MTN Free Night Browsing Code 2023 (Unlimited Data)

Are you looking for the MTN free night browsing code? No problem, you’ll get the UNLIMITED midnight data codes on MTN. 

Would you like to get free MTN Night Data? Have you heard someone else say they are able to get free night data on MTN and are wondering how they do it?

You may be wondering how to activate free night browsing on MTN, use free night data, or get free night data from MTN.

If these questions are on your mind, you have come to the right place.

I will explain everything you need to know about MTN free night browsing in detail. Let’s get started without delay.

About MTN Free Night Browsing

When discussing MTN free night data, people often ask for codes or cheats to access it.

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However, unlike Airtel free night data, MTN free night browsing is not given as a bonus when purchasing a data plan.

Instead, MTN provides additional data on data purchases, but it can only be used to watch YouTube videos.

Accessing The free Midnight plan

To access MTN free night browsing, you will need to purchase an MTN night data plan.

While it is not free, it is very affordable, with 500 MB costing just N50. This is almost free compared to the MTN data plan that gives you 50 MB for the same price.

At night, you get 10 times the data volume for the same amount.

So, if you’re wondering how to get MTN free night data, you simply need to purchase an MTN night data plan.

How to Get MTN Free Night Browsing Data

As we mentioned earlier, MTN doesn’t offer free night browsing data, but they have cheap night data plans you can purchase on their network. However, some customers may receive free night data as compensation from MTN depending on their loyalty or tariff plan.

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To use MTN free night browsing, you’ll need to buy either the cheap night data plans or activate the MTN Data + Free YouTube Package.

The night data plan is called MTN Nightlife Bundle, and you can access it by migrating to the MTN Pulse tariff plan. This plan is very affordable and offers up to 2GB of data for just 200 Naira.

MTN Free YouTube Night Data 

The second option is to use the free YouTube bonus that comes with some regular data plans.

With this, you can get up to 4GB of data to watch YouTube videos at midnight and 15GB of data to use for social media, downloading files, and more.

There are other cheaper plans available on the MTN Data + Free YouTube package, which you can check out on their website.

Wrapping Up… 

MTN is a great network in Nigeria and they offer lots of data bonuses. I hope you now understand how to get and use MTN’s cheap night data plans for free night browsing.

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If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below.

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