19+ Airtel 4G Data Plans Codes For 65GB+ 2021

If you looking for the possible Airtel 4G data plans to subscribe to in Nigeria, today’s article shows you the complete list of data plans you can subscribe to the Airtel network to start enjoying the high-speed internet connection.

Go get a nice chair and relax, while I put you through some important information you must know before activating the Airtel Nigeria data plans.

About Airtel 4G Network

Airtel rolled out a reliable, superfast internet which is known as 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), to all customers who upgrade their SIM.

These new changes in Technology didn’t send the existing ones to hell, instead, telecommunication made it an addition.

This means you can always use any one of your choices at a time.

With 4G LTE, you can start enjoying better browsing experiences:

Stream high-quality movies online, play online games, and much more.

Wait a minute! You want to take part in these benefits right?

airtel 4g data plan code in nigeria

Get On Airtel 4G LTE

Before you can be allowed to subscribe to Airtel 4G data plans, you must be upgraded.

Airtel 4G LTE Data Plans

Follow the below steps to get on the new generation of technology:

For New Customers:

  • Go get a new SIM from the nearest Airtel Shop.
  • Ask them to Register and Upgrade your SIM to 4G/LTE.

Old Customers:

  • Take your existing SIM to Airtel Shop near you.
  • Get a 4G SIM and
  • Ask the Representative to do a SIM SWAP for you.

The essence of this is:

To make sure you left with the same number and all your previous data.

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Get A 4G Device

First, check if your phone is 4G enabled by:

  • Dialing *121# and select 4G services.

If not, go to the nearest Airtel or phone store in your area and get a 4G enabled phone.

Make Sure You Have 4G Coverage In Your Area

While other factors are important, this is another aspect not to be overlooked.
Without the needed coverage in your area, you won’t be using the superfast internet speed. Instead, you’ll continue with the available network signals in your vicinity.

To check if there’s 4G Network Coverage in your area, follow the below steps:

  • Turn ON Location on your device: Go to your device Settings, Security & Location, Location, and tap on the Switch.

    Or simply turn it ON by dragging down the “Notification Bar”.

  • Visit www.airtel.com.ng/openNetworks
  • Enter your location (e.g Lagos).
  • Tap on Search Icon.

You should see clearly here if you have 4G coverage in your area.

Upgrading to 4G has no limitation though, you are still allowed to browse on 2G or 3G Network.

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Activate 2G/3G/4G Manually on your device

  • Go to your device Settings
  • Locate and tap on Networks Settings.
  • Tap on preferred Network.
  • Select 2G/3G/4G LTE as preferred.

Get Free Data On Airtel 4G

Once you buy a new 4G SIM, you will be rewarded with 4GB free data to browse the internet.

The free data benefit is given only once and lasts for 7days.

Data Plan Benefits On Airtel 4G LTE

Once you upgrade your SIM to 4G, you will be given a 25% data bonus on every data bundle you purchase for 3months.

You can get 1.5GB for N500, 3G for N1000, and more like that.

How To Know If 4G LTE Is Activated On Your Line.

It’s simple.

There are different signs to know that you on 4G, but I have given the two common signs that show you are on 4G below:

  1. You get a 25% data bonus when you buy a bundle.
  2. You should see the 4G or LTE symbol whenever you ON data connection on your device.

Now it’s time to pick one out of the Airtel 4G data plans I have listed below:

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Airtel 4G Data Plans in Nigeria: Workings Codes Right Now

In this section, I have given the daily, weekly, and monthly data plan from three (3) specific bundle plans namely:

  • Airtel SmartSpeedo (Which would be called “SS” as we proceed).
  • Airtel Mega Pack (MP).
  • Airtel Unlimited Data Plans (UDP).

Airtel Daily Plans

1. Get 40MB for N100

This is the SS plan that offers 40 megabytes for N100, to browse the internet with ease.

  • Simply dial *440*18# to activate this plan.

Validity: 1 day.

Have You Seen The Unlimited Data Plan For N100 On Airtel?

2. Get 100MB for N200

This is also the SS plan that gives you 100 megabytes at N200 to browse the internet.

  • Simply dial *412# to activate this plan.

Validity: 3days

Airtel Weekly Plans

3. Get 80MB for N300

With 300naira, you get 80MB for a given period of which data disappears.

This is just another SS plan.

  • Simply dial *418# to activate this data plan.

Validity: 7days (one week)

4. Get 750MB for N500

You will get 750 megabytes for the cost of 500naira to browse on the SS plan.

  • Simply dial *418# to subscribe to this plan.

Validity: 14days (2weeks)

Get DOUBLE Data On Purchase After Migrating To Airtel Smartconnect.

5. Get 200MB for N525

This is the SS plan that offers 200megabytes at 525naira cost.

This plan is suitable for you on the average budget.

  • Simply dial *440*17# to activate this plan.

Validity: 7days (1week)

6. Get 1GB for N500

This plan is limited to Airtel SmartTrybe subscribers only. You are given 1gigabyte for 500naira to browse the internet.

  • Simply dial *312# to migrate to SmartTrybe.

Activation code:
Validity: 7days (1week)

Airtel Monthly Plans

7. Get 1.5GB for N1000

Activation code: simply dial *496#
Validity: 30days (1month)

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8. 3GB for N1,500

Activation code: *435#
Validity: 30days (1month)

9. 3.5GB for N2,000

Activation code: *437#
Validity: 30days (1month)

10. 5GB for N2,500

Activation code: *437*1#
Validity: 30days (1month)

11. 7GB for N3,500

Activation code: *438#
Validity: 30days (1month)

12. 9GB for N4,000

Activation code: *438*1#
Validity: 30days (1month)

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13. 3GB for N100 (Blackberry Plan)

Activation code: *431#
Validity: 30days (1month)

14. 10GB for N5,000

Activation code: *452#
Validity: 30days (1month)

15. 16GB for N8,000

Activation code: *460#
Validity: 30days (1month)

16. 50GB for N36,000

Activation code: *406#
Validity: 5months

17. 200GB for N136,000

Activation code: *408#
Validity: 12months

18. 40GB for N10,000

Activation code: *462*10#
Validity: 30days (1month)

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19. 65GB for N15,000

Activation code: *462*15#
Validity: 30days (1month)

20. 1000GB for N20,000

Activation code: *462*20#
Validity: 30days (1month)

Airtel Mid-Night Browsing Plan

It is a cheap bundle plan launched by Airtel for customers to browse at midnight πŸ•› with a high-speed Internet connection at a low cost.

Follow the recommendation below to activate the night plan:

Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe

Before you can be able to subscribe to the Airtel night plan, you must be migrated to the smarttrybe tariff plan in Nigeria.

After that, you can start enjoying the benefits:

  • Get 500MB for N25
  • Also, get 1GB for just N200

Valid from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM at midnight.

How To Check Airtel 4G Data Plan Balance

  • It’s simple.

By dialing a short code, you’ll get the full details of your available data balance.

This is another important aspect of data plans.

You may check data balance to make sure you aren’t consuming too much or vice versa.


There you have it; the Airtel 4G data plan codes in Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria never differentiated the 2G, 3G, or 4G data plans from each other.

Instead, they offer you:

  • Free data for upgrading your SIM.
  • 25% data bonus on data bundle purchases.
  • High-speed internet connection.

So out of all, which is your preferred plan?

Let me know in the comment section.

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