How To Deactivate MTN Tariff Plans

Learn how to deactivate mtn tariff plans easily. If you’re among those finding it difficult to deactivate, cancel, stop, activate, or opt out of MTN tariff plans in Nigeria, this post is for you.

There are several tariff plans on the MTN network, and each plan comes with its own benefits. It is all left for you to select a tariff plan that suits you very well.

This post is designed to show you the simple way to deactivate or opt out of your current MTN tariff plan. So, it’s more like migrating from one tariff plan to another with a few clicks.

On MTN, there are some tariff plans that give an airtime bonus on recharge, some give a data bonus, good call rates, and even access to make calls to international destinations.

Scroll slowly to learn the only method to stop your mtn tariff plan and activate a new one.

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Before You Opt Out Of MTN Tariff Plans…

For those asking; how to deactivate my mtn tariff plan, read this section carefully. Yes, so you can understand how the tariff plan system works.

A tariff plan is an arrangement for improved communication between two parties.

And in this instance, you are a consumer and the producer or provider is the Network to which you have a subscription.

The smooth operation of the ride depends on these two parties. Learn how to deactivate or cancel any tariff plan on mtn below.

How To Deactivate MTN Tariff Plans

In Nigeria, there is actually no official way to leave any tariff plan.

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The real secret is to switch to any other tariff plan on your network, at which point your old plan will be automatically terminated.

Below is how to migrate from one tariff plan to another on MTN:

  • MTN Pulse: Dial *406*1#.
  • MTN Beta Talk: Dial *123*2*6#.
  • XtraSpecial Prepaid: *408*1#.
  • MTN Awuf4U: Recharge your line with *888*Recharge PlN#.
  • MTN mPulse: *344*1#.
  • The MTN XtraValue: *131*2#.
  • MTN YafunYafun: *555*Recharge PIN#.

That’s the idea behind it. For instance, to deactivate mtn pulse which is your current tariff plan, just migrate to another plan and you’ve canceled iPulse successfully. 

Yes, as a BetaTalk user, if I migrate to MTN mPulse, then i just deactivate Betatalk.

Hope you get it now.

There is no cheat code to opt-out of a tariff plan. Just migrate to a new mtn tariff plan and you’re good to go.

Quick One: To deactivate a tariff plan, you must learn how to activate mtn tariff plan. It’s that simple.

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FAQs – Deactivate Tariff Plans on MTN Line

These are the most asked questions about the deactivating mtn tariff plans in Nigeria.

How can I change my tariff plan on MTN?

To change your current tariff plan on mtn, just migrate to a new tariff plan. That’s how it works.

For example, to migrate from mtn pulse to BetaTalk, SMS BT to 131. Yes, you’ll receive a confirmation message that you just migrated successfully to the MTN BetaTalk plan.

How do I check my tariff plan on MTN?

You must be aware of the USSD command to check your current MTN tariff plan.

If your SIM is active, you check the plan you are currently using by dialing *123*1*2# or simply *123# and then following the prompts.

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How do I opt-out of MTN Xtra data plan?

To opt-out, all you need to do is switch to another tariff plan that interests you; there is no special code required.

You can switch to MTN Pulse, for instance, by dialing *406#, or to MTN M-Pulse, by dialing *344#.

You will automatically lose access to the MTN Xtra data bundle following the switch.

Final Note:

Tariff plans consist of two (2) main parts, namely: Standing charges and Call charges. The purpose of this post is to show you how to deactivate mtn tariff plans successfully.

Standing Charges, often known as rents, are monthly payments made by you for the closest phone line and service connections (as a customer).

The cost of calls between you, your family, and friends is known as a call charge. The costs are determined by the length of the call, the call distance, the call rate agreement that you and your network provider made, and frequently other variables.

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Well, I hope you know how to cancel or opt-out of tariff plans on mtn network today.

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