How to Migrate to Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

Learn how to migrate to Glo Infinito tariff plan and start enjoying the wonderful call benefits.

If you’re looking for the code to migrate to the Glo Infinito plan, then this is the only post you must see today. Before you exit, you’ll learn several things you need to know about the Infinito package on Glo.

Yes, the aim is to teach you how to migrate but, how about you learn about the call rate, some additional benefits and other useful information?

Scroll slowly to learn all you need to know in few minutes.

Migrating To Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

Another prepaid tariff option on the Glo network is the Glo Infinito plan. On the glo network, this tariff package is available to both current and potential consumers.

There are no extra fees or daily rentals, and there are no hidden conditions. Yes, just follow the guidelines on how to migrate to Glo Infinito tariff plan and you’re good to go.

Additionally, Glo Infinito grants you access to a number of Glo network Biggy Packs. This bundle enables you to increase your airtime so that you can make more calls and use the internet more frequently. Now, it only happens after you migrate to the Infinito plan on Glo.

Acknowledging that Glo is a locally-based telecommunications provider in Nigeria. The Glo Infinito is a reasonable tariff prepaid plan that Globacom created after getting a basic idea of what Nigerians want.

Yes, with affordable call rates to all networks and the most affordable call rates to the numbers of friends and relatives.

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How to Migrate to Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

Open your Dialer app and simply dial *100*9*2# to migrate to Glo Infinito.

Glo Infinito is a special and straightforward prepaid tariff plan that doesn’t have any extra fees and lets you contact up to 10 family and friend lines without incurring any obligations.

Now, once you’ve migrated, just dial #100# to verify that it was a success. After confirmation, you can start adding contacts to your list, make calls at a lower cost, and increase your airtime.


After Migrating To Glo Infinito

Be aware that you may only migrate for free once within a 30-day period to any tariff plan of your choice. The cost of a subsequent migration within 30 days is N100. So, before you migrate to Glo Infinot tariff plan let this be at the back of your mind.

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Glo Infinito Tariff Plan Call Rates After Migration

You don’t need to be afraid, though, because I’ve got your back. The cost of a minute of talk time using the Glo Infinito Tariff Plan will be calculated based on a number of circumstances.

Once you migrate to Glo Infinito Tariff Plan, you get the below rates for calls:

  • Call Rate for Glo Infinito is 22 kobo per second. 11kobo/second is the Glo Infinito FnF Call Rate. FnF means Family And Friends. As you already know, 60 seconds make up a minute.

Benefits of Glo Infinito Tariff Plan

Despite the fact that it is straightforward, it also include some benefits I have given you below:

  • You may enter up to ten numbers for family and friends.
  • Connect with your loved ones at the rate of 11 kobo/sec.
  • You can call all other numbers at a speed of 22 kbps.

You can utilize the activation code to migrate to Glo Infinito tariff plan, which is only available to Glo subscribers.

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Quick Family & Friends Codes – Add, Change, Modify & Delete Phone Numbers

After you’ve learned how to migrate to the Glo Infinito tariff plan, you may need to add FnF for good rates. This section is created for these reasons:

  • To add a phone number to your Glo Infinito list of family and friend numbers simply dial *101*1*Phone Number#
  • Simply dial *101*2*Phone Number*The New Number# to change or modify numbers for family and friends.
  • Dial *101*3*Their Number# to delete or remove numbers from family and friends.

The first 10 FnF numbers that are registered are free. Existing FnF that are modified or deleted is subject to an N50 fee per change. Please be this in mind.

FAQs – Migrate to Glo Infinito

These are the most asked questions about the Glo Infinito tariff plans migration codes.

How Can I Transfer My Glo Tariff Plan?

To transfer your current Glo tariff plan, just migrate to a new one. Yes, check out the cheapest tariff plans on Glo network here and select a package that suits your need.

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There’s no official code to transfer your current plan. You can only migrate to a new tariff plan like Glo Infinito package in this post.

How Do I Migrate To Glo Yakata?

Glo Yakata is one of the default packages on the Glo network. Yes, you get YAKATA the day you register and active you new glo sim card. But if you’re an old or existing customer on the Glo network, you have a chance still.

Simply dial *455# for existing customers on other tariff plans to switch to Yakata and recharge to take advantage of the Yakata bonus on each recharge.

But if you want to migrate to Glo infinite plan, just dial the code in this post.

How Does Glo Infinito Work?

With Glo Infinito, you can call any network in Nigeria for a fixed charge of 20K/s (20 kobo per second) from the first to the last second of your call.

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Once you register such numbers, you can call 10 often-called family members, friends, and acquaintances at the family and friends rate of 11 k/s.

What Is The Best Plan To Migrate in Glo?

No one can tell. When you migrate to glo infinite, you’ll unlock the call benefits.

The idea is to test and see the tariff plan that works best for you. 

You can check out these Glo tariff plans for data and calls here. Though, some people say they like the Glo 11k/sec plan.

You can take advantage of a significantly lower call rate on both local and international calls with the Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan, a straightforward flat tariff plan.

Calls made under this plan will cost you 11k/s to all local networks and 30 popular overseas destinations.

You can learn more and migrate to the plan and see if it’s what you want.

Have You Migrated To Glo Infinito Plan

Usually, when a cell carrier advertises the cost-effectiveness of its prepaid plan, it means “just for our customer-to-customer” calls, but Glo Infinito is an exception.

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When you call numbers from different networks, you pay the same call rates. Just learn how to migrate to Glo Infinito tariff plan to start receiving the rewards.

The Glo Infinito prepaid call plan is affordable and has clear terms. On Glo Infinito, calls cost 22 kobos per second.

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