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Get the MTN Customer Care WhatsApp Number to chat with Zigi (and other representatives for free). This way, you can fix any current issue you’re facing on your network fast enough.

MTN is the leading and most used mobile network among Nigerians. With their fast and reliable network across Nigeria and their cheap and affordable data plans. It provides its customers with outstanding services they can use.

There might be times when your MTN SIM card might give you some problems. Your only option is to contact MTN customer service. But all they do is waste your precious time and you won’t be able to do others things. Sometimes they might not even help you.

Instead of using the usual MTN customer care line, you can use their WhatsApp number. MTN has a verified WhatsApp number that its subscribers or you can use to communicate with MTN about any issues you have. In this post, I will show you the MTN WhatsApp number and how you can message them.

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The MTN WhatsApp Number

MTN Nigeria is usually passionate about how their customer feels about their poor service. So they decided to launch the MTN WhatsApp number. With this number, MTN’s customer care can now be reached easily on WhatsApp Messenger on your phone. You can send them a message and carry on doing other things you need to do on your phone until they reply or respond. It doesn’t waste your time like the normal customer care number.

Another benefit to this is that you can type every detail of your issue on WhatsApp Messenger and they begin to sort it out if you provided all the necessary details they want. You don’t need to wait for a response from MTN customer care service before telling them the problem you are facing.

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What Is The MTN Customer Care WhatsApp Number?

When it comes to messaging apps, WhatsApp is no doubt one of the best means of reaching out to MTN through the help of MTN chatbot, Zigi, you can easily get helpful suggestions or quickly get connected to an MTN agent who will handle your problems.

MTN Nigeria Care services have launched five dedicated Customer Care Whatsapp lines for their subscribers to reach out and get their issues solved. This will be the first time a telecommunication or network provider in Nigeria will be doing this.

You can now resolve your queries much more easily with the MTN Customer Service Whatsapp number. Here are the numbers below:

  • 09033000001.
  • 09033000002.
  • 09033000003.
  • 09033000004.
  • 09033000005.

How To Complain To MTN Online.

With the level of technology at hand, there are more ways to solve your problems, especially through the internet. There are many ways you can complain to MTN online apart from their WhatsApp customer care number. You can complain through their social media handle, that is, Facebook, or Twitter or you can send an email.

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Note that as you are complaining to them online, you need data and an internet connection. You might also need a smartphone to reach MTN.

MTN Customer Care Social Media Handles

To reach MTN on Twitter, search for their username @MTN180 on your Twitter mobile app or Web. Check for the verified blue tick to avoid complaining to the wrong Twitter account.

To reach MTN on Facebook, search for their username @MTNLoaded on your Facebook mobile app or Web Browser.

To send an email to MTN, open your Gmail or any other email app you have and send your complaints or issues to [email protected].

What Should I Do If The WhatsApp Number Doesn’t Work?

If the WhatsApp number doesn’t work then these could be the reasons below.

Your network connection. If the MTN WhatsApp number isn’t working, try to go to your network settings and switch your mobile data on.

WhatsApp Update problems. Sometimes you may tend to encounter issues on your WhatsApp messenger because it is outdated. Go to your Play Store or Apple Store and update your WhatsApp messenger.

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Error or no response? The MTN Customer care WhatsApp number is a bot that will reply to or redirect you which is why it is very fast. Sometimes an error might occur and it could be from MTN. You should try again or you can try out the other MTN social media handle I mentioned above.


Apart from the usual method of calling the MTN customer care line, MTN has provided a way for you can reach them faster on WhatsApp. That is, through the MTN WhatsApp Customer Care number. You can also complain to them online through their social media handle if you having issues with their WhatsApp.

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