How To Flash On Glo Without Airtime

You found this page because you are looking for how to flash on glo without airtime.

Yes, it’s possible.

Take, for example, if you want to make an emergency call for business or whatever reason, you’ll find this post useful.

In a few seconds, you will learn how to make calls without airtime on glo.

Summary On The Glo Flashing Code

Last week, we’ve covered the MTN flashing code to beep other numbers on the network. The same thing applies to 9mobile.

You can also read the 9mobile code for calling another customer without credit on your account.

There’s no official code giving for Glo users to flash other numbers but there’s a way out.

All glo users can use this trick to beep a different number to call you back whenever you’re low on credit.

Now, this is how it works;

  • You send a free SMS to the number…
  • …then, the receiver calls back immediately.

On sweet thing?

There are no later charges attached to it. It costs 0.00k to send this SMS. Get the code below…

Hey! Make Sure You Learn How To Send Please Call Me Back On Glo

how to flash on glo without airtime

How To Flash On glo without airtime

  • Simply dial *125*Phone Number#. For example, if you want to flash 09012345678, asking the person to call back, just dial *125*09012345678# on your phone.
They’ll receive a message request a call back to you.
Since there’s no official flashing code on this Network, we are using the glo call me back code in this case.
Yeah, instead of being stranded in a situation whereby you have low credit on your phone.

Alternative Ways To Make Call On Glo Without Airtime

  • Make Use Of Wifi or Mobile Data Connection. Yes, you can possibly use your WhatsApp application to make voice or video calls to friends, family members, or even strangers (lol).
DUO is another mobile app you use to make calls without airtime. You just need an ongoing internet bundle for these apps to work smoothly.
  • Get Free Airtime on Glo. Yes, watch the video below to learn the secret to earn free airtime so you can call as many people as your earned credit can call.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions On Glo Flash Call Code

How Many Time Can Flash With This Code?

You are limited by five (5) times daily. Yes, after that, you need to wait for another day to be able to send a new request.

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Have You Applied What You Learned Today?

I just gave you the working guide on how to flash on glo without airtime.

So have you tried it out?

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