Glo Call Me Back Code For Free SMS 2024

Don’t look further. I know you’re looking for the glo call me back code to alert your desired number to call you back.

In a situation whereby you can’t get a recharge card to top up your account balance, you need a way out (Glo free SMS).

So don’t stress it all. Right now, you’ll get the glo free call me back code to inform another glo customer that you need a call from them.

Apply the ussd code below.

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Below Is The Glo Call Me Back Code:

  • Simply dial *125*Phone Number#. For example, if you want to send the Please Call Me Back SMS to 08012345678, just dial *125*08012345678# to request a callback to you.

Hope you got it right? This is how to send free sms on glo. Just that you can’t send a customized message.

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Now, making use of this service to request a free call back from someone else doesn’t mean you’re broke or anything related.

You can do it at your pace. No issues.

And mind you, Airtime can be expensive at times, you can use this free service instead of burdening yourself on expenses.

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glo call me back code for free sms

Important Information On The Glo Call Back SMS

Here are some things you must know about using this service on the Glo Network:

  • With this service, you do two things at a time. You send free SMS and also make a free call.
  • You can only send call back requests to Glo customers. That’s you as the sender is a Glo user and the recipient must be a Glo user too.
  • No need to worry about Credit on your account. Just ask for calls.
  • No matter the tariff plan you are migrated to, you’re 100% qualified.
  • You cannot send more than 5 Glo Call Me Back SMS per day. So, with the code, you can only request calls from five people or the same contact daily.
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Have you sent the Call Back Request?

Following on the guidelines I have given above, I believe you know the glo call me back code to request a call from friends, family, and other glo users within your reach.

So, after sending an SMS, did you get a callback?

How many times did you send before getting a call from the recipient?

Comment below.

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