How to Stop Airtel Messages & Calls in 3 Ways

This post uncovers how to stop airtel messages and calls fast.

Many of you are not so happy with the messages you get from the Airtel network. And some airtel users want to know the best ways to stop the popup messages.

Now worries, this post will guide you on how to stop those annoying SMS and other unsolicited message you get from airte Nigeria.

I know the volume of stress the SMS issue has caused you, but you have a Goodnews today. You can activate Do Not Disturb (DND) service on your Airtel line.

You can activate the DND service by applying a short USSD code. You’ll get the code in this post shortly.

Stop Getting Airtel Messages

Airtel network sends promotional messages and calls to your phone number every day. No jokes, it fills up your message inbox and atttimes it’s very annoying to see.

If you’re facing the same problem on your Airtel line then you can just activate the Airtel Do Not Disturb service. Yes, to avoid all the spam & promotional calls and messages.

DND service on Airtel blocks all spam calls & SMS. However, this doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving important messages from Airtel.

You’ll keep getting the important services SMS like OTP, banking transactions, etc. Also, you can customize your alert preferences so that you’ll stop getting SMS & calls from some popular service on the airtel network.

How to Stop Airtel Messages And Calls

Many service calls and message you without your permission isn’t it? Below are the three (3) methods to disable Airtel messages and calls from these services:

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Fully Blocked Mode:

Fully Blocked Mode enable you to stop receiving promotional messages via SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

  • Kindly open your phone Messaging app and send STOP to 2442. This code ends all SMS once and for all.

To start receiving all popup messages on your airtel phone number, just send ALLOW to 2442. Also, to check Do Not Disturb status, send STATUS to 2442.

Partially Blocked Mode:

This one enables you to select some kind of services. That is, you’ll be getting certain categories of promotional messages and not all.

Now, Partial Blocked mode will disable ONLY THE CATEGORIES you picked.

  • To activate this, just send the specific number of the option(s) to 2442

Do you get it now? Leave a comment in the comment section. For now, let’s proceed with another method to stop getting airtime massages and calls.

Call Customer Care:

If any of the methods above doesn’t work, you can reach out to the customer care service on Airtel for help.

  • Dial 111 or 121 using the Airtel number you want to stop getting those annoying marketing messages.
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Follow the instructions from the Customer care automated voice and respond accordingly. After that, wait for few minutes and an Agant will pick the call to address your issues.

That’s how to opt out of unwanted messages that comes from Airtel every time. It also help you stop SMS packs easily.


How to Stop Airtel Messages After Every Call

You must have seen those messages that comes from your network provider right after making calls. That’t correct, isn’t it?

These massages are annoying and I guess you delete them almost immediately. Reason be that they add no value.

Which ever way you see it, all those messages comes with useful information and ofcourse marketing and bonus offers.

Follow the guidelines below to stop airtel message right after Every call you make:

  • Open your phone dialer and simply Dial *362*2# to deactivate.
  • Alternatiely, just dial *362*1# to Activate.
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FAQs – Stop Getting Airtel Messages & Calls

How Can I Stop SMS Service in Airtel?

Open your phone dial app and simply dial *902#. After that, select either START or STOP to Activate/Deactivate your preferred SMS Based service.

What is DND service in Airtel?

DND means Do Not Disturb. The Do Not Disturb service allows you to block unwanted pop up messages sent by Airtel. These message comes after calls or even when you don’t expect them.

How can I stop Airtel data alert?

Simply dial the Airtel Do Not Disburb code on Airtel to stop airtel data alert.

Well, I think that the Airtel data notifications are helpful. Yes, they help you know when your data is getting finished, so that you can renew as soon as possible.

Have You Deactivated Airtel Message & Calls?

At this point, I believe you’re able to cancel all the unexpected info messages you get from Airtel network.

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The main aim of this post is to show you how to stop Airtel messages right after making calls and when you don’t even expect them

Ask question in the comment sections if you have any challenges.

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