Glo Night Plan 100 For 1GB Code 2024

Do you want to activate the Glo Night Plan that allows you to browse the internet cheap at midnight?

Stay calm. I know how expensive data bundles can be. Imagine purchasing a data plan valid for 7 – 30days and it exhausts in one 1day of streaming 1hr online movie.

Not cool at all. 

Today, you’ll learn the short ussd code to subscribe to the Glo night browsing plan.

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About Glo Night Browsing

Before now, there was no Midnight plan like we have this day. The default internet packs for daily, weekly, and monthly browsing were the only plans available.

That’s a past story right now. You can buy a plan for night browsing starting from N25.

The packages are arranged differently. You may choose to purchase the 250MB for the 25 Naira plan, 500MB for N50, or the 1GB for the N100 plan.

It’s not funny to spend money on data plans that don’t last. If you’re a lover of BIGGER Data Volume for less money spent on airtime, follow the guidelines below.

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glo night plan code 1gb

How To Activate Glo Night Plan

There are three major night plans available on the glo network and you can activate your favorite plan below:

  • Simply dial *777# on your phone dialer app. You’ll see the Main Menu.
  • Reply ‘1’. This is the code to select “Buy Data Plan”.
  • Next, Reply ‘2’ to select One-Off Purchase or Reply ‘1’ to select Auto-Renewal.
  • Reply ‘7’. This is the way to choose the “Night and Weekend Plans”.
  • Reply ‘1’ to buy the 250MB plan that costs N25 only.
  • Next, Reply ‘2’ to buy the 500MB Glo night browsing plan for N50 only.
  • Reply ‘3’ to buy 1GB for 100 Naira.
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Are you also asking; how to activate the paused glo night plan?

The way to go is to check your available balance to see if you have any MB left.

Glo night plan ghana code is *127*20# in case you’re a Ghanian reading this post right now.

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Fast USSD Code To Subscribe to Night Plan On Glo

Below are the quick ways to activate your desired package:

Glo 25 Naira Night Plan Code

With only  N25, you can browse the internet by staying up all night while others sleep. This Airtime value gives you a Whooping 250 megabytes to stay connected at midnight.

  • Simply dial *777*1*2*7*1# to activate this plan.

It is valid for one night and goes on from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM sleeping time.

No doubt, this plan pays the average internet user to get their favorite stuff online.

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Glo 50 Naira Night Browsing Code For 500MB

The N50 credit you use to make calls can also be used to buy BIGGER Data Bundles that enable you to stay connected using your favorite browser and social media platforms.

  • Simply dial *777*1*2*7*2#.
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You can browse around a given time frame which is between 12 AM to 5 AM at midnight.

This plan covers the expenses of high internet charges. Yes, instead of wasting money, just get the subscription code, apply it on your glo line and you’re good to go.

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Glo Night Plan 100 For 1GB Code

This is the most popular glo midnight internet package for a lot of internet users today. With N100 airtime recharged, you will get back 1GB to browse, stream online movies, download video games, software, application, and your favorite stuff online.

  • Simply dial *777*1*2*7*3#.

Subscribing to this plan gives you access to the internet for five (5) nights. This means you’ll be able to browse from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM every day until it completes five nights as promised.

You can’t joke with this pack, it’s gold.

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Time For The Midnight Browsing On Glo

The time for glo N25 night browsing is 12 AM to 5 AM 1night. Anything earlier or later, you can’t browse the internet or download stuff online with this plan.

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The Glo N50 Night Plan time is 12 AM to 5 AM.

The Glo 100 Naira for 1GB night plan time is 12 Am to 5 AM for five (5) nights.

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How To Check Glo Night Plan Balance

  • Simply dial *127*0# to see your night and weekend data balance.

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Also: See the code to Check account balance on Glo.

Alternatively,  the simple way to check your night plan balance on Glo is to monitor the data usage on your phone.

  • Kindly open the settings app on your phone.
  • Tap on “More…“.
  • Select “Mobile Data“.
  • Select the “Glo Network“.
  • Now, Select “Data Usage“.

From there, you can measure how much data you’ve used within that period.

Follow the same guidelines given on how to check MTN night plan data balance here…

How To Cancel Glo Night Plan

There’s no possible way to deactivate your Glo Night browsing subscription just like other networks. But you can cancel the auto-renew on the data plan you buy from Glo using the SMS code below:

  • Send CANCEL to 127 on your phone Message App.
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You’ll receive a message from Glo regarding the last operation you performed.

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Buy Other Cheap Glo Data Plans Below:

Check out the cheap plans in the image.

glo cheap data plan code networkpalava
  • 2.5GB @ N1000
  • 5.8GB @ N1900
  • 7.7GB @ N2400
  • 10GB @ N2900


Have You Subscribed?

As you can see, nothing is holding you back from subscribing to your preferred night browsing package on Glo.

Following my guidelines correctly, you should know how to activate the Glo night plan by now.

So, which plan did you buy? The 1GB for 100 Naira plan, the N50 for 500MB, or N25 for 250MB?

Comment below!

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