How To Transfer/Share Airtime On Glo Faster

Right here, you’ll learn how to transfer airtime on Glo to Glo faster.

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to share the credit you recharge on your phone with other glo users?

Maybe you’re new to this glo-sharing service that allows Glo users to send airtime to someone who is in need.

No worries. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to transfer credit even though someone shared airtime with you on Glo.

About Glo Network Airtime Sharing

It’s About Easy Share. Glo EasyShare makes it possible for all prepaid customers on the network to transfer airtime from one number to another.

This service can be called Glo Me2u and Glo EasyShare.

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It was impossible to share credit in the past. You can buy a recharge card slip for someone on your wish or even type in the code and send it through SMS.

After that, you wait and make sure the recipient receives and loads the glo card successfully before you can throw the slip away. Not cool at all.

This day, everything has changed. You can now share airtime after recharging. And right now, it’s even fast and reliable.

Follow the guideline below.

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how to transfer airtime on glo code

How To Transfer Airtime On Glo to Glo

  • Simply dial *131*Reciever’s Phone No*Amount To Share*Your Transfer PIN#. For example, if you want to transfer 450 Naira to 09012335500 and your transfer PIN is 22110, just dial *131*09012335500*450*22110# on your smartphone.
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Before doing this, you must make sure that you have a sufficient account balance.

Now, what if you don’t have a transfer PIN yet? Below is how to get it.

  • Simply dial *132*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#.

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What Is The Default PIN For Glo Airtime Transfer

Glo Default transfer PIN is 00000. That’s ZERO five times.

But you can’t use this code to transfer airtime. To make the transfer possible you must change the default pin.

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How To Change Your Glo Transfer PIN

  • Simply dial *132*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# on your phone dialer. For example, if you want to change the default pin to 66117, just dial *132*00000*66117*66117#.

The essence of typing your new pin twice is to make sure you don’t forget what you typed. As you will you need it to transfer airtime every time.

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This means your glo transfer code is *131*Phone No*Credit Amount*PIN#. You can fill in the blank.

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How To Send Airtime on Glo to Glo Line

The code to transfer airtime on glo is *131*Reciever’s Phone No*Amount*New PIN#.

I already gave examples of how to replace the words above. Now, you may be wondering if it is possible to activate Glo Easyshare or Me2U using the SMS method.

  • Open your Messaging App, then SMS “ACT” to “131“. You’ll receive a message from Glo Network telling you how successful the operation was.

To transfer glo credit in ghana, simply dial 121 or 200 on your mobile phone.

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How To Transfer Data From Glo To Glo Line

Instead of overthinking if the code to share airtime is the same as the data transfer code, read this.

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Sharing Data on glo is different from airtime transfer and I’ve created a different guide on that.

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How To Retrieve Your Glo Transfer PIN

In a situation whereby you’re unable to make an airtime transfer from your phone, there are various reasons why this is happening.

Maybe you can’t remember your transfer PIN or something related.

  • To reset your transfer PIN on glo, simply dial 121.

Free Flashing Code On Glo Without Credit


How Do I Transfer Credit From Mtn To Glo Network?

  • First, select one of the Bank Recharge Codes here…
  • Dial your bank ussd code.
  • Enter the MTN Phone Number you want to send credit to.
  • Now, enter the Amount.
  • Finally, enter your PIN to confirm the transaction.
  • That’s it.

What’s The Result?

After applying the transfer code to send credit on glo, what’s the result you got?

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Was your action successful? Did you call customer care?

Comment below!

That’s how to transfer airtime on Glo.

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