Airtel Tariff Plans That Gives Bonus + 8X Airtime 2023

Yeah, you read it right. I know you are looking for the best Airtel tariff plans that gives bonus on recharge or related.

Today’s article covers the list of tariff plans that rewards you with BIG airtime and data bonuses.

Out of all the Network service providers in Nigeria, Airtel is found one of the top guys in the market. MTN, Glo, and Etisalat are other popular networks that provide quality services to their customers and have covered a large follower base over the years.

Now, take a look at the list of cheap airtel tariff plans that gives a bonus and pick your preferred.

airtel tariff plans that gives bonus

Airtel Tariff Plans That Gives Bonus On Recharge

This is the list of plans that reward you with a free bonus every time you recharge your Airtel line. Starting from N100 worth of airtime, you will get the respective bonus as promised.

1. Airtel SmartConnect Airtime & Data Bonus

Airtel Smart Connect Code

Smartconnect is a prepaid plan that gives you an 800% airtime bonus on every recharge plus a 100% bonus on data bundles you buy.

This means that you are getting eight (8) times your airtime recharge and two (2) times your data volume.

  • For example: If I recharge N100 on the airtel smartconnect tariff plan, I will receive an N800 bonus instantly.

And not only that, if I desire to buy an airtel 100naira data plan, SC will give double the supposed data volume.

Now, isn’t that interesting?

Kindly migrate to Airtel SmartConnect to start enjoying the awesome airtime and data benefits today.

And here is where it becomes interesting;

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SC divides the bonus into three (3) to serve different purposes:

  • Main account credit: N100
  • Bonus Credit For Voice: N300
  • Bonus Credit For Data: N400
  • Total: N800

You are given 7days to exhaust the bonus and mind you, the bonus credit will go away and the main account remains.

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2. Airtel SmartTrybe Data Bonus

SmartTrybe is a tariff plan full of data benefits. Imagine getting huge data volume for less money spent on airtime.

Airtel smarttrybe is a tariff plan that gives you the best rates on the data plans you purchase and on calls to all networks.

With ST, you can stay connected online, do your favorite stuff and worry less about data on this airtel bonus plan.

(Awoof sweet o, lol ?)

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You are not limited to the awesome bonuses. You can stream or download your favorite movies and series, music, games on the internet.

Smarttrybe comes with special data packages for you. And below are the available Airtel tariff plans that gives bonus:

Airtel Smart Trybe Benefits

Get 1GB For N500airtel tariff plans that gives bonus

With only 500naira, you will get 1gigabyte to browse the internet.

  • Simply dial *315*2#. Airtel Smart Trybe 1GB for N500 weekly data plan

This is a weekly plan and it lasts for 7days. At the moment, it’s the best airtel tariff plan for data bonus and for browsing the internet.

Get Free 15MB Every Week

Airtel will give you 15megabytes for free every week as long as you recharge your line with at least N150.

  • Your first recharge of N50 for the week gives you 5MB while;
  • Your recharge of N100 gives you 100MB.

Although, a friend said; he gets the free 15MB weekly without recharging up to that amount.

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Hopefully, it may work for you. Stay guided.

Enjoy Cheap Night Plan.

On Airtel SmartTrybe, you are allowed to browse at midnight at little to no cost.

Here you get:

  • 250MB For N25 and
  • 1.5GB For N200.

And you are given 5hours to exhaust the data which is from 12 am to 5 am at midnight.

See How To Activate Airtel Night Plan Fast.

Now, you may be wondering if the awesome bonuses are limited to some selected users but, here is the truth;

All prepaid customers who have migrated to airtel smarttrybe are allowed to enjoy this airtime and data benefits.

Cheap Call Rate

You are charged 11 kobos per second (11k/sec) for calls you make to all networks.

To migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe, Simply dial *312# on your phone. (Prepaid airtel sim card must be inserted)

Airtel smart trybe call rates

You will receive a confirmation message from airtel that your last action was successful.

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This is one of the Airtel tariff plans with bonus airtime and data benefits.

