Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 naira in 2024

This post is about the Airtel unlimited data plan for 100 Naira. So stay calm as you find out the simple subscription code to buy this plan today.

It is no longer new that Airtel, one of the popular telecommunication service providers introduced the unlimited data bundle plans to its customers.

These cheap plans were launched a few years ago for users to easily connect and enjoy a better browsing experience without having to worry about data exhaustion.

(Heck! The data volume is huge) Unlimited data plan for 100 naira on Airtel?

Mr. Armed modules who is the chief commercial officer of Airtel Nigeria stated clearly that the plan was provided to make room for more progress and prosperity opportunities to customers and also boost mobile broadband connectivity.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 naira
Get BIG Data, Pay Less.

Of course, this will help startups more and younger entrepreneurs with their services.

And making it more interesting, he also added that the data can be shared with colleagues, friends, and family members.

But hey, this plan is the official airtel unlimited plan which is known as the unlimited 10, Unlimited 15, and unlimited 20, and cost N10,000, N15,000, and N20,000 to subscribe for a 30days validity period.

How can I get the airtel unlimited data plan for N100 on Airtel?

Keep calm, the heading never lied. In a few seconds, I’m going to show you some cheap data plans you can subscribe to for just 100naira.

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Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 Naira

The plans in this section are not unlimited. It’s just the name given by airtel telecom company. However, if you need an unlimited data plan, kindly subscribe to the N10,000 plan by dialing *462*10#. Valid for 30 days.

airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira

Let me introduce you to the airtel unlimited pack where you get affordable plans at your convenience.

Yes, you will find below the list of airtel 100 naira subscription cheat codes that still work.

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Airtel 40MB For N100.

  • Simply dial *440*18# to activate this plan. airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira

You will get 40megabytes after dialing the used code and the sum of 100naira will be dedicated from your account balance.

And you’re given 24hours to use this Airtel data cheat for 100 Naira.

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Airtel 1GB For N100 – Unlimited data plan

  • Simply dial *474*1# to activate the airtel cheat code 100 for 1GB. airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira
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This plan is amongst airtel weekend data plans where you get to browse, chat, and connect with loved ones after tight working hours.

In the plan, you get 1gigabyte to browse from Saturday at midnight to Sunday at 11:59 PM for the cost of 100naira.

And to subscribe, simply dial *474# and reply 1 to get started or use the quick code above.

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To check data balance:
Simply dial *140# and immediately, you will receive your data balance details.

Important note:
Remember, it’s a weekend plan which means your purchase data can only work or can be used on weekends.

Bearing the above in mind, you should also understand that anytime you subscribe to the airtel 1GB with 100 Naira (whether Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), your data will be wiped off by 11:59 PM on Sunday. That’s how to get 1GB on airtel with 100 Naira.

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Airtel N100 Social Plan – unlimited data plan

  • Simply dial *948*1# to subscribe. airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira
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This plan is known as the Airtel All Social data bundle plan.

On this plan, you are allowed to connect with loved ones through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and also browse on some supported browsers like the UC browser, Opera mini, etc.

To activate this plan:

  • First, recharge your line with N100.
  • Dial *948# and reply 1 to proceed.

You should see a popup message below telling you how successful your operation was. The other way round, you may be informed of low airtime (I.e if you have insufficient airtime to buy the plan).

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Weekly Opera Bundle – Airtel unlimited data plan for 100 Naira

Yeah, this plan gives you instant access to browse and download your favorite stuff on Opera mini.

Not only that, but you can also chat on popular social media platforms with this Airtel cheat.

Formerly, you get 600MB for N100 on this plan but right now, the game has changed.

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In my experience, I noticed that this plan works well on WhatsApp and Facebook. So you can tweak around to know how much access you’ve got. Go ahead and activate one of the airtel MB cheat for 100 Naira on my list.

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To subscribe to this Airtel plan:

  • Simply dial *885*3# to get started.

You can also do this step-by-step by:

  • Dialing *885#, then reply 3 to activate the Opera bundle Weekly plan.

Alternatively, you may choose to subscribe via SMS:

  • Send WOB to 885 to activate the plan.

As the name implies, the weekly Opera Bundle. This means that your subscription is valid for 7days.

And after the given period, you will be denied instant access to browse with Operamini unless you re-subscribe.

To check Data Balance:

  • Simply dial *885*0# to see your data balance details.

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Airtel Unlimited Social Plan For N100

  • Simply dial *688*3# to activate this latest airtel cheat code.
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This plan allows you to chat and connect with friends on social media.

With just 100naira, you are given 100MB to browse on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and many more.

Funny enough, this plan works on the Operamini browser as well.

(This same browser again??)

To subscribe to this plan:

  • Simply dial *688# and reply ‘3’ or dial the quick USSD code above.

And to check the available data balance:

  • Simply *885*0# or *140# and you will get your data balance details as soon as possible.

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Quick Bonus On The Airtel Unlimited Data Bundles For N100

I’ve got two cheap data plans for you and guess what? They are below N100.

These plans give you BIG data volume for little to no money spent on airtime.

First, you have to be on Airtel SmartTrybe to take part in the awoof data.

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And to migrate Airtel SmartTrybe:

  • Simply dial *312# and reply 1 to get started.

On this plan, you get:

  1. 500MB for 25naira
  2. 1.5GB for 50naira

And To Subscribe to these cheap data plans, kindly read the quick code to activate the airtel smarttrybe plan.

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More Related Bonus Below:

  • The Airtel 100 for 500MB data plan can be activated by dialing *141*104# and valid for 30days. Sadly, this plan has been discontinued.

Airtel Data Plan Cheat For This Month

While there are other affordable data bundles on the Airtel Network, you can also take part in the available cheats right now.

I already gave the latest Free MB cheat on Airtel, so you can check it out to start enjoying free browsing cheat like the other guys.

Let me give you a quick tip on how to get cheap data on your line instantly.

Hey! You Need To Contact Airtel Customer Care Today.

Get 6GB For N1500

To activate this cheat, you have to check if you are eligible for this data plan. Yes, if you are not amongst the selected customers, you won’t be allowed to subscribe successfully.

  • Without recharging your line, simply dial *141*1504# on your phone dialer.
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A message related to; “you have insufficient to subscribe to this plan” will be sent to you. However, if you get a message like; “you are not eligible for this offer”, then you’re not qualified for this plan.

It’s time to subscribe.

  • Simply dial *141*1504# to activate. airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira

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You’ve seen clearly that there are many data plans you can subscribe to on Airtel Network.

And this guide shows you the list of Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100Naira Only.

Try them out and let me know what you got in the comment section.

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