GTA San Andreas APK OBB File 2023 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

You can download the GTA San Andreas APK OBB file, configure it properly and start playing the game without errors. You can play on Android phones mostly and less on iOS (iPhone) devices.

Globally, GTA San Andreas APK is similar to its prototype. Although several changes made the project become the best-selling game and also win many awards in the gaming industry.

It is ranked among the best series of Grand Theft Auto games by Rockstar Games. The GTA: San Andreas Apk OBB has awesome storylines.

It involves an unrealistic character named Carl, who is in prison (and was later released) and hears about the death of his beloved mother.

GTA San Andreas APK, OBB

Carl seeks vengeance for those who are perpetrators of his mother’s death or demise. Because of the mission, he had to reunite with his brother and the criminal gang.

GTA San Andreas APK OBB game will never bore you. There is also a chance to upgrade individual cars to expensive models and have friends of your choice.

Designed character customization will not be left out because it will give you the privilege to change any side of the wardrobe.

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk OBB

The following are the features of GTA San Andreas that make it very interesting:

1) Transformed graphics

GTA San Andreas APK OBB will permit you to enjoy amazing 3D graphics. Enjoy views that make things look realistic and interesting. You will be granted permission to get the vibe and thrill of playing an open-world game. Especially for those who are Android users.

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2) Great Game Control

These controls were made available in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Apk OBB games. You can control and drive vehicles, hold weapons and ammunition, and move the character in your game.

These controls are sensitive to touch and very easy to use. You can’t get confused in the game because it’s well-developed and designed with a good interface.

3) Vehicles and Weapons on GTA San Andreas APK OBB

Various types of ammunition could be used to hurt or kill people in the game. You can also use it to defend yourself and run the game.

You have the opportunity to purchase or steal cars of your choice on GTA San Andreas APK. Yes, including bicycles, choppers, motorcycles, airplanes, and many other means of transportation.

4) Tough Mission

You could also opt-in to challenges like playing a game mission. By choosing this, you will not feel any sign of boredom.

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The missions in GTA San Andreas APK are always tough and dangerous. This would require a smart player when playing them on your Android device.

How To Download GTA San Andreas On An Android Device – Apk & OBB

You will have to enable installation from an unknown source to make this process achievable.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on security
  • Click on the unknown source.

Now, proceed to download the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk+OBB file below:

Download & Install Archives Pro To Extract GTA San Andreas Apk Fast

  • Now, it’s time to Download here and install the archives pro APK. Download here…

This pro app will be essential for the extraction of files from the OBB and data zip folders you successfully downloaded.

  • After extraction, ensure you cut and paste the extracted OBB file into the “android or OBB” folder. It is in your internal storage. Also, place the extracted data file into the “Android Data Folder.
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Now you can launch the GTA San APK that you installed earlier.

Downloading The GTA San Andreas & OBB Files

GTA San Andreas can also be downloaded on a compatible iOS device. Apple is a famous model popularly known for its great functionalities. You can download the game by using the app store.

This game is a classic, but due to past experiences, the need for upgrading is considered. Due to the classic features of IOD devices, downloading is made easy. Using the app store as suggested above should not be difficult for you.

The most recent version is 2.2. To be able to download it, ensure your device has enough internal storage. Yes, free space to download the 2.6GB GTA San Andreas Apk OBB file.

However, the game is better played on devices with wider screens to enable the use of touchpad control.

More Info About The GTA San Andreas APK OBB

Note that not all IOS devices are compatible with this game. The lucky ones that can function appropriately are listed below.

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad touch, 6th Generation
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone SE
  • iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation
  • iPod Air 1, iPod Air 2, and iPod Pro, amongst a few others.
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Due to technological advancements, console ports are no longer in use. You can use wide-screen mobile devices for now.


The thrilling experience and exciting features of the GTA San Andreas apk OBB game are worth sharing with your friends. You must not forget to do so.

GTA San Andreas is better played by experts and professional players. Yes, due to its upgraded features, which one must be familiar with. However, new users can also learn and play it easily.

As an IOS user, note that downloading from the App Store requires payment. Thank you for reading.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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