I Forgot My Bank Account Number (Fast Solution)

Oh My! I forgot my bank account number, what should I do to get it back?

This is a big challenge for many. Recalling your account number is not as easy as it may appear. Especially when you don’t run transactions regularly.

It is easy to open a new bank account from a branch near you or probably on your mobile phone. Now, the problem is not to get a new account number from the bank but to remember it always.

If you still make this statement; “I forgot my bank account number” and you’re wondering if it’s possible to check it on your phone then this post is for you.

Scroll slowly as you learn how to check your bank account number faster.

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Why You Forgot Your Account Number Easily

Let me walk you through the major reason why you forget your bank account number all the time.

  • You abandoned the account after registration.
  • You didn’t save somewhere (dairy or online or contact). To avoid forgetting your bank account number, you can save it on your contact list or write it down on a jotter.
  • Inactive Transactions. You don’t use it much for online exchanges.
  • No one requests it for credit alerts. Yes, maybe your business is offline and fewer people ask for your account number.
  • More…

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i forgot my bank account number

I Forgot My Bank Account Number

This post is not limited to a particular banking service. For your sake, I have piled up the list of banks in Nigeria plus the ussd code to check your account Number.

The list includes First bank, access bank, UBA, and others. Yes, you’ll learn how to know bank account number online without stress.

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Code To Check My Account Number

The ussd code to view account numbers varies by bank in Nigeria. See your short bank code below:

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First City Monument Bank (FCMB)*329*00#
Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)*737*6*1#
Unity Bank*7799#
Fidelity Bank Plc*770*0#
Keystone Bank Limited*7111*1#
Polaris Bank Limited*833*1#
Union Bank Of Nigeria*826*4#
United Bank Of Africa (UBA)*919#
Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc*909#
First Bank Of Nigeria*894*00#
Zenith Bank Plc*966*00#
Sterling Bank Plc*822*5#
Heritage Bank Plc*322*030#
Access Bank Plc*901#
Wema Bank Plc*945*000#
Diamond Bank Plc*937#
Absa bankCall Customer care

That’s how to know your bank account number from a mobile number. There are more ways to check your AC No. below…

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How To Know Bank Account Number From Atm Card

Some people confirmed that they see their complete account number on the Automated Teller Machine anytime they insert the debit card into it. But there’s an alternative. The proven method to check your bank account number from an ATM card.

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If you forgot your bank account number, kindly follow the instruction below to check it:

  • Check the back of your ATM Card.
  • You should see the customer care phone number
  • Type it in your phone and dial it.
    • The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will request some input.
  • Give the right answers and your bank account number will be revealed or sent to you.

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FAQs: I Forgot My Bank Account Number

How can I find my bank account number without my ATM card?

You can dial your bank mobile ussd code to find your bank account number like the ones listed above. Alternatively, try calling your bank customer care for assistance.

What if I forgot my bank account?

You can restore it by dialing one of the codes above.

How to check account number belongs to which bank in Nigeria?

I believe that you know the bank you’re saving or trading with. Identify your banking service and dial their mobile ussd code to check your account number fast.

I’ve forgotten my account number, which code can I use to check Absa bank?

Please, call Absa Bank customer care here at: https://www.absa.africa/absaafrica/contact-us/. Talk to a representative and tell them about the changes you’re facing.

What’s The Result?

There you have it. The different ways to recover your account number when you forget it. So if you’re like my friend who forgot his bank account number, that’s all you must do to check it.

Are you still unable to check your bank account number? Leave a comment below.

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