What Does “Sent As Sms Via Server” Mean?

What Does “Sent As Sms Via Server” Mean? Why am I seeing this error on my phone all the time? Did I activate it unknowingly? How do deactivate this message I’m always seeing?

Many Android users receive the “sent as SMS server” text message, and they want to know and understand what “sent as SMS via server” means so they can take the right action. Major phone users say that this message pops up instead of the normal text without making any changes in the settings.

In this article, we will be discussing what ” sent” via server means and how to stop it.

What Is “Sent” As SMS Via Server?

The reason why phone users are receiving “sent as SMS via server” is that the RCS protocol has taken over.

What is RCS?

RCS is abbreviated as Rich Communication Services. It is an inherent messaging protocol that triggers diverse features in the Android messaging application.

What Is The Main Purpose Of RCS?

The main goal of RCS is to make composing messages on many Android devices capable of being used with progressing messaging apps. The answer is that the maiden protocol in place sends messages which have now been replaced with new messages.

What Does “Sent” As Sms Via Server Mean?

Today, many android devices have been replaced with the RCS. Now phone users seem to receive common message receipts that have been read, sent, or delivered instead of receiving default messages as “sent” as SMS via server”.

The message was received, thus raising a question of what “sent” as SMS via server means, but the sender may be afraid that the message may have been banned from using their phone.

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Although the exact reason for using this message is not known, many people are suggesting that it is an error on the receipt side. It has been generated and classified as a malfunction.

How Do I Stop “Sent” As Sms Via The Server?

Many Android users find it difficult to stop “sending” SMS via server. It is not difficult if you follow the steps I give below:

1) Enable “show when delivered”.

Firstly, the phone user should enable the “show when delivered” option in the settings of the phone.

To make this option functional, follow the guides below:

  • Tap on the messaging app.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Tap on more settings.
  • Then you will see the option “show when delivered”, which is usually disabled by default.
  • Finally, turn it on and enable it.

2) Clear Cache Partition

Another way is to clear the cache partition on your phone device. This cache includes temporary files. You don’t need to worry about configurations or apps because deleting the cache on your device does not remove them. Wiping the cache only clears unwanted junk files.

  • All you have to do is power off your device by pressing the volume up and then the home button.
  • After that, press and hold the power button of your mobile device.
  • Once your device vibrates, press the volume down key a few times to navigate the wiping cache partition.
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You can use the power key to select the option above.

  • Press the volume down key and make use of the power key to select the option above and select the yes option.

After completing this process, which will take about 30 seconds, you will receive a message that will show “done”.

Finally, reboot your device and make sure that the problem has been solved.

3) Enter safe mode (to stop Sent As Sms Via The Server)

This will help you detect if a third party is trying to generate this issue.

  • To get this done, you need to switch off your mobile phone.
  • Press the power key by firmly holding it once the logo appears on the screen.
  • Then press the volume down key and hold it well.
  • Finally, the safe mode will be visible on the left corner of your screen at the bottom.

Once you have successfully followed these steps, your device will restart when you click OK.

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You can also repair the operating system via ReiBoot for Android, which comes with diverse features.

All you have to do is to install ReiBoot for Android on your computer system, connect your Android phone to the computer, and tap on Repair Android System.

You will see an option for repair now. Tap on it. You will also have to input some details about your Android device. After choosing the device information, the download will immediately start.

Once the firmware package is successfully downloaded, tap on “repair now.” This process will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Hope You Know What The “Sent” As Sms Via The Server Means Now?

In this article, we have discussed in detail the provoking issue arising in most Android devices, which is the “Sent As Sms Via Server” connection.

I have outlined the meaning and the steps to fix the issues. I believe you’ll find this information to be helpful.

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Thank you for reading.

Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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