How To Share Airtime On MTN in 3+ Quick Ways

Do you want to learn how to share airtime on mtn Nigeria?

I know what it means when you have more than enough credit and want to share with your friends  and family members.

Or,  maybe someone has excess credit and ask you to transfer   to your phone.

No worries, today, I will show you how to transfer credit from MTN  to MTN number in a few simple steps.

About MTN Transfer Code Service

It’s called the MTN Share ‘N’ Sell service which allows you to transfer airtime at your convenience.

It wasn’t an easy task to share a part of your credit with another mtn Customer.

It was almost impossible based on the limited number of ways to transfer Airtime on the MTN Network.

But for a few years now, MTN has made it easier to share credit from anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Yes, as long as you make use of MTN SIM for calls and services that require airtime, you are allowed to share airtime and also receive from another customer.

Look, there are several means to transfer airtime on MTN today  and below are  some of them:

  • Via SMS
  • Via USSD
  • Call 0r Customer Care
  • Social Media Method

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The SMS method is more popular these days because it’s very easy to cram or remember.

Nevertheless, I prefer the use of the USSD method based on the speed it manages to deliver messages.

how to share airtime on mtn nigeria

How To Share Airtime On MTN

Follow the simple steps below to transfer credit to your preferred:

Get Your Transfer PIN.

Yes, before you can be allowed to transfer airtime with the mtn transfer code, you must create a pin to secure your transactions.

Normally the MTN default PIN is 0000. But, you can’t use that for transfers as anyone can steal your airtime without your knowledge.

Here’s  how to reset your MTN transfer PIN:

  • SMS Old PIN + New PIN + New PIN to 777. For example, send 0000 2713 2713 to 777.

The essence of entering your New PIN twice is to confirm that you wrote it correctly to avoid the story that touches the heart (hehe).

Now, after sending the message to 777, you will receive a message from MTN that your “PIN Reset” was carried out successfully.

Congratulations your Transfer PIN is set.

You can now share credit through SMS and USSD method.

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Alternative Way To Reset Your Transfer PIN

  • Simply  dial *600*Old PIN*New PIN*New PIN#. For example, dial *600*0000*2713*2713# to proceed.
    how to share airtime on mtn

BOOM, you will receive a message which reads you’ve successfully changed your MTN  share and sell PIN.

You can share credit through SMS and USSD methods below.

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Share Airtime With USSD

To transfer airtime with the short USSD code;

  • Simply dial *600*Recipient Number*Amount*PIN#. For example, to share 5000 naira airtime simply dial *600*08012345678*1000*2713#.
    how to share airtime on mtn

And within seconds, your request will be granted. You will receive a debit alert for deduction of N5k airtime and the receiver gets a credit alert of N5000 as a plus on their account balance.

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Transfer With SMS Method

  • Open your Messaging App.
  • Compose a new message, input and send the following:
  • Type in “Transfer + Receiver’s Phone Number + Amount + Your PIN and send to 777.

For example, if you are to send credit to “09032027013”, SMS Transfer 09032027013 5000 2713 to 777. Notice: I include space in between each input.

Once you send it, the recipient will receive your gift almost immediately.

Alternatively, you may choose to type in the recharge card code and send it to the recipient.

You can as well do that. But  you should bear in mind that the standard N4 SMS charge applies in this case.

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Share Credit Via Phone Call

This is simply an old and outdated way to share credit. I don’t recommend this method as it takes time and attracts extra charges from MTN.

How Does It Work?

  • Simply buy your recharge card.
  • Call Recipient.
  • Mention the MTN Recharge Code correctly to the customer.
  • Wait until they confirm that the card was loaded correctly.
  • That’s it.

Alternatively, you can call MTN customer care to help you share credit to your desired destination.

  • Speak with a representative by calling 180 right now.

They will guide you on how to go about it.

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Via Social Media

You must have seen popular brands giving free airtime to the customers by taking a close camera shot of Recharge Cards then post it online.

You can as well do this as a surprise to a friend via DM on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Type in the recharge code or
  • Snap the slip and send it to the recipient.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the MTN customer care service via the below social media profiles to ask for Share ‘N’ sell assistance:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

Well, out of the methods stated above, I highly recommend the short, quick USSD and SMS method for your airtime transfers.

Those are the two means I use to transfer credit every time as it’s fast and reliable.

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How To Retrieve Your MTN Transfer PIN

I understand that nothing lasts forever. You may forget your PIN, possibly want to change it coz it’s easy to guess.

Kindly follow my guidance below to retrieve MTN Transfer PIN:


Simply dial * Your Existing PIN * New PIN * New PIN #. For example, your Existing is 2713 and New PIN is 5678. Just dial *600*2713*5678*5678# to retrieve your PIN immediately.

(This step contributes to the process on how to share airtime on mtn)


  • Open Messaging App and compose a new message.
  • Type in Your Existing PIN + Your New PIN + Your New PIN and send it to 777. For example, sms 2713 5678 5678 to 777.

After that, MTN will inform you that your PIN was changed successfully.

Now, if you’ve forgotten your PIN there is a  different approach to this.

Here’s is how to retrieve your lost MTN transfer PIN:

Contact MTN Customer Care Service

Below are the quick means to reach them today:

  • Call 180
    how to share airtime on mtn
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp

Meanwhile, you can try other channels like:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

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Frequently Asked Questions on MTN Share ‘N’ Sell

I understand that you may have a question regarding the MTN Share ‘N’ Sell service, so I’ve answered some of your most asked questions in this section:

Which Plans Supports Share And Sell On MTN

There are a good list of traffic plans that allows you to share credit easily at anytime.

Can I transfer Airtime On MTN to Airtel?

There’s no direct claim that it’s possible to share airtime from mtn to airtel network.

Meanwhile, Legit Ng shows that it is possible as it’s shown in the screenshot below:

Can I Transfer Airtime On MTN to Glo Network?

Yes, Make use of your Bank transfer code.

How Can I Transfer Airtime From MTN to Another Line?

Follow the guidelines below depending on the Bank you operate with:

  • Dial your Bank Transfer Code.
  • Select Others
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Enter your recipient’s phone number.
  • Confirm your 4digit PIN and send it.

Now, there’s no direct way to share credit with a Non-MTN user. However, sending airtime through a mobile bank transfer code is the best recommendation for you.

Is It Possible To Transfer Airtel on Airtel?

Yes, I already created a guide that has the answer to this question. See the best ways to share airtime on Airtel in Nigeria here.

What’s Your Result?

Now, let me know. At this point, I believe you are about to transfer credit to your desired destination.

That’s how to share airtime on MTN Nigeria.

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