It’s Now Easy To Browse With Airtime On Airtel. Try It Out.

3. Airtel SmartRecharge Bundle

(airtel tariff plans that gives bonus)

SmartRecharge is a plan that offers you 10X the value of your airtime every time you recharge with the provided (*220*Recharge PIN#).

They call it the Call Anyhow, Stream Anyhow, Download Anyhow because it gives you both airtime and data.

Now, Airtel broke it down into tiny pieces for you to understand below:

airtel tariff plans that gives bonus

You can see clearly from the image that the 10X bonus is divided into two (2), a portion for voice calls, and added the PLUS Extra Data Value for customers who recharge with N500 and above.

Yeah, for me the plan is cool for those looking for airtel tariff plans with a recharge bonus. The validity defers based on the amount you recharge with:

  • N100 – 3days.
  • N200 – 7days.
  • N500 – 14days.
  • N1000 – 14days.
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Recharge with *220*Recharge PIN# to get the 10X bonus. You won’t get any bundle value if you recharge with the default code (*126*Recharge PIN#).

  • How to check airtel 10x bonus balance, simply dial *123#. Airtel smart recharge code

If you recharge your line with the airtel smart recharge code while your existing plan has not expired, the unused balance is rolled over into the existing bundle, and validity will be extended.

Meanwhile, if you do not buy any plan before validity expiry, all unused data will be taken or wiped.

Enjoy Cheap Calls On The Airtel Family And Friends Tariff Plans.

4. Airtel TalkMore Bundle

Want more Data? Or is it more Airtime? Talkmore gats you.

Yeah, airtel talkmore bundles are awesome value bundle that offers 5X the value of your recharge to make calls and send sms to all Networks in Nigeria with no restrictions.

This plan is different from others that allows only prepaid customers to enjoy cheap airtime and data benefits.

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Right here both prepaid and postpaid customers are allowed to subscribe and it comes at different prices so that everyone can afford to buy it.

This bundle can be used to make international calls to India, China, Canada, UK landlines, and the USA as well as browse the internet.

  • Kindly recharge your line with *126*1*Recharge PIN# to get TalkMore bundle values. Airtel talk more migration code

Alternatively, you can get the 500% bonus by dialing the below USSD codes.

  • Simply dial *234*Airtime Value#. airtel talkmore data bundle package

For example, if you want to buy the N100 plan, dial *234*100# on your phone or SMS TM100 to 234 and you will receive a confirmation message from airtel that the operation was successful.

The validity remains 30days for most of the plans except the N60 plan.

See how airtel broke it down in the screenshot below:

Talk More Breakdown

 BIG DATA, Less PAY. Don’t go Expensive next time, Buy Cheap Data Plans Today.

5. Airtel 6X Bundle Airtime Bonus

(airtel tariff plans that gives bonus)

Did you get the notification message from airtel Nigeria about the 6X bundle?

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Well, if not, here is an opportunity for you.

Airtel 6X bundles is a plan that offers you 600% of the value of your recharge for data, calls, and sms to all networks.

To get the great six (6) benefits, you must be a prepaid subscriber.

Also, you don’t have to migrate with a special code. The migration progress takes place once you recharge your line with the given code.

  • Kindly recharge with *555*Recharge PIN#. (e.g *555*1239876373550#) Airtel 6x bundle migration code

For example, if you recharge your airtel line with N100 using the above code, you will receive N600 instantly and that’s it.

The higher you recharge, the higher the value you receive.

Valid for 30days (except the N100 plan, which is 14days).

6GB DATA: Select from the 7+ Best Airtel 500Naira Data Plans Right Now.


If you are new to the Airtel world, you should know that you are been migrated to a tariff plan by default and you are not forced to remain there.

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You can always change to another tariff plan and the same thing applies to old customers.

Now, why do you go expensive when there are handpicked Airtel tariff plans that give bonuses on recharge or activation.

Hope this article helps you make the right choice on tariff plans.

Read more helpful resources below:

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Peace ✌️.

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