on hold. Most of the time, the user may decide to switch between the calls.

What Happens When Call Waiting is On?

If a person calls you and you place the person’s call on hold, the caller will be on hold until he or she ends the call or you switch back to the call and end it yourself.

Will I Pay Money for Call Waiting?

The answer is “No, call waiting is free to all digital voice call customers.”

Activating Call Waiting on Airtel

Activating call waiting gives you a notification on incoming calls. It either allows you to end the current call or continue with the incoming calls. It is very significant for categories of people who welcome a lot of calls and will not want to miss any urgent calls. Call waiting is a fantastic feature that any Airtel subscriber can use.

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Because of the advancement of technology, some phones now have the option to enable call waiting in their settings.

How Do I Activate Call Waiting on Airtel?

Activating call waiting on Airtel can be done by dialling *43#. You can also check the status of your call waiting to see whether it is enabled or not. Sometimes, activating call waiting might not work in this case because you need to do it using another SIM.

To find out if the problem of not being able to activate call waiting is from your SIM card or the mobile device, you have to contact the nearest Airtel customer care by dialling *121#.

How To Enable Call Waiting On Airtel Using a Mobile Phone

As I earlier said, you can enable call waiting by following the settings on your mobile device. Note that these settings are only available on Android phones. It can only be enabled by following the steps I will be stating below.

  • Open your device and tap on the dial pad.
  • Click on the two bars just at the button of your dial pad.
  • Scroll down to the “settings”
  • Tap on “call waiting” under the settings.
  • Select your Airtel sim number among the options.
  • Then enable “call waiting.”
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For confirmation, you can call from another phone to check if your call waiting has been activated.

What is the Code for Call Waiting?

You can dial *43# to activate call waiting and *#43# for a status query.

Note that when you dial *43# and tap the call button on your mobile device with your Airtel Sim Number, it will send a notification to the Airtel telecommunication Service Center that you have asked them to activate your call waiting on your Airtel Prepaid Mobile Number.

Does Airtel Allow Call Waiting?

It is a big yes. Every active Airtel number allows you to choose the option of call waiting. Although, at this advanced age, the majority of us have a mobile device with great features. So, by clicking on the settings on your mobile device, you can activate the call waiting function on your device.

If you have trouble activating call waiting on Airtel directly, you can use the code provided earlier in this article.

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How to Activate Call Waiting in Airtel Sim with Customer Care.

It is a very easy process to carry out. You can activate call waiting by dialing the provided code or by calling Airtel customer care. Yes, You will have to call the number and ask the executive at the customer care unit to activate the call waiting setting on your Airtel Sim card number.

You can also request Airtel customer care to enable other services on your current number, such as Airtel hello caller tune, roaming services, etc.

How to activate Airtel Call Waiting on an iPhone

For iPhone users, you need to follow the steps below;

  • Tap on your iPhone dialer app
  • Dial *43#
  • Press the call button
  • Wait a bit and your call waiting service will be activated automatically.

Is it possible to activate the Airtel call waiting on Airtel using “My Airtel Application”?

In conformity with the Airtel service terms, it is not possible to activate the call waiting service on your Airtel number. There are two primary methods for activating call waiting on an Airtel number.

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It can be done by using the Airtel call waiting code or customer care number, which I have earlier mentioned. You can turn on the Airtel call waiting service on your device and enjoy the feature whenever you need it.


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Conclusion – How to Activate Call Waiting on Airtel

The call waiting service of Airtel gives you a notification about the second call while on the first call. It allows the user to decide if they want to hold or end the first call in order to pick up the second call. In essence, after activating a waiting call on your Airtel sim card, you will not miss any call that comes in when you are on call.

I believe I have been able to teach you how to activate call waiting on Airtel. Thank you for reading.

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