How To Share/Transfer Data On Glo in 3 Fast Ways

I know you are in search of how to share data on Glo to Glo. I used to find it difficult to transfer MB on Glo until I learned the simple method in this post. If you are in this category of people who don’t know the way yet, this post is for you.

In this post, you’ll learn the simple method to share your Glo data bundles with another customer easily.

About Glo Data Transfer

Glo Nigeria won’t stop with their surprising internet browsing offers. Imagine getting Double your Glo data plan at the same price.

Compared with other network providers in Nigeria, Glo offers affordable data packages to help gain access to your favorite stuff online.

Their data are shareable and yes, the Network coverage is good for browsing and downloading apps, movies, etc. You are not limited when it comes to browsing speed. You can set your data connection to 3G, 4G LTE, or even 5G network coverage.

And check this oh! You must agree with me that most data-selling services do something very strange.

What is it? High data consumption rate.

Glo default plans are long-lasting and you can easily share them with friends and family at your convenience.

You don’t need to ask for any glo data share cheat after learning the simple method below.

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how to share data on glo

How To Share Data On Glo to Glo Network Easily

I guess you know about the trending glo yakata code which enables you to get 6GB every month for 6 months. Don’t miss the amazing offer. You can migrate to Glo Yakata here and start enjoying unstoppable data and airtime bonuses.

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There’s no time to waste buying expensive data plans when you can buy up to 40GB starting from the N500 plan here… And it’s very simple to transfer tr share data on your Glo with other customers.

To transfer data on Glo, here’s what you must know:

  • You can either Gift Data to friends or
  • Share data.

Data gifting is different from data sharing.

  • Data Gifting is the act of buying an internet data bundle from a glo network to your desired phone number. For example, if you want to gift data to 08012345678, Just add the number to the glo data gifting code I have given below to buy a data plan for the owner of the number.
  • Data Sharing enables that you share your own data plan. That’s the one you buy for yourself.

Now follow the below guidelines to share or gift data on glo.

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Quick Code To Share Data On Glo To Glo

  • Simply dial *127*01*Reciever’s Number# to add the number to the list of people you’d like to share data with.
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For example, if you are to add 09012345678 to your list, simply dial *127*01*09012345678#.

Alternatively, you can add numbers through SMS by sending “Share+Reciever’s Phone Number”  to 127″. For example, sms Share 09012345678  to 127.

To see all the numbers you’ve added to your data sharing list, simply dial *127*00# or SMS List to 127. You can as well remove numbers if you want to.

  • Simply dial *127*02*Phone Number# or Send “Remove Phone Number” to 127. For example, dial *127*02*09012345678# or Send “Remove 09012345678” to 127.

You can also gift data on the glo campus booster.

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Code To Gift Data On Glo Campus Booster

Glo Campus Booster is a tariff package that guarantees that you get X2 of every data you buy on Campus.

As I said earlier, data gifting means that you simply buy data for your friend or anyone at all from your phone.

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So follow the guidelines below to gift data on glo right now:

  • Simply dial *127*[Data Plan Code]*Phone Number#. For example, since the Glo N100 data plan code is *127*51#, just dial *127*51*Phone Number# to buy 100MB for the phone number you added.

Alternatively, you can use the SMS method.

  • Type in “Gift “Phone Number” and send it to 127. For example, sms Gift 09012345678 to 127.

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How To Unshare Data On Glo

If you wish to unshare data with the number you added to your Glo data-sharing list, it is possible.

You may choose to remove a contact from your list for some reason;

  • Maybe you wrong entered the number or
  • Your private reason.

Follow the guidance below to unshare data with a friend on Glo.

  • Simply dial *127*02*Phone Number# or
  • Send “Remove Phone Number” to 127.

For example; 

  • Dial *127*02*09012345678# or
  • Send “Remove 09012345678” to 127. (without the quote signs)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Transfer Data From Glo To Airtel

There is no direct or recognized way to transfer data from glo to Airtel number. Meanwhile, you can try one of the codes I’ve given above.

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Can I Share Data On Glo to MTN?

The best means to share data on glo to MTN is to buy data directly from your bank to the person you are subscribing to.

You can check one of the bank transfer codes here in case you don’t know your bank mobile ussd code.

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How Can I Share Airtime On Glo to Glo?

To share airtime from your Glo sim to another;

  • Simply dial *131*Receiver’s Phone Number*Airtime Amount*Your Transfer PIN#.

For example, if your transfer pin is 10202 and you want to send N1000 to 07012345678, just dial *131*07012345678*1000*10202#.

To get your transfer pin;

  • Simply dial *132*00000*New PIN*New PIN#. E.g If you want to set your pin as 10203, Simply dial *132*00000*10203*10203#.

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Can I Transfer Data To Glo Campus Booster

The same way I shared above. But you must bear in mind that bonus data cannot be transferred.

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Have You Shared Data On Glo?

With the tips I have taken the time to explain step-by-step in the article, I believe you now know how to share data on Glo successfully without problems.

Now, what’s your experience? Which method did you use to transfer data from your glo line to another?

Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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