How To Browse With Airtime On Airtel Now

This post shows you how to browse with airtime on Airtel on your phone or any data-enabled device with an Airtel sim card in it.

Alright, I get it. I know how it feels like to have a huge amount of airtime on your account and it’s useless (Not the call type).

It’s not a big deal, we at NetworkPalava (NP) don’t connect through calls too. I prefer browsing the internet, sending E-mails, and as well connect with friends and family on my favorite social media platform.

Are you among those asking for the code to browse with airtime on Airtel? This is the best guide you’ve been waiting for.

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The “Browse With Airtime” Plan

It’s the Airtel Pay As You Use (PAYU) service that allows you to browse the internet with no active data bundle on your line. You browse with credit in this case.   Yeah, all the time you spend online will be deducted from your account at the rate of 3 naira per MB (that is, N3=MB).

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how to browse with airtime on airtel

Benefits Of Airtel PAYU Service

Here are the common benefits of the airtel “Pay As You Use” service.

  • You don’t have to subscribe to any data plan on Airtel (no active data bundle is needed).
  • You gain the freedom to browse with your airtime at N3/MB.
  • Once your existing data bundle is exhausted, you can continue to browse the internet without worries.
  • This plan helps you reduce unknown charges or high data consumption.
  • You get to know how much you spend online.
  • The risk of losing data is low in this case.
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The Airtel PAYU can also be called PAYG which means “Pay As You Go” on other related Networks. It permits you to use money to browse on Airtel. (So all the same)

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How To Browse With Airtime On Airtel

  • Simply dial *400# to activate your line to use PAYU service. code to browse with airtime on airtel

You should receive a confirmation message after successful activation and if not, kindly contact airtel customer care for quick help. That’s the working airtel pay as you go code to get started at any time using your data-enabled mobile phone. On activation, lots of individuals ask for the simple code to stop airtel PAYU service on their line.   Are you one of these individuals? Follow the procedures below.     Earn At Least N200k Every Month For Doing What You Normally Do. Learn How To Register on Recharge And Get Paid Platform and start EARNING.

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How To Stop Airtel From Using Airtime For Browsing

According to a post by Lordvicco, He provided the solution to the airtime deduction on your airtel line, and below is the screenshot:

stop browsing with airtime on airtel

  Yeah, what did you see? The SMS and USSD method right? He confirmed that it will help you stop browsing with airtime on your airtel line (that’s if you implement the steps correctly).

  • Kindly sms GROOM STOP to 38043 or
  • Simply dial *902# and select “Stop Service” to deactivate PAYU on Airtel. stop browsing with airtel on airtel

After this operation, you should receive a confirmation telling you how successful it was.   And mind you, after the last action, airtel will show you “other active services” on your account.

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It’s either you opt-in this service knowingly or unknowingly, now, take the expected action. (Your choice)  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Airtime deduction happens on all networks in Nigeria, in fact, it’s not something that should be stressed much, it may be as a result of service you opt-in unknowingly and Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, Glo has nothing to do with that.

  That said; it’s always advisable to contact your network provider, speak with an agent or representative consigning the issue you’re facing at the moment.  

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Contact Airtel Customer Care In Nigeria

Do you want to browse with your airtime on Airtel?  

Do you want the code to opt out of Airtel PAYU?  

There is one thing I recommend which is; The Customer Care Service.  

There are several ways to reach them fast and I’ve written a guide in my previous article.  

See The 7 Quick Ways To Contact Airtel Customer Care Today.

  That post shows you everything you need to know. It shows you the easy way to talk to an Airtel representative (real human), chat with an Airtel employee one on one and many more…  

What’s Next?

You now know how to browse with airtime on Airtel.   Once you dial the shortcode correctly and follow the prompt, you have nothing to worry about.   Hope it helps you.   Read more helpful guides below:

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