Mtn Flashing Code To Make Free Calls Now 2021

Are you all looking for the MTN flashing code to beep someone just for them to get notified and call you back?

In a situation whereby you have no credit, and you need to reach out to a friend to pass important information, this service is useful in this case.

You will learn how to flash a number without credit on mtn below.


About MTN Free Flashing Code

It’s the MTN Beep Service.

This service enables that you flash a number with a ZERO account balance. And you’re not limited to beep only family and friends, you flash strangers if you like (lol).

Make sense?

For example, Mr. NetworkPalava calls Sister Data and he has a 0.00k account balance, MTN will inform him that he has insufficient airtime to make this call…

…At the same time, MTN will automatically notify Sister Data that she missed a call from Mr. NetworkPalava.

Hope you get it now? Ask questions in the comment section.

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mtn flashing code

MTN Flashing Code To Beep Other Customers

Below is how to flash a number without credit on mtn:

  • Make sure you have a 0.00k airtime balance and you’re not qualified for the MTN XtraTime Service.
  • Now, dial the phone number you want to beep. For example, if you want to flash “07012345678”, Just call the number with ZERO credit using your phone dialer.
  • You’ll hear the automated voice telling you;
“Your account is too low for this call, please recharge bla bla bla…”
  • Don’t hang up. Wait until the voice finishes talking.
  • Boom! The person you’re calling will receive a MISSED CALL alert.
The funny part;
  • They’ll wonder when their phone rang (lol).

The airtel flashing code is also related to this one.

Alternative Ways To Make Call On Mtn Without Airtime

  • Send Please, Call Me. It’s simple and also free. you need is to ask someone to call you, then wait until they respond to your request.
And to do this, you must make use of theย mtn call me back code here.
  • Use Your Data. You should be aware that it’s now possible to make calls with data (i.e megabytes) that was specifically used for browsing the internet.
Yes, you use WhatsApp and other Calling apps to call others without credit on your mtn line.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions On Mtn Flash Call Code

Is MTN Beep service limited to some customers?

  • You can flash other people if you have a 0.00k balance and you’re not qualified for the XtraTime Package.

Who is eligible?

  • All MTN users who are low on credit.

Are there later charges like borrowing airtime?

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Are There Later Charges Like Borrowing Airtime?

  • No, making use of MTN Beep Service Is Free.

What Is The Mtn Secret Code For Flashing?

  • I already explained how to flash another number above.

How Can I Flash On Glo Without Airtime?

  • Simply dial *125*Phone Number# to ask the person to call you back.

How Do I Flash Without Airtime On 9mobile?

  • Send Please Call Me Text Message. Simply dial *266*1*Phone Number#.

How Many Times Can I Flash Another Customer A Day?

  • Using Beep Service, you can only flash 20 people or less daily.

What’s The Result?

I believe the code I shared above helps you flash someone close to you or from a distance.

So, what’s the result? Did they call back or they ignored the missed call.

That’s the working MTN flashing code to beep another customer.

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