Airtel 200 For 1GB Data Plan Code 2023

If you are looking for the Airtel 200 for 1GB data plan code, this post is for you.

There are different data plans in the telecom market today and for this reason, you can’t jump in and buy any data bundle.

I believe you’re searching for something cheaper and worth the exchange of the money you spend.

Today, you will learn how to activate the Airtel 1GB for 200 Naira Plan.

Activating The Airtel 1GB Plan

Airtel introduced the “SPECIAL DATA OFFER” that enables all prepaid customers to purchase a bigger internet bundle for less money spent.

With only 200 Naira, you can get a whopping 1-gigabyte data to browse the internet.

Looking at how it started, Airtel Nigeria makes sure that each data plan suits the need of every internet user, be it Small, Average, or Heavy internet data usage.

No doubt, the 1GB for N200 on airtel is valid for 7days. You can imagine how sweet this is.

Yes, you can browse all day and not be restricted by daylight or nighttime laws like the 1.5GB on Airtel SmartTrybe Plan.

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airtel 200 for 1gb data plan code

How To Activate Airtel 200 For 1GB

Here’s how to subscribe to Airtel 1GB for 200:

  • Simply dial *141*1*2# on your phone dialer and confirm your request.

After dialing the code, you will see a pop-up. Just select Ok to proceed.

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Who Is Eligible For The Airtel N200 Data Plan  For 1GB?

I know you are probably asking for the Airtel 200 for 1GB eligibility status. The game is simple.

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Yes, to qualify for this offer, this is what you have to do.

  • Insert your Airtel SIM card on your phone.
  • Once your network signal shows up, dial the airtel recharge code to make sure you have a sufficient account balance.
  • If you don’t have credit, kindly recharge at least 200 Naira on your line. This enables the 1GB activation code to work.

These are the basic requirements for the 200 for 1GB data bundle on Airtel. You don’t need much. Whether you’re a new or old customer, you can activate this plan.

Although there’s a claim that says you must be an active customer to make activation possible, the only way to know is to try it out.

You can dial the short Airtel USSD Code on your 3G or 4G LTE SIM.

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How To Get 1GB for 200 On Airtel For 7 days

To activate the 1GB Plan for 200 Naira manually, follow the guidelines below:

  • Simply just dial *141#. This code brings up a Menu.
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select My OFFER.
  • Reply ‘2’ to select 1GB 7days plan for N200.
  • Now, proceed by selecting Ok.
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You’ve just activated the plan successfully. As long as you saw the My Offer plan on the Menu, you can buy it from there.

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Cheaper Data Plans For 200 Naira, Below & Beyond

The data plans in this section cost between N50 to 1000 Naira range which means you can spend less for more data or maybe, add a little token to purchase a data bundle if possible.

Airtel 200 For 4GB

While you can buy 1GB for just 200 Naira spent on airtime, it is also possible to get 4X that value. Yes, it is a plan created to credit you with 4GB of data on your recharge of N200 using the given recharge code.

Instead of using *126*PIN# to load credit, make use of the below code.

  • Simply dial *143*Recharge PIN#. For example, if the pine on the recharge card slip is 1234567890, just dial *143*1234567890# and you’ll be credited immediately.

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Airtel 1GB With 100 Naira

You may also be wondering if it’s possible to get 1GB for the cost of N100 airtime.No worries, there’s a way out.

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Airtel 1GB for 200 Naira data plan is similar to this one and you can activate it following the guidelines correctly.

  • Simply dial *474*1#. It’s the short ussd code to subscribe to this plan.

You can also read this post on the Airtel Unlimited data plan you can buy for N100 only.

Airtel 200 For 1.5GB Data Code

Do you know you can also buy 1.5GB for 200 Naira on Airtel? Following the instructions will help you get your desired results in no time.

The other one is 200 for 1GB and this time, you have an extra 500MB to browse the internet and download your favorite stuff online.

Get started on SmartTrybe today to enjoy an affordable browsing experience at night.

Airtel 6GB For 500 Naira

Connecting with the plans I have explained earlier, you may want to top-up your game by spending a bit more for BIGGER Data Volume.

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The Airtel 2G Pack has this package as the second plan on the list of internet data plans. Before you subscribe, make sure you have a sufficient credit balance to enable the bonus offer to work for you.

Just the same process you use to purchase the airtel 200 for 1GB plan manually, you can also activate this package.

MTN 200 For 1GB

MTN Nigeria also created a bonus offer that gives you 1Gigabyte for just 200 Naira Credit you recharge on your line.

The process to activate it is similar to the Airtel 200 plan. All you need is to get the working USSD code applied as instructed.

If you are an MTN user and you want to activate this 1GB plan that cost N200, follow the line below:

Awoof MTN 1GB For 200 Naira Code

Airtel 2GB For 500 Naira

On this plan, you’re given 14days to exhaust the data volume. For example, if you buy on Sunday the 1st of May, it will expire on the 14th of May at the particular time you subscribed. That’s two (2) weeks.

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Now, check the data capacity. On a normal note, you get about 750MB for N500 internet subscriptions.

It’s different in this case. Right here, you will be given 2Gigabytes for the stated amount. You can compare this to the 1GB for 200 plan on Airtel.

  • Simply dial *141*5# or *141*504#.

After that, you’ll receive an SMS from Airtel telling you how successful the transaction was.

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Airtel 4GB For 1000 Naira

Still, on the special offer packages introduced by Airtel, you can spend more money on credit and get even BIGGER DATA VALUE.

You may be more focused on the 200 for 1GB data plan code, but the overall plan is to get an internet bundle data that lasts long and cost little money to buy.

Getting 4gigabytes for N1000 is also cool and Airtel may remove this data bundle from the list as it’s not one of the official internet packs.

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To activate this bonus offer;

  • Simply dial *141*1*4# to activate the 4GB for the N1000 30days plan.

Then reply ‘OK’ to confirm your subscription. It’s valid for 30days.

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Airtel 6GB For 1500

Just as the 1GB plan costs N200 only to subscribe, you can select one of the data bundles above, dial the code and enjoy an extended browsing experience.

Now, this is one of the data plans on the Special Offer launched for all Airtel customers. If you dial the *141# and you find the My Offer option on the Menu, you’re good to go.

  • Simply dial *141# on your phone dialer.
  • Reply ‘1‘ to select My Offer.
  • Reply ‘3‘ to select 6GB Data for N1500 7days plan.

Now, confirm to process your request.

  • Alternatively, you can dial *141*1*3# to subscribe.

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How To Check Airtel 1GB For 200 Naira Data Balance

After activating the 1GB data for N200 on Airtel, you should receive an immediate notification that your activation was successful.

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Airtel usually shows this in a short, simple-to-understand popup message or through an SMS.

However, you didn’t get a message like;

You’ve successfully activated the Airtel 1GB data bundle SMS

The best option is to view your available balance to confirm.

Have You Subscribed?

Activating the Airtel 200 for 1GB plan with the ussd code given above is simple. Make sure you follow the guidelines above correctly so you don’t miss out on this one.

So tell me; have you subscribed?

What’s the result you got?

Comment below!

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