Airtel SmartConnect Code: Get X2 Data Bonus Every Time

This post is all about the airtel smartconnect code. Yes, you will learn how to migrate to smart connect plus other benefits you can get.

If you are looking for a tariff plan with cheap data plans, cheap call rates, or airtime bonuses, while not hold on and enjoy Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 bonuses.

Out of other Airtel Tariff Plans in Nigeria, this one is launched to satisfy both the internet surfers in our midst and those who love connecting with family and friends through phone calls.

About Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan

SmartConnect is a prepaid plan which offers customers eight times (8X) airtime bonus on every recharge plus a hundred percent (100%) bonus on every data bundle you buy.

Here is a breakdown:
Once you recharge your Airtel line with N100 you will get an 8X airtime bonus to call all networks in Nigeria.

And if you buy a 1GB data plan on Airtel Smartconnect, you will be given double data (i.e extra 1GB) on your purchase.

SmartConnect gives you 90days to exhaust your purchased data bundles below N500). A day after that, your data is gone.

Airtel smartconnect is amongst the cheapest tariff plans on our list.

Airtel SmartConnect Tariff Plan Migration Code
Get 100% Data + 8X Airtime bonus

Benefits Of Airtel SmartConnect Tariff Plan

This plan is being created to give additional value to users and below are the benefits:

  • You get 800% on every recharge on your line.
  • You get 2X on every data bundle plan you purchase.
  • The bonus airtime can be used to call and SMS other networks including family and friends around you.
  • Double data bonuses can be used to browse the Internet, connect with people on different social media platforms, and many more.
  • The DOUBLE data bundle lasts for 90days. So you flex your data more.
  • Smartconnect bonuses can be used to call some selected popular International destinations at a given call rate.

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International destination includes:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. USA
  5. The UK.

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How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

It would have been easier for me to say; simply dial ***# as the quick code to migrate to airtel smartconnect but in this case, it’s a different thing.

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Airtel SmartConnect is a plan used to welcome new customers into the network.

And for this reason, I’d say it’s a “New Customer Only Plan” which means there’s no applicable migration code.

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Don’t get me wrong though, old customers on Airtel can also enjoy smartconnect bonuses by following the below guide:

  1. Get a New Airtel SIM Card.
  2. Make sure you register the sim card at the nearest Airtel SIM Registration Center.
  3. Follow the instructions given to you on purchase.
  4. Insert the SIM card in your phone.
  5. Now recharge your line with N100 or more to start enjoying smartconnect bonuses.

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Airtel SmartConnect Data Bundles: How To Buy or Subscribe To Them.

As I said earlier, for all data bundles purchased on this tariff plan, you will get a 2X bonus. And below is how to buy data bundles:

  • Simply dial *141# and…
  • …select your preferred bundle.
  • Reply to the code and…
  • …you are good.
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You will receive a confirmation message with your data balance, 100% bonus data, validity period, and other important information.

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Airtel SmartConnect Call Rates

Below are the call rates on the SmartConnect tariff plan:

  • For Calls to local networks in Nigeria: kobo per second.
  • SMS to local networks in Nigeria: Airtel Standard call charges.
  • For browsing: N3 is equal to 1MB.

The above rates are for your main account balance, see the data and call rate of smartconnect bonuses below:

  • For all local networks in Nigeria: 66.67 kobos per second.
  • For browsing: 16MB is equal to 1MB.

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How To Check SmartConnect Balance

  • Simply dial *123# or
  • Dial *123*1# to check bonus balance or
  • Dial *123*2# to check voice bonus balance.

The above codes are for checking your main account balance plus the available bonus airtime balance for calls and SMS.

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To check Smartconnect data bundle balance,

  • Simply dial *140# and… check airtel smartconnect data balance
  • …Airtel will send you a message with details of your bonus data.

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How To Add Family and Friend on Airtel SmartConnect

To connect family and friends numbers on the smartconnect tariff is not as difficult as you may think.

It’s about adding a list of numbers you’d like to call from time to time and this guide shows us how to add family and friends numbers on SmartConnect.

Make sure you check it out and start connecting with loved ones today.

How To Migrate Out Of Airtel SmartConnect.

  • Select any Airtel tariff plan of your choice by dialing its activation code.

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  • Wait a few seconds and you’re migrated.

From that moment, you have migrated out of the airtel smart connect tariff plan and will no longer enjoy its benefits.

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SmartConnect gives you both data for browsing the internet and airtime bonuses for making calls locally and internationally.

And that is to say; this plan suites both callers and internet surfers.

You can simply activate your new line to start enjoying Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan bonus offers.

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