How To Check Your Glo Number Faster

Are you also looking for how to check your glo number in Nigeria?

I have seen many scenarios whereby you buy a SIM card and start using it without actually knowing your glo number. It happens.

Even after months of buying and registering your glo sim card, you still find it difficult to tell your new friend, new client, or a long time relative your phone number off hand.

No worries. I have a solution for you.

Today, you will learn how I see my glo number every time.

Checking Your Phone Number On Glo

There are several reasons to check your number on glo. As I explained earlier, even though you’ve never been in a tight situation where you need to give out your number.

Picture that scenario whereby it happens on the day you hit a big business deal. Now, what will you do?

It uses to be difficult to view your glo number with a user code but now, there’s are good ways to get out of this.

Now, you may be wondering if checking phone numbers is limited to a particular type of tariff plan on Glo.

No, it’s not. Everyone on the Glo Network is allowed to check their phone number with ease.

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how to check your glo number in nigeria

Both Prepaid and postpaid customers are allowed to check at a convenient time. However, New and Old users are not counted out of this.

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Too much talk already. Now see the shortcode to check your glo phone number easily.

How To Check Glo Number Easily

What you need right now.

By USSD Code

Below is the code to check your number on glo:

  • Simply dial *135*8# on your phone dialer.

That’s the USSD code to view your number.

Yes, after dialing the code above, you will see your phone number smiling at you (hehe).

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This is a popular method to know your glo number in Nigeria (a situation whereby you don’t remember).

It’s simple.

  • Kindly check your glo account balance by dialing #124*1#.

Now, send a quick text message to your close friend.

After that, ask your friend to dictate the sender’s (which is you) number for you.

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By Voice Call

There is a 4digit line glo provided for you (a customer) to retrieve or remind you of your phone number. And what is this number?

  • Kindly call 1244 with the glo SIM you want to view.
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Now, Listen to the voice talking.

You’ll hear your phone number twice or less. Just write down the number.

Alternatively, you can call a close friend or family member.

  • Afterward, ask them to reveal your number to you.

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Check Your Phone Number With The Glo Mobile App

This is another simple method to check your glo number.

  • Kindly download the Glo App from PlayStore or Google.

After that, install it on your smartphone phone.

Then Proceed to view your number from there.

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Other Ways To Check Your Glo Phone Number

While the above methods will help you check your phone number, you can also try some more below:

Send Call Me Back To A friend.

  • Simply dial *125*Phone Number#. For example, if you want to ask ‘09012345678’ to call you, dial *125*09012345678# on your phone dialer.
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The essence of this is to make sure your number displays on the screen of the person you’re in contact with.

So once the call comes in, ask for your number. Period.

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Contact Glo Customer Care

You can as well reach out to the glo customer care service. You’ll be referred to connect with an agent or representative.

Now, ask for your phone number one of the means below:

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Go to Glo Customer Service Center

You can also go to any local glo service center and inquire.

Report the representative. Yes, ask the staff you see to get your phone number out.

You will be asked for some personal information that enables them to bring up your phone number.

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Check Your Phone Number Online

  • Make sure you have the sim inserted on your phone.
  • Visit
  • Wait while the page loads up.
  • You will see your number right on the screen.
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How To Check Your Glo Airtime & Data Balance

Do you also want to view your account or data balance on glo? You must monitor your account balance from time to time to make sure you’re not losing credit or data excessively.

Have You Checked Your Glo Number?

I believe that you’ve learned how to check your glo number in Nigeria.

You don’t have to apply all the methods highlighted in this post. However, select one that suits your need.

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