MTN CUG Plan 2023 – How To Activate, Migrate & Check

This post shows you how to activate the MTN CUG Plan, code to migrate using an Old SIM line, check your CUG balance, police cug registration, and more…

The request for the simple process to apply for a new CUG sim is large. A lot of people want to migrate their existing number to MTN CUG package.

Well, that’s not the problem. Activating the CUG plan is not the same process as dialing a short ussd code to migrate to any mtn tariff plan of choice.

There’s a method recommended by MTN and you must follow it to get your SIM connected to CUG today.

Scroll slowly to learn more about the CUG plan on MTN.

About the MTN CUG Plan

The success of any team hinges on its members’ ability to communicate effectively. And connections can be severely limited if you run out of phone credit.

For unrestricted communication, MTN CUG is what you need in your small, medium, or large business.

What Is CUG code?

A closed user group (CUG) is an extra service that mobile operators offer to their subscribers that allows them to call and be called by any other group members.

SMS messages are also eligible for this service. Even though the code for the MTN CUG plan is not always the way people think about it.

With the help of MTN CUG, you can encourage teamwork, interaction, and productivity whether you’re managing a large corporation or a small firm with ten (10) employees.

The MTN CUG code is embedded in this post.

MTN CUG Requirements

Below are not just the requirements to activate MTN CUG, but also some vital things you must know before you can proceed further:

  • The first subscription is N900 per number with a one-time activation cost of N500; future payments are N800 per number after the first month.
  • Two (2) or more numbers can be registered. However, more numbers can be registered later.
  • This opportunity is available to both individuals and corporations to save money. Yes, the code for the mtn CUG plan is very helpful.
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To wrap it up, you need the right information to activate CUG on MTN and that’s what you’re about to get.

MTN CUG Activation Code – MTN CUG Migration Code

In this section, you’ll learn how to get mtn cug on your new or existing mtn line.

MTN Closed User Group (CUG) Service establishes a called community that allows your employees to make an unlimited number of free mobile calls.

Not just that, you can send an unlimited number of free SMS messages to coworkers for a set monthly fee.

The process of migrating to MTN Corporate CUG Service is simple and uncomplicated. To activate MTN CUG plan;

  • Firstly, get in touch with your MTN account officer (i.e if you have one). Then tell your account officer about what you want.

That’s the working MTN CUG migration code. Open your browser or Email application, then compose a short message and send it to the email address given above.

Have You Seen The Airtel CUG Plan Migration Code? Check It Out.

mtn cug plan migration code

Benefits Of MTN CUG Plan Code

Businesses can profit significantly from the closed user group. Yes, it reduces their expenditure on airtime.

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Since there is an average of 10 employees in a small or medium company, it makes so much sense to activate MTN CUG plan.

Below are some visible benefits that come after migrating to MTN Close User Group package:

  • It includes a web-based gateway that makes managing the network of exclusive user groups straightforward.
  • By activating CUG, you can regulate how much money you spend on voice each month.
  • Depending on your needs, you can use the mtn CUG ussd code to send your coworkers free SMS messages.
  • Both new and existing customers can migrate without difficulty. Thanks to the MTN CUG service. You can also add or remove numbers easily.
  • You can pick the plan that best fits your requirements and financial situation from a range of options.
  • Cheaper call rate (11k/sec) when you call numbers outside the group(any network)
  • MTN CUG packages enable you to make voice calls more affordable.
  • Within the group, all calls and SMS are free of charge (minimum of two numbers)
  • You migrate to CUG using your existing MTN line. The mtn CUG ussd code has a role to play here.
  • Employee communication is not restricted, which enhances operational efficiency and corporate productivity.
  • With the fixed cost embedded, it simplifies your budgeting process.
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MTN CUG For Family

Found out that many are seeking the right information about the MTN CUG for family members. This means a cheap package that enables close friends, colleagues, and workers to connect easily.

This is possible. Yes, you can connect without stress, just activate your MTN CUG SIM and add all your family members to it.

This way, all calls with family and friends will cost less compared to the normal call rates.

MTN CUG For Two Persons

Create a predefined group of friends, families, or other individuals to communicate with one another for limitless free calls and SMS messages to get more value and save money on airtime.

You can apply the MTN CUG for two persons and start enjoying the benefits. Make sure you follow the current guidelines on how to activate MTN CUG plan.

In short, the plan is created for a group of people. Not just for singular use.

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Police CUG Registration – MTN Police CUG Package

Why should your team worry about running out of call credit when the success of your business depends on crucial communication between team members?

The MTN CUG plan can be used by security officers. Over ten (1) officers safeguarding a company should be able to connect while working. Yes, without worries about low airtime balance.

MTN Police cug registration is simple. Follow the instructions below to activate CUG:

Once you get a response, do everything you’re asked to do and you’re good to go.

How To Check MTN CUG Balance

The normal way to check the mtn account balance is *556#. Yes, once you dial the code, you’ll see get a fast response from mtn.

It usually shows a popup on your screen that gives a breakdown of your available balance and the expiration date of any active offer on your SIM.

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Now, if you’re still wondering how to check your MTN CUG balance, contact your MTN Account partner for help. Alternatively, call MTN customer care and speak with a representative.

FAQs: CUG Package

How do I migrate to mtn cug

Contact your MTN Account officer or send an email to the email address provided above.

How do I activate my mtn cug line?

Go to the nearest MTN service center in your area and ask the representative for guidelines on how to activate your CUG line.

What is the meaning of MTN CUG?

MTN CUG means Closed User Group. It enables employees in a company to enjoy low call rates and send unlimited text messages.

How do you transfer airtime using MTN CUG?

As of the time of publishing this post, there’s no method to transfer airtime using MTN CUG code.

What is a CUG bundle?

CUG bundle allows you to enjoy cheaper rates on calls and text messages in your small, medium and large company.

After the first month, subsequent payments are N800 per number, with a one-time activation fee of N500. The initial membership costs N900 per number.

What’s The Result?

After applying the instructions above to activate MTN CUG Plan, what’s the result you got?

Did you get any response from MTN? Share your experience in the comment section below…

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