Glo 500 For 2GB Code, 3GB for N500, 1GB (Update 2023)

No worries. I know you’re in search of the glo 500 for 2GB code to subscribe to this cheap data plan and possibly browse the internet at a low cost.

It’s not a surprise package. Everyone has a taste when it comes to internet data bundles. You know, there are a couple of cheap data plans on GLO that gives 2GB. It all depends on your pocket size and the available offers on their list.

Today, you’ll get the glo subscription code to buy the 500 for 2GB data plan and continue where you stopped the explore.

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About the 500 Naira Data Plan On Glo

There are good numbers of glo cheap data plans. Yes, if you’re new to buying a data bundle for internet browsing, it may be difficult for you to find special offers.

That’s why we created this post about the glo 2GB for 500 naira package. Stick around as you learn more about it.

Now, who is this 2GB package for? All glo customers who are eligible for this plan, ofcourse. You can confirm your eligibility by applying the subscription code.

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glo 500 for 2gb code

Glo 500 For 2GB Code

At this point, it’s recommended that you recharge at least 500 Naira airtime on your glo line. Check your account balance to confirm this. Now, apply the code below:

  • The shortcode to subscribe to the 2GB plan is *777*1*1*2*5*1*2# or *127*57# to buy the 800MB bundle that’s valid for 10days and gives you a 2GB bonus in return. Kindly input this code on your phone dialer app and you’re good to go.
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That’s not all though. You just learned the Quick USSD method, meanwhile below is the recommended guideline to buying the Glo 500 for 2GB data bundle;

  • Simply dial *777* on your glo sim.
  • Reply “1” to select Buy Data Plan
  • Next, reply “2” or 1 to select One-Off or Auto Renew
  • Enter “5” and send it to select Special Data offer
  • Reply “1” to select Special Plans
  • Finally, reply “2” to select 2GB for 500 Naira data plan on Glo.

If you’re also wondering if the 2gigabytes internet bundle is valid for 2days, 7days, or 14days, here is the truth;

This special offer from glo Nigeria lasts for 2days and unused data will be taken off. If you get lucky, you may get a rollover when you subscribe again. However, this is not always guaranteed.

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SMS Method –

  • Open your phone Messaging app
  • Type “57” in the message space.
  • Enter “127” in the recipient info space.
  • Finally, hit the SEND button.
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In short, SMS 57 to 127 to activate this particular glo 500 data plan (valid for 10days) right away.

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Who Is Eligible?

All Glo customers who have registered and activated their sim cards successfully. Yes, follow the guidelines above to activate the 2GB data bundle that costs N500 only.

One major way to know that you’re amongst the selected customers and qualified for this cheap data plan is by “SMS“. Yes, if you get any of those PROMO text messages from Glo Nigeria, then feel free to activate the 2GB for N500 internet browsing subscription.

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Related N500 Bundles

Glo 200 for 1GB Code

First thing, you are expected to recharge your phone with at least “500 Naira airtime credit“. Not bonus credit though. You can only subscribe with the airtime your bought, either through a Recharge card slip or Mobile banking recharge code.

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Now, this package is different from the glo 500 for 2GB data bundles but it is such an enticing data bundle anyone can decide to purchase.

There is more to find out. Keep reading…

Glo 500 for 3gb Code

It’s normal to not like the cost of a data bundle. Yes, maybe the data volume is small and it doesn’t fill up the gap you have.

This internet plan is not the same as the 2GB data for 500 naira credit on glo network but it’s also worth the amount spent on it.

Apply the code below to activate this plan right away;

  • Simply dial *777# on your phone
  • Reply “1” to select Buy Data.
  • Reply “1” to select Buy Data Plan.
  • Now, select “1” for Auto-Renew or “2” for One-Off Purchase.
  • Reply 7 to select the Night & Weekend Plans
  • Finally, reply 5 to buy the 3GB data plan for N500 that’s valid for 2days.
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You’ll receive an SMS from Glo Nigeria giving you guidelines on how to use the data your just purchase.

Here’s what you must know; You can use this plan on Saturday from midnight to Sunday at 11:59 PM only. (In summary, SAT 11:59 PM – SUN 12:00 AM.)

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Glo 500 for 1gb

Now, you may think this plan is expensive compared to the 2GB bundle but it’s not always the way you see it. Several internet browsing plans have their ups and downs.

While the glo N500 data bundle gives you 2gigabytes volume, there are many other things to consider.

Have a look at the data consumption rate, validity period, browsing speed (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) limitations, and other factors.

Anyway, See how to activate the glo 500 for 14 days below:

  • Dial *777# on your phone dialer, then reply 1, send 1 again.
  • Reply “2” or “1” to select One-Off or Auto-renew.
  • Reply “1” to select Mini Plans
  • Finally, reply “1” to buy the 1GB bundle for N500 plus 250MB free midnight browsing data.
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Note: This plan lasts for 14days.

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Glo Data Plan 1000 for 4gb

This one is way above the leading data bundle in this post. You must recharge your glo sim with at least 1000 Naira airtime value then apply the working code to subscribe immediately.

Not to worry. You’ll get the activation code to buy the 4GB package the same way you got the glo 500 for 2GB subscription code earlier.

  • Simply dial *777#, select Monthly data plans and you’ll find it there.
  • Select Auto-Renew or One-Off purchase and proceed further.

After application, you’ll get a notification from Glo Nigeria telling you how successful the operation was.

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Glo 2,500 For 1.25GB code (7.7GB)

Before you conclude, remember this; “Every data bundle on Glo serves different purposes”. Don’t get caught thinking about the cost of a new data plan.

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The glo 2GB internet bundle that costs 500 Naira is cheap comparing the normal plans on this network. That’s true but several limitations come with it. The expiry date is one of them.

The 2,500 for 1.25GB (7.7GB) data plan has a 30days validity and that’s a big advantage over many AWUF packages.

  • Dial *777# and select Monthly Data Plans
  • Select the 2500 for 30days plan (6.8GB + 900MB = 7.7GB).
  • Choose Auto-Renew or One-Off Purchase
  • Confirm the transaction and you’re good to go.

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How To Buy 500 Data On Glo

The process to buy a data plan on Glo is simple. All you need is the active subscription code for the particular data bundle package you want to buy.

For the sake of this post, see the step-by-step process to buy a package or probably the glo 500 data plan code. You can get other prices that give 2GB for internet browsing.

  • The default glo subscription code is *777#.
  • Dial the code and reply “1” to select your preferred data plan from the list.
  • Confirm Auto-Renew or One-Off Purchase.
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That’s it.

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Have You Activated

You don’t need too much information to get it going. Once you dial the glo 500 for 2GB code using the in-built smart dialer application.

Apply the manual, step-by-step method, or dial the short ussd code given above. Leave a comment below if you need guidelines on the 2GB internet package that costs 500 Naira.

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