Airtel USSD Codes 2023

Get useful Airtel USSD Codes for different operations of your line. Most people use their airtel sim without knowing the important ussd code to keep around.

Each telecommunications operator has its own USSD codes provided for the customer’s use. This includes Airtel, MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, JIO, BSNL, and other telecommunications companies.

Though there is a difference between all the codes provided by each operator, the issue here is that because most USSD codes have similarities, most customers tend to confuse them.

In this article, I will be discussing Airtel USSD codes and what service each code offers. Particularly, the USSD message is up to 182 alphanumeric characters long.

USSD codes start with an asterisk (*) symbol followed by a combination of digits or data. Then it ended with a hash (#) symbol.

What are Airtel USSD codes?

USSD can also be called Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is also known as Quick Codes.

They are unique numbers that users can type and send to get a response from the Airtel Carrier Network system, which contains the information that was requested.

Ideally, Airtel USSD codes have differences based on what we want to use them for. Below is a compiled list of Airtel USSD codes.

  • Airtel Balance Check USSD Code is *123#
  • Airtel Number Check USSD Code is *282#.
  • To check the Airtel 4G balance, dial *121*2#.
  • Airtel’s customer care number is 198.
  • The Airtel complaint number is 121.
  • To check Airtel unlimited packs, dial *121*1#.
  • Airtel Plan validity check code is *123#.
  • For Airtel’s offer code, dial *121#.
  • To check Airtel Postpaid Bill payment, send an SMS “PMT” to 121.
  • Airtel Data Charges Check Code is *121*7*5#
  • For the Airtel Postpaid Current Bill plan check, send SMS “BP” to 121.
  • For Airtel Postpaid Current Plan Usage Check, send SMS “UNB” to 121.
  • For Airtel Postpaid Due/Pending Amount Check, send
    SMS “OT” to 121.
  • For Airtel 3G balance, dial *123*11#.
  • Airtel Night Data Balance Code is *123*197#
  • To check your Airtel Local SMS balance, dial *123*2# or *555#.
  • For Airtel DND (Do Not Disturb) Activation or Deactivation, dial 1909
  • For My Airtel, My Offer, dial *121#
  • For Airtel Loan Number, dial *141*10# or 52141.
  • For Airtel Value Added Services, dial *121*4#
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More Airtel USSD Codes To Do More On Your Line

  • To check the Last Five Transactions and Value Added Services, dial *121*7#.
  • Dial *123*8# to check your remaining free STD minutes.
  • For Airtel to Airtel Minute Balance, dial *123*1#
  • For Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minute Balance, dial *123*6#.
  • For a free local STD SMS balance, dial *123*7#.
  • Airtel Talk Time Gift Service, a.k.a. Share or Ask Talk Time, dial *141#.
  • For Special 5 offers, dial *222#.
  • For free Facebook access, dial *325#.
  • For Airtel Live services, dial *321#.
  • For the Hello Tunes menu, dial *678#.
  • For Twitter services, dial *515#.
  • For GPRS Activation/Deactivation, dial *567#.
  • For missed call alerts, dial *888#.
  • For mobile number portability, text “PORT” to 1909.
  • To migrate to Airtel More Talk, dial *234#.
  • For Me2U, dial *141#.
  • To buy Airtel Credit/Data, dial *444#.
  • For Voice Bundle Balance, dial *123*2# or *140#

Are There Other Ways To Check My Balance?

Another way to check your balance is through the Airtel app. The app is available on both Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store), which can be downloaded respectively.

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Below are the steps on how to check your balance on my Airtel app. Yes, If you don’t have the airtel ussd code, the app will reveal it to you.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app,

  • Register your number on the app (make sure the number registered is an active number).
  • Tap on the account to see options like account balance, exclusive offer, and data balance. It will display Airtel internet (*129*10#), and roaming packs (*222#). These are working ussd codes for Airtel.

How Can You Share Data With Family and Friends?

To share or transfer data on Airtel with family and friends, you need to dial *141# and tap on the option “Gifting.”

Let’s take an example: Let’s say you buy 1.5GB monthly. You can transfer 200MB or 300MB to family or friends. And if you want to buy a data bundle for another person with your airtime, it’s the same Airtel USSD code you will dial: *141#.

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What is the Airtel Talk More Bundle?

Airtel Talk More Bundles are valued bundles that give 500% of the value of airtime to send messages and make calls to all networks in Nigeria without paying a dime.

Almost all Airtel customers apply for this bundle offer because of this feature.

One amazing feature of the bundle is that it allows you to make international calls to different countries, especially UK landlines, the USA, Canada, China, and India.

This bundle is open to all Airtel customers (postpaid and prepaid) and also has different prices that are pocket-friendly. Simply dial *234# and select the Prepaid Talk More bundle plan.


The Airtel USSD code comes with amazing offers and bonuses, which is why its customers never complain of insufficient data or airtime. This service provider is known for its unique bonuses and offers, especially data offers.

I have been able to compile the list of all Airtel USSD codes, so you don’t need to ask which codes come with any offers.

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Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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